Mobile Tech:UN approves mobile tech 500 times faster than 3G

International Telecommunication Union spokesman Sanjay Acharya said that the know-how will be used immediately, but "it could take up to years" to show up in smartphones, tablets and other devices.

A United Nations telecom meeting has approved the next generation of mobile know-how that specialists say will make devices 500 times faster than 3G smartphones - instantly pulling up Web pages.

ITU officials say the differences between present know-how and the new standards for IMT-Advanced are like comparing dial-up Net to fiber-optic cables.

Francois Rancy, head of ITU's radiocommunication bureau, says the know-how needs less bandwidth to access the Net, stream videos and transfer information because it makes use of radio-frequency spectrum much more effectively.
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shane bob said...

Yes, I am with UN. The reason quite simple you can see that the changes occurs in the mobile technology is too faster compare to 3G. Lots of Apps are coming which make your task more simpler and easy to perform.

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