Friday, September 23, 2011

HCL Tech Jobs in US & EU: HCL Tech to create 10k jobs in US & EU

HCL Technologies said it could create 10,000 professions in the US and the EU in the next 5 years, emphasizing so it does not need to be “seen as a organization which takes away jobs”. The announcement comes at a time when anti-outsourcing campaign against Indian tech companies is expanding momentum in a slowing US and European Union.

Politicians and governments in these types of countries suffer been objecting to offshoring work, and in the US, President Barack Obama had threatened to cancel tax breaks to companies shipping away jobs.

“It is our stated position to create 10,000 careers in the US and the EU. We don’t want to be seen as a company which takes away jobs, instead seen as creating new ones,” Vineet Nayar, vice-chairman and CEO, HCL Technologies, said. “The jobs will be created during a five-year period.” The company presently has 85,000 employees in these regions.

“The story of our glocalisation is based on the principle of reverse speculative in local economies. We follow a three-point approach – investing in local delivery centers, tie-ups with local universities and local paying and lastly, collaboration with customers,” Nayar said.

HCL Technologies announced the setting up of a development centre in Redmond, US and one more one in Dublin, Ireland. While the US centre will have 350 seats, the Irish centre will have 80. On plans are to open centres in Columbia and Cape Town, South Africa.

The company said it will go to campuses in these types of countries to engage for the first bit over this placement season. Among the universities that have been shortlisted includes, University of Washington (Bothell and Tacoma campuses), Seattle University and Seattle Pacific University.

Most Indian tech companies have kept on always hiring more and more in western countries over the past few years, to blunt the criticism of ‘taking away’ jobs. The proportion of the recruit in the US and the EU has seen a marked increase. In HCL’s case, the targeted ratio is 50:50.
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