Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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 Sony today launched and moved the old content from over to the new domain:

We knew it would happen finally now that Ericsson is out of the picture. Sony Ericsson Mobile is history and the new name of Sony's mobile division is Sony Mobile Communications. The older Sony Ericsson rings has moved in to the new site as well so owners of Sony Ericsson will still find support, applications and information about their older handsets on the new site.

The sub-sites such as the Product Weblog, Developer Weblog and Greenheart Weblog still makes use of the elderly layout and colour schemes, but the Sony Ericsson name is removed as well as the green/red/blue liquid identity logo. Changes like this make us think how much will the Sony re-branding cost? Sony will must throw out everything having the elderly logo printed on it.

But a green brand logo is not everything. The challenge for Sony now is to persuade its smartphone customers that all the positive values from Sony Ericsson still is of importance and that new inspiration from Sony Corp will be transferred to the Sony Mobile division. Visit website here
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