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BACC: About (BACC) Bangalore Assisted Conception Centre (Pvt.) Ltd.

Bangalore Assisted Conception Centre (Pvt.) Ltd. (BACC), is a progressive, hi-tech clinic offering successful programmes in Infertility, Assisted Reproductive Technology and Genetics. It is one of the top equipped Infertility clinics in India, renowned for its sub- speciality facilities and patient care. Its gynaecological facilities are understood to be excellent.

The center is now well placed to make international contributions in the areas of reproductive endocrinology, clinical trials, ovarian biology, reproductive immunology and the genetics of fertility. It is our been heard effort to improve the standard of services at BACC, serve our patients better and implement new programs aimed at diversification.

Bangalore Assisted Conception Centre came to being in the year 1990 with the aim of providing exclusive care for the infertile couple. A tertiary referral Centre and one of the leading Centres submiting ART, BACC has to its charge India's First SIFT Baby, South India's first Micromanipulation Baby as enormously as South India’s first baby born with the help of Laser Assisted Hatching. Innumerable GIFT, IVF-ET and ICSI pregnancies has insured a success pace comparable to the greatest Infertility Clinics in the world.

We opened our second Centre, “Dr Kamini Rao Hospital” in Jayanagar in the year 2008 and it is a testament to the faith that our patients have in us that the Centre has matured out of strength to strength in these a short period. The IVF legislation in this hospital was launched in Jan 2010 with an unbelievable fifty percent success rate and our chiefly IVF conception according to this Centre serves to be delivered shortly in the month of Sep 2010.

At both BACC and KRH we figure in building partnerships with our patients. We take happy service in presenting a high standard of individual physical and psychological service whilst maintaining personal space and dignity. We market values an open and ethical relationship in on each patient who, we believe, is have a right to complete knowledge about his/her reproductive health. In an locations of trust and mutual respect, our patients feel free to ask issues at any time. We promise to key all matters asked -- and even persons so aren't. It's our way of building a partnership.

"In the Cutting Edge of Technology amid Dr. Kamini Rao at Bangalore Assisted Conception Centre"

Ideally located in the heart of Bangalore – Bangalore Assisted Conception Centre (BACC) is an Infertility Clinic surrounded by a difference. The clinic’s uniqueness lies in its willingness and capability to treat upscale corporate patients and at the same time extend the same quality care to lower not-so-fortunate patients. BACC’s custom care and private & confidential technique provides various a couple in respite from pre&wshyp;existing social stigmas and resultant stress. The Centre went by Dr.Kamini Rao, caters to patients from all over the country and in addition boasts of a larger clients from abroad.

The clinic’s full care portfolio includes assisted reproductve technology or infertility treatment, preimplantation diagnosis of genetic disorders, fetal therapy as well as routine Gynaecology & Obstetrics. Bangalore Assisted Conception Centre touted to be one of the most prominent and profitable Infertility Clinics in India has recently undergone a sea tweak with the upgradation of its amenities and acquisition of recent medical supplies bringing it on par with the top high-tech clinics in the world.

Infertility is a hi-tech speciality, equipments for which are available only in chosen institutions all more than the world. Bangalore Assisted Conception Centre, an ISO 9001:2000 certified Centre enjoys an esteemed reputation as a super-specialty institution and is a one moratorium shop for Infertility treatment. It has set benchmarks in the field of Assisted Reproduction and is at this moment the infertility center of choice for patients for many parts of the world.

 Its gynaecological facilities are considered to be sharp and it is renowned all over for its specialized requirements and patient care. With many in the past ‘firsts’ to Dr.Kamini Rao’s charge – India’s chiefly SIFT baby, South India’s first ICSI baby - a little through a year ago another first was added to the inflating list. Dr.Kamini Rao’s common thought in herself and her team, bears testimony to her incrementing success rate, a rate the is comparable to the ideal Infertility Clinics worldwide.

In most recent times the underlying thought of Health Tourism is booming all in the globe. People from what i read in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and funny things SAARC countries have been coming to India for medical treatment for a extended little bit and hold carried on extremely satisfied with the quality of service properties are getting from here. In the past five years this trend has still set in amongst patients based on other countries -- really from the African, European and Middle East countries -- also to come to BACC for their healthcare needs. In fact the merde of patients from the UK itself seeking attention at BACC has gone up by four times in the last one year.

Dr.Kamini Rao in attempting to anticipate future developments in the field of Reproductive Medicine acknowledges that, “ The hardest thing is to predict where we are headed ”. She believes that, “ We are going to see a lot of activity in Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis ”. By choosing one or two cells according to the eight cell embryo, fluorescent in-situ hybridization (FISH) probes or similar molecular biology techniques can be spent to score for disorders such as cystic fibrosis or Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

This would be a revolution in the field of genetics. Both the scientific community and the general public alike, are enthusiastically confident that one day the field will revolutionize the treatment of chosen diseases like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Dr.Kamini Rao aims to be in the forefront with cutting edge technology in the field of research.

It is in this regard that she has set up a laboratory for biochemical and metabolic screening of the new born, where she plans to carry out inspection in the field of Stem Cells and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis. However, at the same time, Dr.Kamini Rao advises caution, “ Researchers who tedious work in these types of areas fancy to be especially responsible and work within ethical boundaries, with the knowledge of how is ideally and how is wrong for mankind ” she emphasizes.


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