Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BPO-IT sector needs 50,000 middle managers by 2016

Information Technology (IT) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies are asking the academy to improve the skills of graduates to be eligible for a management position means.

"In 2016 we will have to hire about 50,000 mid-level managers. Can you establish that?" Monchito asked Ibrahim, Commissioner of Cyber ​​Services Group, at the Conference of ICT and BPO yesterday at the Radisson SAS Hotel

With Cebu won the ninth place in the global survey of Top 10 Destinations Tholon Outsourcing emerged, pagers expected more from him.

To meet such demands, the workforce must be strengthened by improving the fundamental skills of graduates from Cebu to enhance their employability.

Wilson Ng, Ng Khai CEO Development Corp., said the programs have already been developed to train talent for entry-level positions.

Ng said that now would be the time to coordinate with the academy to produce media management employees who will have the competitive mentality in the world and can solve more complex problems.

He cited cases in which the company had to hire people from Manila with knowledge of computer programming since they are not in Cebu. He noted that graduates of Cebu lacked the skills in business management and business processes.

Mitch Locsin, Philippine vice president of long distrance Telephone Co. and corporate company, said that universities with IT courses to update their programs to include items on the most advanced software used in industries such as AutoCAD class and Java 2 Enterprise Edition.

BPO companies also suggested that training should not only focus on the development of an accent, but also on ways to improve the connections of the fluidity and the customer's customer.

IT-BPO stakeholders also agreed that the main players in the industry and academia work together on Cebu's position as the global BPO company-competitor.

"The only way to find the right people is by supporting the academy," said Dennis Tagamolila Aspire Aegis. / Correspondent Andrea Patricia
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