Monday, April 8, 2013

Now Aadhar card as address proof for pan card, To get pan card AaDhaar Card is Valid as address proof

The exclusive Identification (UID) Aadhaar number will soon be a legitimate" verification of persona and address to obtain a PAN card.

A proposal for addition of Aadhaar in the living list of legitimate verification of identification and verification of address for allotment of pot was dispatched to the finance ministry by the exclusive Identification administration of India sometime back.

The ministry has determined to notify rules in this consider. It is directed at curbing the menace of false or replicate PAN cards which are allotted by I-T department to taxpayers.

"Once Aadhaar is accepted as a legitimate verification for obtaining pot, the I-T department would be adept to weed out the menace of false, forging or duplication of pot cards.

"The amalgamation of the databases is in full sway and the ministry would shortly notify the directions in this regard," a older finance ministry official said.

The ministry, through the earnings levy department, has currently incorporated more than 1.75 lakh Aadhaar figures in its database since it notified a new form 49A for getting pot last year.

It has been employed for nearly three years on the design of conceiving a biometric database of taxpayers which it will now accomplish by incorporating the Aadhaar data which has been taken on similar lines.

Till now, a variety of documents, like voter ID business card, identification, driving permit and articles of owning or leasing a property were utilised as a proof to get the enduring Account Number (PAN).

The ministry had last year brought out a new PAN submission form-- 49A for use of Indian people, companies and entities incorporated in the homeland which permits a applicant to mention his or her Aadhaar number.

The investment ministry, which had first mooted the suggestion of developing and handing out biometric pot in 2006, had kept the conclusion pending for one time as it was sensed that both the agencies (UIDAI and I-T) would be "duplicating the effort" to come to a widespread goal -- biometrics-based persona.

In 2006, the ministry had suggested that the biometric PAN cards would have the I-T assesses' fingerprints (two from each hand) and the face. This will now be achieved by collating the Aadhaar database with that of the pot.

According to latest data (till December last), more than 16.49 crore PAN cards have been handed out in the homeland.

The I-T department, in a number of cases, has unearthed a number of individuals owning multiple pot cards or forging the minutia to evade levies and conceive 'benami' properties.

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