Saturday, August 20, 2011

NR Narayana Murthy steps down as Infosys chairman

NR Narayana Murthy today resigned as chairman of Infosys, with the curtains of his illustrious 30 years of entries to the head as he tried to inspire the new management team and employees to take the company to greater heights.

In a farewell ceremony at the headquarters of the company is listed on Nasdaq are here tonight, Murthy presented his vision of the $ 6 billion it firm.

Infosys now aspiring to become a company of U.S. $ 60 million and "who knows, with luck, a company $ 600 million," said iconic business leader.

"When I thought (departure) of Infosys on December 29, 1980, I frankly do not think I'm going to say goodbye to Infosys of this size and this proportion," he said.

Murthy co-founded the company with six professional 30 years ago and now employs over 1.3 lakh.

He said the company had grown well in the past 30 years in terms of revenues, profits, employee strength, number of investors and market capitalization.

"But what is more rewarding for all of us respect this company and its leaders have received in recent years," said Murthy, who received a standing ovation at the function. He said Infosys has to exist for hundreds of years to add value to society and to expand its operations to all countries in the world.

Murthy, who ended her formal association of operations with the company and now put the role of honorary president, said he did not believe in any legacy.

"For me, the past is dead and buried. And what little work I had to do, I made the best of my ability, "he said, adding that if the lessons learned in the past are put to use and practice to be better would be to create a bright future for the company.

"I do not want to be nostalgic," said Murthy, who was in the same and showed no particular emotion on the last day in office.

Urging employees to strive for excellence, said that acting is the only way to get respect from stakeholders.

"There is no shortcut to this performance. It brings recognition, recognition and respect brings respect brings the power," said Murthy.

He appealed to the leadership team of Infosys to "resurrect" the leadership program initiated by fast track it, was "somewhat abandoned," and stressed the need to measure performance at individual and team level .

Murthy said that this approach would create incentives for high performance team, and average workers work hard and become top performers.

"If we do this (measuring performance at the individual level), I personally believe that we will lower our mediocre productivity levels, average levels," he said. April RS RA SA PTI 08192228 NNNN
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