Online Shopping sites:A to Z- Online Shopping sites India

A: ( A chinese website which features products at very cheap rates direct from wholesalers / producers ) ( Free International shipping )

B: ( Sales Events from major brands ) ( Shoes & accessories ) ( Sale events) ( cosmetics, accessories etc.)


D: ( for all the fabulous deals on restaurants, products etc. )

E: ( Needs no introduction ) ( personal care, skin care, hair care products etc .)

F: ( I Guess this is a website which doesn’t need an introduction, coz in my views it was a trendsetter for Online shopping trend in India) ( Books, mobiles, phones etc.- Its the 1 of the top-most shopping websites in India) (Books, mobiles, phones etc) ( Clothing, accessories, shoes etc for both men and women )

G: ( Books, mobiles, phones etc) ( fashions saree, salwar kameez, dress materials, kurtis, coat suits etc)

H: ( coming through the Channel Home Shop 18. The name says it all ) (clothing, footwear, accessories for women ) ( Cosmetics, skin care, hair care products etc. )

I:  ( Books, mobiles, phones etc. ) ( electronics, watches, phones etc. )

J: ( electronics, Books, phones etc. ) ( Apparels,Shoes,Watches ,Bags & More Free Shipping etc. )

K: ( Best deals website )

L: ( Best Mobile Phones, Cameras, Laptops, Home Appliances )

M: ( shoes, accessories, clothes etc. ) ( Deals and products )

N: ( Sales events website )

O: ( shopping store for women )

P: (shoes, t-shirts, fitness equipment, sports nutrition)

Q: ( Sales Events )

R: ( Free International shipping – Thanks for Sharing Swati )

S: ( All the products from the Retail chain Shoppers Stop you can buy at their website ) ( Accessories, cosmetics etc. from major brands like Aldo and Inglot )

T: ( A sales event website ) ( Books, mobiles, accessories and lots more. )

U: ( Cosmetics, skin care products and more )

V: ( Cosmetics, skin care products and more ) ( Sales event website )

W: ( clothing wholesale center, you can search for single unit buying options too )


Y: ( Shoes, clothes, accessories etc )

Z: ( for all your gifting ideas photos and cameras needs )
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vinod said...

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here is one of the good online shopping site in india: Online Shopping in India

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here is one of the good Online Food Deals site in india: Online Deals in Delhi at

salwar kameez said...

Top worldwide e-commerce list for online shopping. Also visit for designer ethnic collection.

salwar kameez said...

Gud info for top website list.. Its useful... If any want designer ethnic collection online just visit :

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