Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Best-selling products all time, Best buying products

Best-selling products all time:

1 Rubik's Cube
Category: Toy
Units sold/sales: 350 million units
Parent Company: Seven Towns

2 iPhone
Category: Smartphone
Units sold/sales: 250 million units
Parent Company: Apple

3 Harry Potter
Category: Book series
Units sold/sales: 450 million units
Parent Company: Scholastic (US publisher)

4 Michael Jackson's ‘Thriller’
Category: Album
Units sold/sales: 110 million units
Parent Company: Epic Records

5 Mario Franchise
Category: Video game franchise
Units sold/sales: 262 million units
Parent Company: Nintendo

6 iPad
Category: Tablet
Units sold/sales: 67 million units
Parent Company: Apple

7 Star Wars
Category: Movies
Units sold/sales: $4.54 billion in ticket sales
Parent Company: 20th Century Fox

8 Toyota Corolla
Category: Vehicle
Units sold/sales: 39 million cars
Parent Company: Toyota

9 Lipitor
Category: Pharmaceutical
Units sold/sales: $125 billion revenue
Parent Company: Pfizer

10 PlayStation
Category: Video game console
Units sold/sales: 300-plus million units
Parent Company: Sony

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