Friday, October 14, 2011

Dell New Data Centre:Dell opens new data centre in Slough

The data centre uses a environment-friendly cooling process to provide a low energy usage effectiveness (PUE)

Dell has opened a new data centre in Slough which will enable IT outsourcing and gain end-to-end software capabilities across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Dell announced the opening of Slough information centre in April 2011 and it is side of the two-year, $1bn global data centre expansion programme to provide leading solutions, services and cloud-based delivery options.

The Texas-based information technology organization stated with such a expansion it will extend Dell’s delivery capacity and bid cost-effective, high-value services additonally improving the company’s ability to send back cloud and IT outsourcing services.

In addition, the expansion helps Dell to support and comply among the country-specific information protection, privacy and governance laws, and jurisdiction issues such a ask to regulated and supplementary economic sectors, stated the company.

Dell argued it allows the extensive IT outsourcing services from the Slough facility, in conjunction with tips assurance, security and storage services, as favorably as platform services.

The info centre enables great density cooling for high fuel use hardware and traditional ITO hardware installations. To enable fuel efficient operations and to provide a low fuel usage effectiveness (PUE) the info centre uses a great efficiency, environment-friendly cooling system, said Dell.

Dell plans to forward cloud-based Unified Clinical Archiving services in the UK in the first part of 2012 that allows healthcare providers to store, manage and share medical imaging information through cloud-based medical archive platform.

To maximise the values of customer’s IT investment opportunities and create efficient, effective and scalable IT environments Dell IT outsourcing services utilises skilled help professionals, industry highest quality practices, automated ideas and proven methodologies, assumed the company.

Dell stated a standardised service management methodology is employed by the Dell IT outsourcing services to deliver astronomical levels of reliability and predictability across the enterprise.

Dell Services Infrastructure and Cloud Computing vice-president Don Mann said the company is excited to announce the expansion of Dell’s global footprint in on the opening of a upcoming generation information centre in the United Kingdom that is planning to provide regionally delivered IT outsourcing services and cloud offerings.

“This is the first and foremost data centre to open as part of the company’s $1bn solutions announcement this past April and highlights our commitment to deliver industry-leading services and solutions which help our customers innovate and drive business results.
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