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Cerebra LPO:Interview with CEO Cerebra LPO Shobha Srinivasa

In the world growing providers of Legal Process Outsourcing, many companies look for ways to differentiate themselves based on their core competencies. I recently had a thorough discussion on the subject with Shobha Srinivas, CEO of Cerebra LPO India Ltd., a division of Total Cerebra IT Solutions based in Bengaluru (Bangalore), India. Cerebra has been in existence since 1992 and has deep roots in information technology outsourcing since.

Shobha discussed with me as his division LPO company uses its IT legacy in his favor, and his thoughts on the role of IT in the budding world of legal process outsourcing. This is how our discussion evolved from its role in the legal outsourcing Cerebra is focused on delivering to your client.

LPO intelligent Thanks to carve some time in his busy schedule to share their thoughts with me today. I wanted to start by getting an idea of ​​how the role of technology is seen within your organization in brain LPO? You and the role of team management technology is seen as an enabler for achieving high levels of customer satisfaction? Describe how technology has seen his team in general.

Cerebra: The technology is undoubtedly seen as a great facilitator of all the services we offer to our customers. Without modern technology, the LPO industry could not have been what it is today. World has become smaller due to the networking and communication tools. Every morning you see any technological development and technology of today seems obsolete.

Our company achieves a higher level of customer satisfaction we constantly upgrade technology, as well as education and training of our people.

LPO Savvy: What opportunities in information technology do you see legal process outsourcing in the provision of a higher quality service to customers? Really, what kind of barriers that used to provide for the break?

Cerebra: Information Technology is the backbone of the legal process outsourcing. It helps to store, protect, processing, transmission and retrieval of information, even when necessary. To perform these complex functions of the IT department must be well equipped with the best systems management database and a team as capable of dealing with these technologies. Therefore, it is vital for a company of LPO have a strong team of technologists who can perform all the above functions and more and deliver services quickly and safely.

IT is a field that requires constant vigilance and up gradation. If the equipment is not efficient or incapable of providing excellent customer service, industry, the outsourcing of legal processes would be doomed.

LPO Savvy: What challenges do you see for other CEOs and industry leaders in the use of technology in creating a competitive advantage?

Cerebra: The challenge that a CEO or a leader in the sector will face in the use of technology in creating a competitive advantage is the first to identify the needs of your organization for a database of good management and efficiency. Second, installation or implementation of systems in a phased manner and thirdly, constant up gradation of technologies to gain a competitive advantage over other companies and it goes without saying that a president should not think cost reduction when it comes to 'stay on top. "

LPO Savvy: Where do you see Legal Process Outsourcing to go in the coming years? And how does technology play a role?

Cerebra: Legal Process Outsourcing industry initially considered that a lawyer, and after all, the work involves the delivery of the "legal process", which is activated through the information. Technology has an important role in this industry and is becoming mandatory for everyone to become a "technology expert person.

While hiring a law degree to a legal process outsourcing company, expected that the candidate has at least a basic knowledge of technology that would be needed for work and further knowledge is welcome.

Legal Process Outsourcing is on track to become a 'Techno - Legal' industry. Therefore, law schools can enter as a compulsory subject and this will certainly help in reducing the number of Tech - Supporting people as every lawyer himself a Tech - Support.

There has to be taught at university level and can be introduced as a central issue for everyone and as the younger generation technology today, the love and joy that can be taken to learn it in school itself.

Savvy LPO: Do you think the LPO industry as a collective group is the set of tools for producing innovation in legal services?

Cerebra: LPO industry is no different from other industries, except it is a new concept and therefore is in its infancy and needs a few years to be well established. A collective group can be advantageous in some aspects such as knowledge sharing (which also kills the competition), but I think it is too early to say somewhat subjective because the industry has to go through their ups and downs to evolve completely as a strong industry.

LPO Savvy: If you could challenge your peers in the LPO industry, which pushed him to accomplish?

Cerebra: India has many IT companies and the best technological universities offering technical degrees. As the cornerstone for success, I push everyone to learn the proper use of technologies. We at Cerebra LPO have plans to create training centers in the LPO that is included in the curriculum and is compulsory for everyone to learn.

LPO Savvy: Can you briefly describe how your computer technology fits your overall business structure? If you can paint a picture overview of the structure of the technology groups and how they fit into the organization.

Cerebra: Being basically an IT company, our directors are engineers and technology experts caregivers themselves constantly updated and the company both infrastructure wise and manpower wise.

Our IT department is headed by the CIO, establishing IT policies that all users within the organization to meet. CIO reports directly to CEO and, when necessary, the Board on new initiatives to be taken to improve the efficiency of the organization as a whole and provide greater customer satisfaction in terms of performance for the customer.

LPO Savvy: Is your technology team mission statement? If so, what is it?

Cerebra: The technology team provides fast and accurate information at all times to employees in the company and constantly takes the technology and practices which in turn ensure greater customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to create value for customers through innovative IT solutions with a commitment to excellence.

Under our understanding of technology and our legal experience, we strive to provide pragmatic solutions for each of our clients. The Internet has become an important tool to close business and supply and procurement of goods and services. Our client base is diverse and includes lawyers, law firms, legal departments of corporations and government agencies, nationally and internationally.

LPO Savvy: What technology tools implemented in the process of delivery to the customer? What areas or processes, TI has focused its efforts on? What kind of problems did you solve, or customer experiences can be improved?

Cerebra: The provision of high quality legal services and the maintenance of client confidentiality are the highest priorities. We designed our work product, quality control and distribution systems to ensure that every customer receives quality service, efficient, safe and timely manner.

We offer flexibility and have the ability to customize the workflow to the needs of particular client. Discussed in detail with our clients prefer to adopt the model.

Work can be submitted to Cerebra for uploading files to the client-server, either on site or FTP access or access to FTP site created Cerebra and upload files. Optional methods may be by email or fax to senior project manager, depending on the size of the documents you need to be sent.

LPO Savvy: What impact has the technology tool (s) had on its operations and, specifically, with customer satisfaction? Can serve as an example measurable customers have benefited?

Cerebra: Adopting the latest in firewall and security applications has significantly improved customer satisfaction in terms of security which in turn provide customers for your data.

LPO Savvy: Are there models or incentives in place that promotes the idea of ​​sharing between the customer service / operations team and technology team?

Cerebra: Cerebra, usually a team dedicated to each customer, which includes a support which interacts with the customer, for example the creation of an FTP site for uploading files. The customer can provide a user name to the client server technical support from dedicated team will access and retrieve files for the computer work and after completion of work up files back to the server customer. This ensures the security of the data that there is limited access to client server. Moreover, the client can also upload files to FTP site created exclusively Cerebra for the customer which in turn is the responsibility of support for the creation, access and delivery of files.

Therefore, there is constant interaction between the client services / operations team and technology team.

LPO smart: What if any advice would you give to a technician who is looking to enter the LPO industry?

Cerebra: We all know that technology, media and telecommunications sector is constantly changing. The new technologies go hand in hand with expectations of increased speed, volume and performance, costing less and less.

A technician seeking to enter the LPO industry must have a detailed knowledge of information technology and communications technologies in question and remain fully aware of all legal and technical developments, so it is very capable of implement changes when and where needed.

LPO Savvy: What kind of technolog (s) do you think is more important to support and raise the success of Cerebra LPO?

Cerebra: Overall, I think the strong search technology is the key not only to Cerebra LPO, but in general, for relationships to be more effective LPO.

E-discovery as a cornerstone of the LPO business has become a crucial tool to help trial lawyers. The scope of e-discovery has seen a number of art tools, including concept-based search and review techniques, along with other recovery methods such as clustering, the documents will be interpreted in relation to whether they contain groups of keywords matched.

Technology such as paper labels, reducing the time needed to recover the files, you will always have basic benefits, for example to work in intellectual property litigation, which has historically been a large amount of information held in the paper.

Technologies such as scanning and the role of markers are becoming the backbone to make the system more efficient.

My Forensic team highly trained physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, medical transcriptionists and lawyers who provide what we call Cerebra EMR Services - Medical Cerebra. Essentially medical records review services for doctors, hospitals, lawyers and law firms.

Savvy LPO: Shobha, thanks again for your time and share their thoughts with me. I hope we can be able to speak again when we are looking back in the early days of LPO.

Cerebra:Yes, that would be wonderful. Thank you. It was a pleasure.
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