Friday, August 17, 2012

Bangalore News, assam news, social media told to be alert

Five arrested in Bangalore for rumors, social media told to be alert:

In Pune as well as Hyderabad, there was a sense of major peaceful today between students from the actual North East, who have spent the actual final few days worried approximately whether they are potential targets, as warned by some inflammatory text messages as well as videos circulating online. In Bangalore, five people have been arrested for spreading rumours - Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar has been warning that the actual police is identifying those who are trying to disturb the actual peace by deliberately misreporting facts.

The government has asked relevant agencies to scan all social media platforms to check for inflammatory as well as bad content, following which, the actual Department of Electronics as well as Information Technology (DIT) has issued an advisory to all intermediaries in terms of provisions of IT Act as well as Rules to take action for disabling all such content on priority. Cellphone operators have been told to block all bulk SMS-es as well as videos - so nobody can send a message to more than five people at a time.

The Prime Minister said today in Parliament "We need to send out a message to all those who need to jeopardise our unity that this House stands united as well as we will work unison to manage the actual elements who need to make trouble." All political parties said the actual want of the actual hour is to ensure Indians from the actual North East that they are secure as well as welcome to work or study anywhere they want.

Bangalore was hit hardest by rumours that the actual ethnic violence in Assam, in which nearly 80 people have been killed, would ricochet across Karnataka, where an estimated one lakh people from the actual North East lives in as well as around Bangalore. In the actual final two days, four special trains left the actual city for Guwahati. Tonight, one more train has been organised. the actual big rush was attributed partly to the actual long weekend, yet many students admitted their parents were worried as well as wanted them residence at minimum temporarily. the actual Karnataka government responded to the actual exigency along tact as well as skill - the actual Police Commissioner as well as residence Minister visited the actual train station to reassure commuters there is no cause for panic; the actual chief minister met along student representatives as well as told them noting would be done to injure them on his watch. Muslim leaders spread messages of peace, urging people from Assam, Manipur as well as Mizoram to stay on. There are fewer people tonight boarding that special train to Guwahati from Bangalore - a sign that the actual edginess is gradually dissipating.

Helplines have been set up in Hyderabad (040-27852333 as well as 23261166), Bangalore (080- 22250999, 080-22942222) as well as Chennai (09840295100, 09677066100 as well as 09789088100).

The government has said those who are spreading rumours online as well as through text messages will be identified as well as punished. Junior Telecom Minister Sachin Pilot told NDTV that social media sites have been asked to take down objectionable content. He cautioned that the actual government is not in favour of banning Facebook or Twitter even for a few days, as one MP suggested today in Parliament.
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