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Highest tax payers of india, Top income tax taxpayers, highest tax payer

 Highest tax payers:

The amount of tax paid by different film actors, in the last 3 consecutive years, beginning with the financial year 2003-04 and ending in 2006-07 is enough to prove this point. In the financial year 2003-04, actor Shah Rukh Khan paid approximately ` 6.30 crore towards taxes and snatched the enviable first position among the film stars in the arena of largest tax payment.

The income of Shah Rukh Khan in that year was calculated to be around ` 18crore. However, actor Amitabh Bachchan grabbed that enviable position in 2004-05, as he paid as high as ` 6.35 crore out of his income of ` 19crore. In the financial year 2006-07, actor Hrithik Roshan contributed ` 15.10 crore and was joined by Shah Rukh Khan who contributed ` 14 crore towards tax payment.

Actress Aishwarya Rai followed next with a tax payment of ` 4.95crore out of her income of ` 15.50 crore in fiscal 2003-04. Hrithik too, contributed immensely to the total tax amount in 2003-04 with a huge tax payment of ` 3.20 crore and his income in that year was ` 9.6crore. The difference between the tax payment of actor Aamir khan and Hrithik was as small as ` 20,00,000. Aamir Khan contributed ` 3 crore in that fiscal and actor Saif Ali Khan contributed ` 2.21crore. The other prominent tax payers in the financial year 2003-04 include:

    1.Priety Zinta
    2.Salman Khan
    3.Jagjit Singh
    4.Ajay Devgan
    5.Kareena Kapoor
    6.Sanjay Dutt
    7.Akshay Kumar

The list of the highest tax payers in India in the financial year 2004 included prominent persons like:

    1.Mukesh and Anil Ambani
    2.Lakshmi Mittal
    3.Sunil Mittal
    4.Pallonji Mistry
    5.Anil Agarwal
    6.Azim Premji
    7.Dilip Shanghvi
    8.Shiv Nadar
    9.Malvinder & Shivinder Mohan Singh
    10.Adi Godrej
    11.Shashi & Ravi Ruia

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