Wednesday, October 12, 2011

outsourcing boom: Philippines sees outsourcing boom

Philippine outsourcing industry will grow strongly over the next five years despite global economic concerns and threats to its call center industry, industry officials said Tuesday.
The industry is hoping to continue his rise from nothing 10 years ago that currently the world number two player behind India, with 600,000 workers, said the business processing of the Philippines Association Chief Alfredo Ayala.

"You can slow down, but it's still going to be two digits," Ayala told reporters at a conference in Manila outsourcing.

Equipped with a work force speaks English, the industry expects outsourcing revenues to rise at least 15 percent each year to U.S. $ 20 billion in 2016, when 900,000 workers are employed, said Ayala.

He said now the Philippines accounted for 6. 7 percent of the global market for all outsourced business services, second only to India's 51 percent.

The outsourcing of business covers a wide range of services, from call centers to accounting, health care legal work, and information technology.

In the call center industry alone, the Philippines last year overtook India to have the world's largest industry in terms of revenue and employees, mainly in the back of the restoration of the United States and other countries speaking English.

Foreign experts told the conference call center jobs in time lost with the computer software replacing human beings in such things as care of customer complaints about the merchandise.

Gillian Joyce Virata, executive director for the processing business of the association, said the call center is still about 65 percent of the total outsourcing business in the Philippines.

But she said the industry was preparing for the changes.

"The trend will continue for non-voice (roles) to grow at a faster pace. In office, healthcare, creative services and IT (information technology) are becoming very attractive here," said .

Commerce Secretary Gregory said at the conference Sunday that the outsourcing industry was now one of the country's economic pillars.

He said that 2011 industry revenue target of $ 11 million would be equivalent to about 5.0 per cent of Philippine GDP.

"The contribution of this industry can not be overstated. It's really a great help. It has provided great support for the economic environment of the Philippines in the last decade.
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