Toolkit on Selecting Practice Management System:

The American Medical Association and the Medical Group Management Association announced the release of a new toolkit developed to help physicians choose the best software to manage their practices, HealthLeaders Media reports.

Members of the two groups can access the "Selecting a Practice Management System" toolkit at no cost on AMA's website and MGMA's site.

The Toolkit Includes :

* Guide to selecting practice management software;
* Sample request for proposals that physicians can use when negotiating with software vendors; and
* Checklist of practice management system features that can be used to assess a practice's needs.

Cecil Wilson, president of AMA, said physicians planning to participate in the federal electronic health record incentive program will need to upgrade or replace their current practice management software (Commins, HealthLeaders Media, 7/28).

Later this year, the groups plan to supplement the toolkit with an online directory of practice management system vendors that includes self-reported software features (Goedert, Health Data Management, 7/27).
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