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List of top Animation and Multimedia colleges in Bangalore, Best Multimedia Course in Bangalore

  Top  Animation and Multimedia colleges in Bangalore:

1. WIZTOONZ Animation- Top animation college in India providing professional world class animation courses in our institute like multimedia, film making,bachelor ...

2. Picasso:
Picasso Animation College is set up with the vision of bringing in the global standards of animation industry to India and provide high caliber animation ...

3. Pixelloid:
  Pixelloid Studios Visual Effects, 3D Animation Production and Training Institute.

4. NICC India: International Award-Winning College of Design, Visual Communication, Advertising, Photography and Animation, Bangalore, India.

5. ZICA: ZICA (Zee Institute of Creative Art) is a Premier Institute based in India offering degree, diploma & certification courses in 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Visual ...

6. Relianceaims: Reliance AIMS: Animation Infotainment & Media School offers animation degree and diploma, specialization in 2D, 3D animation, VFX, maya, pre & post ...

7. Arenabsk:
Arena Animation Banashankari Branch is one of the fastest growing institutions in the heart of central Bangalore. Based in the heart of the city centre, it is one of ...

8. ICAT:
ICAT is a specialty digital media college offering one year full-time Post-Graduate Diploma.

9. Animaster: Animaster is the Best animation degree college and Top animation training academy(institutes) in India. Animaster conducts BSc degree in animation for 3d ...

10. Manipal: Manipal University offers BSc Animation Courses to the students which have been designed as a comprehensive training programme where components of ...

11. Jain Animation: Jain Animation School celebrated Independence Day and displayed artworks ... Jain Animation School students made a rangoli and a thermocol carving which ...

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EPF Digital signature certificate, how to get digital signature for EPF, Digital Signature for Online transfer of PF accounts

EPF Digital Signature:
Employers under the jurisdiction of Chennai region should obtain and upload their digital signature certificate on to the EPFO portal, said S D Prasad, regional provident fund commissioner. The digital signature certificate can be obtained from

After obtaining the digital signature, employers have to register and upload it on to the EPFO portal. On completing the process of registration and uploading, the employer has to forward a photocopy of the system generated letter to the nodal officer, EPFO, regional office, Chennai. The letter should be signed by the employer and an authorized signatory.

The employer can upload details of maximum three authorized signatories.

Click here to apply for Digital Signature certificate for EPFO

For more info visit

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Mobile apps for car Dealers:car shoppers turn to mobile apps for the big purchase

If you're shopping for a car, your first stop may be your smartphone.

As consumers grow increasingly comfortable buying smaller items such as clothes and concert tickets from their mobile devices, some are also using their smartphones and tablets for big-ticket purchases like cars.

"There's this huge upheaval in terms of mobile usage and mobile behavior," said Jeff Birkeland, vice president of product management for High Gear Media, which publishes The Car Connection site and app. "People are looking to not only research cars but actually take action and connect to a dealer and do some business on mobile."

Online companies are putting the entire car shopping experience on a mobile device, replacing the lengthy weekend trudge between dealerships with an afternoon on the couch with an iPad. The shift to mobile, tech companies and car salespeople agree, has armed consumers with more information and resources to prepare for what is for most of us a sizable and emotional purchase. Shoppers can research their new and used car purchases before going to the dealer, and with some mobile apps, even buy a used car.

Rodney Bonachita of Daly City, Calif., did much of his car shopping on his smartphone while he prepared last year to buy a 2009 Mazda. By the time he showed up at the dealership, he said, he was ready to write a check. "Dealing with the dealership is just a painful, painful experience," he said. "Going there armed with information -- I wouldn't do it any other way."

With growing interest in car research apps, mobile devices are expected to become a go-to resource for 87 percent of car consumers, according to a 2012 study from Briabe, a mobile advertising company that surveyed more than 1,600 people planning to purchase a car within 12 months.

The mobile app from The Car Connection offers vehicle ratings, reviews, buying guides, connections to local dealerships, financing and insurance advice and recall warnings. The company, which also has a desktop website, gets about 35 percent of its traffic from mobile, Birkeland said. That number spikes on the weekend and during televised sports events -- especially the Super Bowl -- when car advertisements air.

"It took us a little bit by surprise, because it is a big purchase," Birkeland said.

Online car-buying guide saw its mobile website views increase six-fold from March 2011 to March 2013, and its separate mobile app saw 14 times as many views over roughly the same time period.

"We're definitely seeing the shift to mobile," said Stephen Gandee, vice president of mobile and personalization at Visitors spend an average of four minutes on the website, but about eight minutes each time they open the smartphone app and 12 minutes on the iPad app, he said., a partner with the Digital First Media's Bay Area News Group, also offers a mobile app that let users search new and used car listings, schedule a test drive, check out reviews and compare models. This newspaper's Web site also offers research on cars and reviews.

Car buyers using mobile apps can look for their next purchase between running errands or while making dinner, and on the weekend, they can use a tablet and not be chained to a desk. And shoppers are bringing these apps to the dealership, keeping their smartphones and tablets handy to show salespeople competing offers or lower suggested prices.

"They'll be sitting there on their iPhones and iPads and checking, 'What's my car worth?'" said Richard Flores, sales manager at Courtesy Chevrolet in San Jose, Calif. "They have way more information than they ever had before."

Bonachita, who's now shopping for a Subaru, said he doesn't go to a dealership without his smartphone: "I'm validating information on the fly."

Shoppers aren't using mobile only for car research -- they're buying used cars on their smartphones, too. eBay sells more than 11,000 pre-owned vehicles each week through its online auctions to shoppers using their mobile device, and traffic is so high that the company created an eBay Motors app, according to spokeswoman Amanda Coffee.

The website Carvana buys cars at auctions and sells them online, sometimes in less than 20 minutes. Carvana, which is in test mode in Atlanta, uses high-definition photo technology that zooms in on any imperfections that shoppers may not notice on the lot.

"People will buy with their phones," said company Director Ryan Keeton. "We're using technology to change a very old, established industry."

Other technology companies disagree that mobile apps help car shoppers.

"It's a very infrequent purchase," said Grant Feek, chief executive officer of Tred, a Seattle-based website that delivers a car to your house to test drive and refers you to a local dealership that sells it. "Plus, the median age (of car shoppers) is too old. The average 40-year-old in our market is not tech savvy enough to download an app for a one-time purchase."

And plenty of consumers still want the dealership experience. Lorenzo Torres of San Jose said car shopping from an app is "lazy."

"I don't have to go online all the time for things I really want," he wrote in a Facebook comment to this newspaper.

But with many car shoppers spending more time on their iPads and iPhones, companies are continuing to develop mobile options. Edmunds is rolling out app features that will let shoppers lock in a price and text with the dealership. Soon, users will also get a virtual tour of a dealership from their iPad.

"Traditionally car salespeople and dealerships want you to come in because they want you to get emotionally attached to the car," Gandee said. "Now, customers will know as much or more than the salespeople about a particular vehicle."

But dealers argue that the strong emotions tied up in buying a car -- a purchase that families use almost daily and depend on to get safely to work and school -- have as much influence on the buyer's decision as any app.

"In most cases, it's still an emotional car buying experience," Flores said. "When you drive the car and feel the steering wheel (in your hands) -- all that stuff affects you."

Still You can file your income tax returns, If Missed the August 5 deadline

You can still file returns:
The last date to file income-tax returns is gone. Okay, the government last week had extended the deadline by a week from July 31 to August 5. As usual, there are many taxpayers who couldn't meet the deadline this year, too. Of course, they also list the usual reasons for not filing returns on time: some could not login to the Income-Tax portal; some received the Form 16 late; some were too busy with their career and life to notice the deadline. "A lot of salaried individuals received their Form 16 very late this year. The delay in issuance of Form 16 on the part of the employers was primarily because of changes in the process relating to preparation of the Form 16,".

"Further, many faced challenges in accessing the TRACES website for many days. It is estimated that only 50% of those who are required to e-file their returns in Form ITR 2 could actually file it within the due date," he adds. Even the Income-Tax department concedes that some taxpayers have not been able to log on to the e-filing website www.incometaxindiaefiling," he said. Due to a large number of tax-payers accessing the e-filing website on the due date of filing, some cases of tax-payers not being able to access the portal have been reported," the I-T department noted, while granting an extension till August 5 for such tax-payers .

You can still file returns

Tax rules permit assesses to file their returns pertaining to two preceding financial years, even after the expiry of the respective annual deadlines. "Tax-payers who haven't filed their tax return for the financial year 2012-13 can do so until March 31, 2014. However, it is advisable to complete the process as soon as possible to avoid any possible penal interest, if there is tax to be paid. The I-T department charges a penal interest for every month of delay," explains Nikhil Bhatia, executive director of PwC India.

In fact, returns can be filed even till March 31, 2015. However, you will have to pay a penalty of up to Rs 5,000 if it is filed after March 31, 2014. There are other complications, too. "Tax-payers who complete the process before the due date are allowed to file a revised return in case they have filed an incorrect return . However, this leeway is not extended to those filing the returns after the deadline," says Bhatia.

Similarly , you will not be allowed to carry forward any losses incurred under the head 'Capital Gains' and 'Business Losses (other than depreciation loss)'. If you are expecting a refund from the I-T department, you will have to be prepared to forgo some benefits. "If the taxpayer is claiming a refund and is also entitled to receive interest on the refund, then the delayed filing would mean that he would not receive interest for the period of delay ," points out Sankla.

Since the delay on your part rules out second chances, it is important to pay extra attention to details to ensure that you get it right in the first instance. Ensure all the required documents — Form 16, bank statements, last year's return — are at hand before commencing the process to avoid any back-and-forth and loss of time. Make sure you claim all the deductions that do not reflect in your Form 16. For instance, section 80G deductions on donations made to approved charities.

"Taxpayers should thoroughly double-check the tax calculations and they should also check whether all the tax exemptions and deductions they are entitled to claim have been actually reflected in the tax return . In certain cases, it would also be a good idea to get the tax return reviewed by another tax professional before it is filed,".

Varamahalakshmi Vratham Greeting Cards, Varalakshmi Vratham sms Photos Wishes, Varalakshmi Pitures

 Varalakshmi Vratham Greeting Cards:

GES 2017 Hyderabad, 8th GES Registration, GES Agenda, GES venue, GES Location, Road to Ges 2017

Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 Hyderabad: The summit will be addressed by The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, M...