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Carriers do not build funny things defrayals for 3 or a great deal more MRI sequences. The RVUs reflect payment market values for two sequences.

The TC RVUs for MRI guidelines the current specify “with contrast” put in payment for paramagnetic contrast media. Carriers do not offer separate payment underneath code A4647.

A diagnostic process has kept on matured under that an MRI of the brain or spine is above all performed without contrast material, then another MRI is performed amongst a regular (0.1mmol/kg) dose of contrast material and, established on the seek to carry out a ideal image, a third MRI is performed provided an a good amount dual dosage (0.2mmol/kg) of contrast material. When the high-dose contrast method is utilized, carriers:

• Do not pay separately for the contrast material used in the moment MRI procedure;

• Pay for the contrast material looking at for the third MRI procedure over supply code Q9952, the replacement code for A4643, when billed with CPT codes 70553, 72156, 72157, and 72158;

• Do not pay for the third MRI procedure.

For example, in the situation of an MRI of the brain, if CPT code 70553 (without contrast material, tracked by amidst contrast material(s) and extra sequences) is billed, form no payment for CPT code 70551 (without contrast material(s)), the other course handed out for the purpose of administering the dual dosage, furnished throughout the same session. Medicare performs not pay for the third course (as distinguished based on information from the contrast material) due to the fact that the CPT definition of code 70553 includes all further sequences; and

• Do not request the payment standards for low osmolar contrast media in §30.1.2 to billings for code Q9952, the replacement code for A4643.


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