Thursday, January 12, 2012

Andhra Pradesh Budget 2011 2012 Highlights

Andhra Pradesh Finance Minister, Anam Rama Narayana Reddy submitted Budget 2011-12 in AP Assembly today. Prior to the Budget Speech, Members of Telangana TDP have announced the boycott of Budget speech. MLAs of TRS also have been obstructing the Budget Speech 2011-12.

This is first Budget for Anam Ramanarayana Reddy as a Finance Minister of the State. It is estimated that this year Budget will cross Rs. 1.2 lakh crores. Following are the highlights of Andhra Pradesh Budget 2011-12:

1. Annual Budget Plan for 2011-12: Rs 1,28,542 Crores
2. Planned Expenditure: Rs. 47,558 Crores
3. Non- Planned Expenditure: Rs. 80,984 Crores
4. Estimation of Revenue Surplus: Rs. 3826 Crores
5. Estimation of Fiscal Deficit: Rs. 17602 Crores
6. GDP Forecast: 8.5 percent
7. Growth of Industry: 9.61 percent
8. Irrigation Projects / Sector: Rs. 15000 Crores
9. Jalayagnam: Rs. 15000 Crores
10. Higher Education: Rs. 3337 Crores
11. Health Sector: Rs. 5040 Crores
12. BC Welfare: Rs. 2104 Crores
13. Minority Welfare: Rs. 3001 Crores
14. Subsidised Rice Scheme: Rs. 2500 Crores
15. Ministry of Industries: Rs. 858 Crores
16. Information and Communication Technology: Rs. 51 Crores
17. Primary Education: Rs. 14025 Crores
18. Labour Welfare and Employment: Rs. 489 Crores
19. Roads and Buildings: Rs. 4108 Crores
20. Housing: Rs. 2300 Crores
21. Rural Development: 3341 Crores
22. Urban Development: 5080 Crores
23. Integrated Economic Management System: Rs. 100 Crores
24. Constituency Development Scheme: Rs. 385 Crores
25. Development and Welfare Special Fund: Rs. 400 Crore
26. Infrastructure and Investments: Rs. 143 Crores
27. Energy Sector: Rs. 4980 Crores
28. Rs. 2 Rupee / Kg Rice Scheme: Rs. 2500 Crores
29. APSRTC: Rs. 200 Crores
30. Animal Husbandry: Rs. 930 crores

It is very clear from the above allocations that the state government is deviating itself away from most of the Welfare Schemes started by late Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy. YSR’s pet scheme Jalayagnam has not been given priority it was received earlier. Some relief for the social sector is huge allocations for Primary Education.

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