Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fake Wipro job racket busted, four arrested

A racket of work in which 37 lakh unemployed youths paid 1.8 rupees each for a consulting firm human resources after being deceived into believing he had achieved gainful employment in an IT company, Wipro Ltd, has been arrested following the arrest of four people.

The defendants were identified as Rajiv Ranjan (30) of Bihar, Mohammed Azar (25) hails from Andhra Pradesh, Sathya Priya (25) a resident of Tamil Nadu and Naryanana MN (29) from Kerala, according to Commissioner Bangalore Police Mirji Jyothiprakash BG.

Research on the basis of a complaint recommendation technology company, has revealed that the artists use with a placement agency called Lotus Consulting, led by a woman from Coimbatore, Sathyapriya to attract young people to interviews Wipro false labor.

Potential candidates were convinced in coughing up the money to work in Wipro through an elaborate scheme in which they were sent to meet the genius of the racket, Rajiv Ranjan, a native of Patna, the main campus of Wipro in Bangalore. Ranjan (30) had access to Wipro's main campus here with a valid and provider "candidates" are reported on campus with guest passes available to suppliers. Posing as the managing director of the company, Ranjan conducted interviews in a room on campus before making bogus offers of work.

Explaining his modus operandi, said Priya attract job applicants and gather documents and original certificates of them with the promise of working in Wipro in Bangalore.

The defendant then accompanied them to the campus of Wipro, which will organize a meeting with his accomplices, posing as Wipro staff. The defendant then would be responsible for an "interview" with a person posing as an employee of the division of human resource development of the company.

Mirji said the accused managed to enter the campus of Wipro for misuse of input cards issued by the company suppliers.

The defendant then deliver appointment letters to the victims for the position of trainee software engineers with an annual income of Rs 2.94 lakh. The forged letter also asked to report to Wipro in the month of September, he said.

The racket came to light when one of the victims suspected something amiss and alerted the police, after which each of the defendants were caught one after another in the last 15 days, Mirji said.

The band, all first offenders, had been running this racket for about 40 days and so far 37 people fooled, he said.

Police found the goods worth Rs 58.43 lakh cards, ATM cards, bread, gold ornaments, vehicles and double letter heads of the accused.

Three members of the band run their course and management were rated as well, police said.

The defendants were aware of the technology and also managed to reproduce the logo of Wipro in the heads of your letter. So far the police had drawn no connection with any employee of Wipro in the racket, but are investigating this view as well, Mirji said.
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