Monday, August 2, 2010

Gain Efficiencies While Reducing Costs by Microsoft LPO Services

Integreon, the global leader in integrated knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) and legal process outsourcing (LPO), today announced that Microsoft Corp. is utilizing Integreon to provide legal support services, including contract review and offshore document review.

In January 2009, Microsoft engaged Integreon for e-discovery and document review services. Now Integreon is Microsoft’s exclusive provider of offshore managed document review. Microsoft has also expanded the relationship to include contract review, engaging a full-time team of eight Fargo-based Integreon contract specialists and attorneys dedicated exclusively to Microsoft. Through this relationship, Microsoft has reduced contract turnaround time by 20 percent and increased on-time delivery of contracts to an impressive 99.5 percent.

Microsoft first began working with Integreon to reduce the cost of document review. By engaging Integreon, Microsoft was able to leverage offshore document review attorneys and achieve significant savings. A few months later, when a growing volume of contract work made it increasingly difficult for Microsoft’s legal contract drafting and review team to meet aggressive deadlines, Microsoft turned to Integreon again. Integreon resources and process efficiencies delivered significant gains in turnaround time while decreasing Microsoft’s contract review costs.

“Integreon’s focus on quality and continuous improvement has helped us reduce costs and improve our responsiveness to the businesses we support,” said Lucy Bassli, a Senior Attorney in Microsoft’s Legal and Corporate Affairs. “More importantly, it has allowed us to restructure our internal team to focus on other departmental priorities and further develop their careers at Microsoft.”

As cost pressures mount, leading corporations like Microsoft are partnering with domain experts like Integreon to source high quality, cost-effective legal services. With scale and an emphasis on process efficiency and quality control, LPO providers like Integreon enable Fortune 500 corporations to realize significant savings in legal expenses and improve service to internal and external customers. Microsoft selected Integreon for its comprehensive suite of global LPO and discovery solutions. Having onshore and offshore options and the ability to quickly engage the same partner for additional services were also important factors in Microsoft’s decision.

“Microsoft is not only the market leader in terms of the software and services it provides, but also in terms of its progressive approach to managing corporate functions,” said Liam Brown, Integreon Chief Executive Officer. “In the current cost-cutting environment, organizations that take the leap and adapt their knowledge-based support functions, as Microsoft has, will reap both short- and long- term rewards of lower costs, better service and higher deliverable quality.”

About Integreon
Integreon provides a range of outsourced knowledge services to demanding professionals using Document KPO, Research KPO, Legal KPO and Business Services to transform its customers’ Middle Office, allowing professionals to focus their time and energy on their highest and best use. Its customers include many AmLaw 100 and UK top 50 law firms, almost all of the global investment banks, several top-tier private equity firms and hedge funds, as well as many Fortune 100 and FTSE 100 corporations. For more information about Integreon’s full range of knowledge and legal process outsourcing services


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