Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Satellite Township Near Chennai, Satellite Township Chennai

Near Chennai Satellite Township: first announcement:

Chennai - Bangalore Highway, the tirumalicai near the housing board owns the 311 acres, all amenities, and 12 thousand apartments, and "Satellite township 'setting. The plan, 2.160 million and the cost can be fulfilled''said Chief Minister Jayalalithaa said.

In assembly, after yesterday's question, under Rule 110, the Chief Minister Jayalalitha issued a statement: New York City has been expanding rapidly. In Chennai, Residential Houses and apartments have risen in price dramatically. Poor, simple, middle class people have difficulty buying a house. Situation in view, you will get all the party people in their homes, a variety of housing projects, government is implementing.

* Chennai - Bangalore road, near the tirumalicai, housing board, is 311.05 acres of land. The land, 12.87 acres of land required for setting up a proper road, is obtained from land owners. After the land was acquired, on behalf of the Housing Board, at a cost of 2.160 million, an area of ​​311.05 acres, cemparampakkam, kuttampakkam, parvatarajapuram, naracinka stuff, including vellavetu and villages, "tirumalicai satellite town 'setting.

* The township, water supply, waste water disposal facilities, roads, rain water drainage, street lighting, community hall, school, hospital, bus station, park, sports field is set to be filled with all basic amenities. In the city, 12 thousand apartments were constructed, economically weaker sections, low and middle income groups, which can be easily purchased at the offered price.

* Near Ashok Pillar, Chennai, 3.73-acre tract owned housing on the board, the board set up for the wood manufacturing industry, could use it later, has been 15 years without any use. In this empty space, at a cost of Rs 100 crore, comprising 554 residential apartments to be built pannat.

* South Asian Sports Federation of Koyambedu village, 5.6-acre vacant land, to the Board of Housing. Innilam, stickers Koyambedu bus terminus, the Inner Ring Road is the face. In this case, on behalf of the Board of Estimate, 116 crore, 4.66 lakh square feet in area, a commercial complex built pannat. Furthermore, estimates 33 million, 1.44 million square feet in area, built over 120.

* Nantanat in Chennai, is land owned by housing board. This, at a cost of Rs 100 crore, with the green scheme of things, 2 million square feet in area, an office complex with 17 floors will be built. To leave the building through rent income will be available with the cottage built by the Board of change in residential areas, maintenance is carried out. Thus, the Chief Minister Jayalalitha announced.

3 percent increase in funding for alternative tiranalikal: Chief Minister said while talking: this year's Golden Jubilee year with the Board of Housing. Consequently, the Board of Housing programs Land, house, apartment and for the allocation, a given percentage change tiranalikal a reservation, provide a three percent raise, the government has decided. Thus, the chief said. Chief Minister's announcement, the Assembly invited all party leaders spoke. Prince member of Congress, PMK, a member kalaiyaracan included, welcomed the Chief Minister's announcement, it said.
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