Thursday, May 19, 2011

BPO/REO Agents for Important Announcement:BPO Automation

Yesterday, Nicole Ocean and I decided to launch our new Central AutoAccept Order a monthly subscription of $ 49 (use +). Comes with free support, free upgrades, and you can cancel at any time (without contract). Is available as a free trial download on our website.

At this time, all over the country, BPO volumes are way down, and agents last month have been asking us to find a way to make affordable self-acceptance so they can get enough orders to stay in business .

Last week we asked the network for feedback and ReoPro were overwhelmed with requests for an economic plan to help workers keep their volumes up. We received hundreds of emails and phone calls from agents looking for an affordable solution.

After talking with our customers and a serious, we decided on a new pricing model for network-based Central Order to make it more accessible to the agents who need it most

We have reduced the price of the Central Order a subscription fee of $ 49 per month + 5% in order of prevalence rate (about $ 2.50 an order). That's 10 times times less than the full purchase price has been offered. We have had good response from the agents in the price, and have been working overtime to ensure that it is rock solid, stable application performance without stopping.

At this time, orders are scarce, gas prices are at historic highs, and many agents are paying extra money for remote zip codes with BPO providers and Ecuador: We are waiting for the Central command allow you to accept more work close to home to deal with all these issues together.

Central order took 6 months to develop, and offers all the features, literally, that has ever been requested by an agent. Central Order Although the network is still in its infancy, has already captured and verified more than 2,000 orders, and is the best option available for increasing the rate of acceptance. Once again, a Central Order free trial is available on our website.
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