Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Value in outsourcing soft services:MAF Dalkia

There's more value to outsourcing services to companies specializing confirmed soft Ramalheira Francisco, CEO of MAF Dalkia Bahrain, in a recent interview with fmME.

After the victory FM services contract at the headquarters of Arcapita Bank in Bahrain earlier this year, the company provided technical services for the multi-air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, building management system, elevators, and generators and the smooth management of such services as cleaning and gardening in the building. Ramalheira said that during the duration of the project, found that outsourcing was more valuable soft.

"MAF Dalkia is a multi-technique. In this context, all our services are self-giving at home. Arcapita is a hybrid, where all services are hard at home and where services are outsourced soft. We hope that the MAF Dalkia provides added value to customers is mostly of Energy Management and asset management life cycle based on more than 75 years of experience worldwide Dalkia, "said Ramalheira.

"Of course we guarantee our customers the total solution of the total costs of TFM to be a player in the market. We believe the soft specialized service companies are complementary to MAF Dalkia, adding value on the basis of your business to our customers. We must recognize that they are structured differently, as they are very laborious. "

Ramalheira said that it is often better to have soft services performed by a company whose activities are devoted to that.

"When the project requires, can assume a management role on third party service providers may be associated with mild to them. Both have advantages and disadvantages; 're in the market, unless you're talking about a strategic agreement, the preference is to opt for the former and propose that their client. "
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