3D movies without glasses, Enjoy 3D movies without glasses

You can now enjoy 3D movies on TV without those vexing 3D glasses, thanks to a new technology being developed in Germany.

The 3D movies currently available on Blu-ray are based on two various perspectives — two images, one for each eye.

However, autostereoscopic displays want five to 10 views of the actual same scene (depending on the actual type). In the actual future, the actual number will probably be even more.

This is because these displays have to present a 3D image in such a manner that it can be seen from various angles — indeed, there is more than one place to sit on a sofa, as well as you should be capable to receive the actual same three dimensional impressions from any position.

Researchers at the actual Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications at Heinrich-Hertz Institute (HHI) in Berlin have developed a technology that converts a Blu-ray's existing 3D content in a manner that enables them to be shown on autostereoscopic displays.

“We take the actual existing two images as well as generate a depth map... a map that assigns a exact distance from the actual camera to each object,” says Christian Riechert, research fellow at HHI.

Previous systems were only capable of generating such depth maps at a dramatically slower pace; sometimes they even required manual adaptation.

Real-time conversion, by contrast, is like simultaneous interpretation: the actual viewer inserts a 3D Blu-ray disc, gets comfortable in front of the actual TV screen as well as enjoys the actual movie - without the actual glasses.

Researchers have already finished the actual software that converts these data. In the actual next step, the actual scientists, working in collaboration along industry partners, intend to port it onto a hardware commodity so that it can be integrated into TV.

Nevertheless, it will still take at minimum another calendar year before the actual technology hits store shelves.

Researchers will unveil this technology in Berlin at this year's IFA trade show from Aug 31 to Sep 5.
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