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VeeCharts is an Electronic Integrated Records and Chart Management System from Vee which include Archival...
Improve quality of care:
By improving health care efficiency and safety and that HIT-enabled prevention and management of chronic disease could eventually double those savings while increasing health and other social benefits. There is very little in medical records that is really important and current resords and technology dont help us see the wood for the trees.

I believe in giving patients a health summary and copies of important pathology results and operative reports and EKGs-all the stuff other doctors treating a patient would really want to know. The hard part of all of this is how to flag the important stuff and transfer it securely over the internet.

Consolidating and integrating patient information is the key to quality patient care. The EMR system gives admitting staff, physicians, and other care-giving and business professionals appropriate access to common patient data while maintaining privacy requirements.
Insurers have already made doctors typists and coders for their convenience instead of medical practitioners. Now we need to be data entry people as well.

Electronic medical records SLOW us down. Not only are electronic medical records expensive but they make more work for us right now that we are not paid for.
Most electronic prescriptioner checkers flag unimportant interactions and arent very helpful yet. Patients need to be aware that EVERY medication, even correctly taken for the right reason has a risk. The ones with big problems are insulin, coumadin and digoxin and antibioics.

Your medical record contains so many personal details , such as where you work, your family's names etc and often even a copy of your drivers licence . Tailor made for identity theft.


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