Scam Coal, coal scam in india:BJP leaders blame it on Dr Singh

Bharatiya Janata Party leaders Sushma Swaraj as well as Arun Jaitley claimed on Thursday that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has to be directly blamed for the actual big loss to the actual exchequer in allotment of coal mines. Swaraj said the actual PM can't be shielded behind ministers like A Raja or P Chidambaram as he did in the actual 2G spectrum scam.

She said this is the actual biggest scam of India. the actual government tabled the actual Comptroller as well as Auditor General's report that named 25 private organizations who have gained out of 194 coal blocks a sum of Rs 1.86 lakh crore. the actual 'loot amount' assessed by CAG is more than 2G scam as well as has given the actual opposition reason to target Dr Singh who is considered Mr Clean in the actual ruling set up.

Swaraj said, "PM Singh is directly responsible." She said the actual United Progressive Alliance's [ Images ] tenure is full of scams. Every other scam is bigger than the actual final one. the actual coal scam is a new chapter in history of corruption in India.

After the actual resignation of then coal minister Shibu Soren in July 2004, Dr Singh was in-charge of the actual coal ministry.

Under his leadership, lots of coal blocks were allotted on recommendation as well as without waiting to set up proper procedure for competitive bidding. Birla, Tata as well as Jindal benefited in a huge way, claims the actual CAG. Although, sufficient noises were made to opt for competitive bidding, by the actual concerned ministries as well as bureaucrats nothing much happened.

The coal blocks, one of the actual almost precious resources, were given away on recommendation basis.

Jaitley said in a press conference, "That scam has happened due to inefficiency, due to lack of leadership, policy paralysis of the actual government as well as due to incompetence of the actual government."

He said that in 2006 the actual decision was taken to alter the actual policy of allotment of coal blocks. yet there was 'intentional delay' to pass the actual amendments in the actual policy.

Meanwhile, private organizations made big profits. the actual government will be unable to response why the actual mandatory amendments in policy were not made among 2006 as well as 2012.

The CAG report says that the actual delay in introduction of the actual process of competitive bidding has rendered the actual existing process beneficial to private organizations as well as it was disadvantageous to the actual government. Dr Singh knew it yet the actual allotment of coal blocks of million of tons continued.

The guess of loss is based on the actual average cost of production as well as average sale price of Coal India in the actual year 2010-11.

BJP's spokesman Prakash Javadekar said the actual government should resign over such big scam.
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