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Q&A: Why Hulcher picked Brazil over India for IT

Did the offshore outsourcing in general, for a long time now and where?

We had been outsourcing to India for about six years. They were not particularly happy with the situation. Hourly rates are excellent, but we have experienced high turnover and the difficulty we experience in direct collaboration with the developers got a big part of valor.

What are the main issues that can be achieved that make life more difficult when outsourcing?

There is nothing better than having the group you need in the room. Email, phone, video conferencing, collaboration software ... are all attempts to mitigate the possibility of the presence of all. We have all the tools, and each situation improves, but not collectively as opposed to having them all in one place.

We also have no control over the company that the contractor actually works for us - we can create both a more positive work environment possible, but if you do not have that same work environment in the company that hired them, we will see a higher turnover and burnout.

You have a contract with the Brazilian company Stefanini IT Solutions for Agile software development and testing needs. What helped you choose a business partner?

The first time I came into contact with Stefanini several years ago when I was initially nearshore research model. I initiated this meeting. I met in Sao Paulo through Brasscom event that the Brazilian companies seeking outsourcing partners with Brazilian organizations.

I was very impressed with his team and the fact they were very strong in the pursuit of agile development methods, and were actively working on medium-sized enterprises. There were other companies I looked in Brazil, but Stefanini was the leading candidate in the negotiations leading prices.

Did you ever consider doing it yourself - just open a branch office in Brazil with his own team?

By gusts of about 10 seconds, then I shudder at the logistics and not think about it again. There are numerous employment laws in Brazil (as elsewhere), and the concept of dealing with them is overwhelming.

The only way that I honestly consider a remote office is if my company has a strong presence in Brazil. Still, I would like very likely to outsource.

Do you see Brazil as a potential market for his company and a provider of IT services? If so, does that make work more attractive to Brazil in IT so build a relationship with the country?

My company is mainly in the rail industry and disasters, and environmental remediation. Brazil is heavily dependent on the trains and have no doubt his participation in man-made disasters and natural.

I think [Brazil] is an excellent market for my company, but only to monitor the technology. That decision is, as they say, above my pay grade.

President Obama promised to crack down on businesses that use outsourcing, but the tax system. Does any campaign promises come true?

Not at all.

What do you see as the main advantages and disadvantages of his team in Brazil, especially in comparison with an offshore team different?

The model is completely different nearshore outsourcing to India. The central zone is similar to dynamically schedule the meetings and discuss issues on an ad hoc basis. Because the areas of time align so closely, I have the same level of confidence that can be connected to someone in Brazil that I have in my ability to connect with someone in my building.

People in business, ranging from the product owner accountants systems administrators know the people on the team in Brazil. The team is on our phone system is linked to our video conferencing system, so I see every day the team members. This never happened with India.

On the negative side, I believe that supply individual developers speak English was more difficult in Brazil. English is a second language, optional in Brazil and nearly as common as it is in India. Thus, staffing teams was considerably more difficult in Brazil, but not prohibitive.

If you were to advise the industry in Brazil on how to paint a better picture of U.S. companies, what would you say?

In fact, I wrote an article on this topic to InformationWeek, last year. The highlights are that Brazil needs to pursue those industries where there are similarities in the ascendancy, and push hard agile development methods.

São Paulo is the largest financial center in South America, and most of our developers with experience in financial firms. Petrobras is one of the largest oil companies in the world. There are numerous industries in which Brazil has a strong national experience, and may use this in international outsourcing.

The other is the nearshore model. Due to cultural similarities and similar areas in time, Brazil is a great way to give a sense of personal gain rather than development offshore.

As we have daily meetings actually see more of our members of the Brazilian team that I most people in my corporate office. The close integration of the teams that really leads to a better product, and Brazil should push for this axiom.

What was your impression of the mission this year is Carnival organized by Apex Brasil, that you attended?

Carnival was amazing, Apex organized an excellent event. Is first class in everything. I was surprised how small carnival was safe. Yes, they have some of the elaborate costumes that are somewhat revealing, but there are so lewd.

Most of the time was like a Macy's Parade Day a million - I lived in New York and I saw Macy's parades. If I go again, you actually see on bringing my family. 
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