Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lara Dutta's daughter name:Aishwarya Rai Baby Has No Name but Lara Dutta's Does?

Well, possibly Bollywood actress was a bit more prepared for the naming. It is yet to be officially confirmed, but site is reporting that Lara Dutta's kid is named Saira Bhupathi. The source is saying they got this knowledge from a web-site which had an fascinating quote from Imran Mirza. While that doesn't confirm anything, it still raises eyebrows about the matter of naming one's kid in a timely fashion.

While the Aishwarya Rai kid has no name, of her counterparts, Laura Dutta, may have picked out a name for her newborn already. This is surprising news, thinking about "Beti B" has gone so long without a name after being born.

"Welcoming Saira Bhupathi in this world."

Mirza is the brother of Sania Mirza Malik, and they had a phone status earlier of:

The message seems simple but clear, and has the net site wondering. It is feasible that this is the official name for Lara Dutta's newborn girl.

So fundamentally this relatives may have announced their baby's name a lot faster than Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan. Does it take that long to come up with a lovely kid name? Will Beti B be teased over the fact that her relatives could not give her a name fast ? It ought to be fascinating to see how much longer before Aishwarya's kid gets a name, and if Lara's kid is named Saira!
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