Rajnikanth:Southern superstar Rajnikanth supports Anna Hazare

Southern superstar Rajnikanth has extended support to India, social activist Anna Hazare against Corruption (IAC), the movement and said that corruption is a disease that needs to be uprooted from Indian society.

"There can be no doubt that corruption is a terrible disease that must be removed from the Indian society. I am very happy that we have a very capable leader and dedicated to Anna Hazare to guide us in this fight against corruption. I sincerely whole support from India against the Movement of corruption in his campaign for Jan Lokpal bill into law in parliament, "Rajnikanth said in a statement of IAC.

"I congratulate all Indians who have lent their support to this revolution without bloodshed. This kind of peace movement is possible only in India, which is the cradle of satyagraha. I am very proud to be Indian," he said.

IAC Rajnikanth has been supported with a statement: "This support should go a long way in creating awareness among the public at Anna Hazare, Jan Lokpal bill and India against Corruption."

Tamil film stars, directors, producers and technicians of the associations of producers such as Tamil Film Council, Film Employees Federation of South India (FEFSI) and southern India Artists Association, was quick signal from September 1 to 5 pm on August 23 Hazare support in their struggle for law enforcement Lokpal.

Film Federation of India (FFI), the President, L. Suresh had asked the support of the Tamil film industry through the media.

However, Rajnikanth fans say he should express its support through a statement, instead of fasting to prevent his health deteriorating.

In May, 60 years old were treated at a hospital in Singapore and is taking medication regularly to stay in good shape, according to sources close to the family.
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