Friday, June 10, 2011

IIM Bangalore, Infosys BPO jointly develop first case study on BPO industry

Infosys BPO today announced too it has jointly matured a highly personal circumstances survey amongst the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), one of the top boom schools in the country, on the BPO industry.

A press release based on what i read in Infosys said right now was the primarily as of yet case report on the BPO industry to be published and taught in Indian and, perhaps, foreign business schools.

Developed jointly by Infosys and Professors Janat Shah and L S Murty of IIMB, and slated to be used by boom schools as part of the management curriculum, the key objective of this case study is to impart boom certain knowledge to management under graduates whilst integrating levelheaded undergo and expertise provided theoretical concepts.

Starting such a year, the situation prediction will be included in the IIMB Operations Strategy Course for second year management students, the release said. It is by now making piloted in an IIMB executive development program.

This will as well become half of a perfect case projection bank that is shared amidst leading business schools across the world plus blue chip B-Schools in the US and Europe, the release said.

"We are delighted to be an integral portion of that unique bill in collaboration with IIMB, a highly prestigious business school. This is a first-of-its-kind program, wherein a case projection has been grown rooted on the BPO industry and has kept on adopted as part of the curriculum. This legal code showcases the stage of the BPO sector from making perceived as a mere transactional back-office and support function to an essential transformational business function that adds tremendous price level to any business", declared Mr. Swaminathan D., CEO and MD, Infosys BPO.

"This partnership furthermore demonstrates Infosys BPO’s commitment to sharing its best practices and educating the managers of tomorrow, ensuring that sufficient knowledge and skill sets are developed, that might enable them to take on responsibilities in a myriad of service sectors within the BPO industry," he added.

According to Prof. Dinesh Kumar, Chairperson, Research & Publications, IIMB, "There is an increasing fancy to boost courses in better education based on region requirements. The Infosys BPO situation study is probable to become essential taking a look at material for students interested in learning approximately BPO operations and should ensure that they gain realistic knowledge and are best equipped to take on the problem of the corporate world."

"Establishing an industry-academia collaboration to train the future production of workforce is extremely critical. We powerfully believe that the Infosys BPO - IIMB partnership is an essential step in now direction," he added.

Infosys BPO, set up in April 2002, is the sector course outsourcing subsidiary of IT services major Infosys Technologies Ltd.
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