Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Skype Introduces Calls to Toll-free Phone Numbers Global Beta

With over 140 million downloads since the company began, Skype ™ merely obtained another big announcement on the full and cost free access to toll cost free numbers. The company too announced earlier this week that VoIP rates are down by an conventional of 15% in order to celebrate the first anniversary of the launch.

Currently the following countries and number ranges are supported. "We are working on the rest of the world," says Jaanus Kase, Manager space.

• France: 33 800 33 805 33 809
• Poland: 48 800
• United Kingdom: 44 500 44 800 44 808
• USA: 1 800, 1 866, 1 877, 1 888

How it works

In Skype, simply enter the good amount of in out of country format in the address bar (starting with one for U.S., 44 for the UK, etc) and push the green button. Could not be easier! You can also add numbers to your connect with store and hire them "coach", "life coach" or any other place at which you are calling. Free calls are effective immediately and supported on all platforms at which the Skype patron is available.

View Wizard SkypeOut dialing to dial for help. (Since this is a remarkably new change in the system, the wizard can still dial calls priced show, although they really are free We are updating the prices in the very brief dialing assistant ..) Source: Share . Skype. com / packages / SkypeOut / rates / dialing.html


About Skype ™

Skype is the main product of world-class VoIP, during 42 million registered users incrementing by almost 150,000 new users a day. The newest version of Skype for Windows is now available for download of and select Skype partners. Skype for Windows v1.3 works on any Windows 2000/XP PC with 400 MHz processor, and requires a headset, Skype compatible phone or a microphone and speakers. Mac and Linux versions are as well available.

Note to editors:

Skypster is not affiliated with Skype ™ - Skypster is a group of independent telecom consultants and journalists based in the U.S., Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

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