Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Firstsource CEO: US$ 1 b BPO target by 2015 realistic

President Mahinda Rajapaksa goal of U.S. $ 1 billion Business Process Outsourcing Sri Lanka in 2015 was realistic, India's largest BPO company list - FirstSource CEO Matthew Vallejo, said yesterday.

President Rajapaksa target is realistic in the light of Sri Lanka's economy growing. Consumer industry, banking and telecommunications are also growing.

To serve its customers with quality service efficiency and reduce transaction costs that much value to these industries could add to the experience we can offer, Vallejo told the Business News.

"We believe the market is large enough for us to expand. There are a lot of value we can contribute," he said.

In response to a question of how FirstSource is competing in a limited space in Sri Lanka said: "We will compete in areas that have the power and telecommunications markets and since we have a lot of capacity in this area. We have an effective life of client management and client processing cycle of back office , technical support, receivables management and technical support.

"When it was noted that Sri Lanka's BPO industry has a term of U.S. $ 1 billion and a higher percentage than expected of the BPO segment and what could be the contribution FirstSource could be Vallejo said that as far as I could see, the industry was growing at a consistent 20 percent every year at this stage and said it expected to grow at a faster rate than that.

He also stated that there was no reason why his company could not be number one in the domestic market of Sri Lanka.

"Let's assume professional leadership to be the number one BPO company in the domestic market of Sri Lanka" he said.

Asked whether in his opinion, where there was insufficient skills (capacity) for exponential growth and where they think the industry should focus to increase capacity, said there was a lot of skills in Sri Lanka and his firm was one that invests in skills which the company was building.

He said the company was building strong programs of training for skills was an important part of what the company was doing.

Commenting on the increased capacity in the market, Vallejo said the company would bring a strong educational system would be to develop educational systems that prevailed in Sri Lanka and that was what attracted his company to invest in Sri Lanka.

She inquired about the focus of the company would, said telecommunications, banking and insurance sectors were the company was looking, and added that health care was also one of the potential areas that could see in Sri Lanka, according to industry.

He said the consumer industry was something that could be explored and tourism travel and transportation were the other part of Sri Lanka's economy could also be addressed.
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