Friday, October 14, 2011

Ciber Inc centre in Bangalore:Ciber opens global delivery centre in Bangalore

The company at this moment drives two out of country delivery centres in Chennai and Bangalore. More as opposed to 1,300 employees, spread throughout both the cities, cater to the company’s marquee clients based on what i read in all within the globe. The association plans to add 750 new jobs in next 18 cycles in Bangalore.

CEO Dave Peterschmidt assumed “Since we started operating in India, our operations experience grown exponentially, inserting both staff and key skills sets. We are strategically rising our facility in India, actually Bangalore, as the talent pool is very considerable here. We will also remain to ramp up operations at the Chennai centre.”

“India is basically important half of Ciber’s entire growth strategy and Ciber’s global leadership group carries on to be faced among every step of their expansion. Most of Ciber’s top 20 clients now suffer a global delivery component in Ciber India’s services to them” he added.

Ciber India is a direct extension of the company’s US and European delivery centres.

Ciber India Head Vir Bhanu said “Initially, the centre in India was established with a vision to augment Ciber’s IT and IT outsourcing services. With that expansion, we intend to significantly grow our business, both in terms of intercontinental delivery validation and providing IT services to sector here in India.”

The company’s foreign clients affix leading players all over several industries as well as electronics, automotive, healthcare, telecom, transportation, retail, manufacturing, loan services, communications and electricity and utilities.
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