India’s next growth market:Legal Services Outsourcing

We’re very excited to announce that revered business services analyst, Jui Narendran, has joined the fulltime HfS team as analysis Director, based mostly out of Pune, India. Jui’s been an honest friend of HfS for a handful of year’s currently, having worked on many analysis comes with us… however that also didn’t discourage her from joining our rumbustious rabble of analysis reprobates.

Prior to joining HfS, Jui headed the outsourcing analysis team at ValueNotes, a boutique analysis firm in India, leading many custom engagements and conjointly worked on making thought leadership analysis within the BPO and KPO domains. Jui has conjointly worked for advisory organization TPI, where she led the offshore analysis team, that supported the consulting team with real time analysis and insights into the shopper business and business problems.



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