Kingfisher airlines:More trouble for Kingfisher airlines

More trouble for Kingfisher airlines as pilots threaten stir over salary dues:

Kingfisher airline's dodgy payment practises have once again brought its employees together to launch a protest. "From May 7, a large number of pilots will strike work. The last salary payment we received was on April 9 and that was December's salary,'' the source added. The airline spokesperson did not respond to calls or an email query.

Though the airline has about 380 pilots on its rolls, only 120 among these are commanders and according to sources, a large majority of commanders will be striking work. If the threat to strike work is carried out, the airline's flight schedule would be affected. However, the management pilots working with the airline are expected to report to work and so passengers booked on flights like Mumbai-Delhi, Mumbai-Bangalore will not be as hit as those who booked flights to non-metro routes. Though no airline can afford a pilot's strike, for Kingfisher, the effects of an employee stir would be more damaging as the airline has the lowest market share among carriers in India today.

It is an apt case of how poor Indian labour laws are. In the last few months, Kingfisher Airlines closed its offices in several places-Kolkata, Hyderabad, London-but employees based in foreign countries did not have it as bad as those based in India. "Keeping with the UK labour laws, the airline cleared the pending salary, dues and even paid a penalty amount to its London employees. In contrast, its employees based in India are yet to be remunerated,'' said a Kingfisher source.
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