Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nokia Job Cuts Romania Plant:Nokia to cut 3,500 jobs, close Romania plant

Nokia Oyj, the world's largest cellphone vendor by volume, is cutting 3,500 jobs in its second major restructuring in six months as it struggles with falling sales and profits.

Chief executive Stephen Elop, who took over at Nokia a year ago, unveiled the plans which include a factory closure and a new executive chairman for telecom gear joint venture Nokia Siemens Networks, on Thursday.

The company said it would close the Cluj factory in Romania which opened just four years ago and manufactured more simple cellphone models, leading to 2,200 job losses.

The plant turnover was comparable to 1.3 percent of Romania's GDP last year, but Eastern European investment group Avaron said due to large component flows the value created at the plant was smaller, giving a rough estimate of around 0.25 percent of GDP.

Nokia said a further 1,300 jobs would be cut at its Location & Commerce business unit, which includes the world's largest digital mapping business Navteq.

Nokia said it was also evaluating the future of its plants in Finland, Mexico and Hungary and this would result in job cuts next year.

The latest redundancies come on top of cost cut plans set out in April which included laying off 4,000 staff. Thursday's cuts are included in Nokia's savings target of more than one billion euros, which was unveiled in July.

"This is very shocking. As if they had no policy at all in human resources, only lay-off talks rolling all the time. I wonder how people can work there, how people can focus at all," Pertti Porokari, the chairman of Finnish engineers' union (UIL), told Reuters.

"For sure the company is going through a massive reform, but it feels like the new direction is not quite under control."

Nokia has struggled this year with falling sales and profits after the group said in February it would switch to Microsoft Corp software for its smartphones, but the first of these models will reach the market only later this year.

"We are seeing solid progress against our strategy, and with these planned changes we will emerge as a more dynamic, nimble and efficient challenger," Elop, Nokia's first foreign chief executive, said in a statement.

Nokia's share price has halved since it announced the Microsoft deal on worries the company will lose so much market share before the new phones come out that it might never make up lost ground.

Nokia's quarterly phone sales to end-June dropped 20 percent at a time when market grew 10 percent, and its 15-year reign at the top of the smartphone market ended as both Apple and Samsung Electronics surpassed it.

"Now the volume has come down, clearly Nokia is looking for new saving targets," said analyst Jari Honko from Swedbank in Helsinki.

"I hope this extensive review does not mean that Nokia has lost so much scale that in-house production will no longer be competitive. It has been the most important strengths of Nokia," Honko said.

The shares were flat at 4.18 euros by 1100 GMT, in line with the sector.

Separately, Nokia supplier Digia said it had agreed to cut 170 jobs in its Finnish operations, and could cut up to 80 more as it revamped its business.

Nokia also said it and Siemens AG will both inject 500 million euros ($680 million) into their 50:50 telecom gear joint venture Nokia Siemens Networks.

Jesper Ovesen would take over as executive chairman of Nokia Siemens Networks, replacing former Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Nokia said.

Ovesen, who has worked as chief financial officer at many top Danish firms helped to turn Lego around during his spell as CFO of the toy group in 2003-2007 and took telecoms operator TDC public late last year.

Siemens and Nokia would like to take Nokia Siemens Networks public at some point, but the company has struggled to report profits, battling against aggressive rivals Huawei and Ericsson.

Separately, Nokia Siemens said it has won an order from Bharti Airtel to upgrade, build and manage networks in seven African countries.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cash-for-vote scam: Former Advani aide Kulkarni sent to Tihar

Sudheendra Kulkarni, a former aide of senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader L.K. Advani, was Tuesday sent to judicial custody till Oct 1 in connection providing the 2008 cash-for-votes scandal.

Kulkarni, who appeared before Special Judge Sangita Dhingra Sehgal once repeatedly failing to do so Sep 6 and Sep 19 on the ground that he was in the US, was sent to Tihar jail.

He had applied for interim bail, which was rejected.

The court had on Sep 19 warned Kulkarni's counsel overly if he failed to appear on the next date, the court can hassle an arrest warrant against him.

Speaking to reporters here, Kulkarni argued the present he acted as a whistle blower and his aim was to expose the corrupt practices of the Congress party led Central government.

"I was the mastermind who exposed this scam of corruption and whatever I did was proper because it is essential for the public of the country to know that how the parliamentarians elected by them have been purchased by giving them Rs. 10 or 20 crores If our MPs or MLAs would be bought like this then how would be the future of Indian democracy? It was our goal to expose it, that I did," said Kulkarni.

Kulkarni further believed that he was not afraid to go to the jail in case the court found him guilty.

"Now the issue is that, who was the ultimate beneficiary of this scam, because the government got all assistance out of this scam and remained in the power. But after 3 years, all the government's representatives who were engaged in the scam are roaming scot-free and those who tried to expose it were detained. If the court would send me to the jail then I am ready for it," he said.

He also said that he has "nothing to hide". "I am not running away from anyone," he added.

"I am expected to go to jail if exposing corruption is a crime," he said.

The cash-for-votes scam had rocked proceedings in the Lok Sabha in 2008, when the ruling UPA Government, led by Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, allegedly bribed supervisors of other parties to help winning the belief vote.
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Lalit Modi(Former IPL commissioner):Lalit Modi's plea for independent probe rejected

The Supreme Court Monday dismissed a petition by former Indian Premier League (IPL) commissioner Lalit Modi hunting for an independent inquiry into the allegations of financial irregularities against him.

An apex court bench of Justice J.M. Panchal and Justice H.L. Gokhale said too 'a mere apprehension of bias cannot be a bottom for interference. There have got to exist a real danger of bias'.

Justice Gokhale said that Modi may have an apprehension but it was not impending to say from the material on record that 'he was facing a real danger of bias'.

The court assumed this 'though such domestic questions have with out a doubt to be fair, a member of a society cannot stretch the principle of fairness to the extent of demanding a tribunal consisting of outsiders, on the explanation that the society members are biased against him'.

Modi had challenged the composition of the Board of Control for Cricket in India's (BCCI) disciplinary committee set up to probe allegations against him.

The three-member committee including Arun Jaitley, Jyotiraditya Scindia, and cricket administrator Chirayu Amin.

Modi had contended that the committee was not free according to bias as it included Amin, who along with the later cricketing board's president Shashank Manohar, had decided to own inquiry against him.

The judgment said Modi had not raised objection to the presence of Jaitley and Scindia. He had alone contested the appearance of Amin in the panel. The court believed the current apprehension of bias against 'Amin is not vastly founded'.

'Merely because all the members of a society have participated in the discussion concerning such allegation, the society can not be expected to appoint an outsider to hold the disciplinary proceeding,' the court said.

'That apart, merely a prima facie opinion is formed in such meetings. Merely because a member has participated in such a meeting, he cannot be accused of bias to disentitle him from being appointed on the disciplinary committee,' the court said.

'In this way, institutional bias can be said against every member of the governing council of IPL and the general person of the previous respondent (BCCI) which cannot be accepted,' the court said.

'We cannot suppose the the three-member committee are able to not afford the petitioner a fair hearing, or that it will not render unbiased findings,' the judges said.

'If the members or the managing committee of a society find a complaint of any misconduct on the part of any of its office bearers, surely the subject is possible to be taken up in the general body meeting of the society,' the judgment said, dismissing Modi's petition.
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2G fire now singes Congress netas

The DMK had suffered setback after setback after the 2G scandal broke a year ago, and the Congress had remained relatively untouched by the investigations.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his party colleagues had, all along, blamed 'coalition politics' for the scandal. It won't be so easy now for his party to shrug off responsibility for what some describe as the world's biggest scandal.

Pranab Mukherjee is coming back from New York today, and will meet Sonia Gandhi immediately to discuss the fallout of the unearthing of a note that suggests senior leaders in the Congress knew all about the 2G spectrum sale that landed former telecom minister A Raja in jail.

In fact, Raja argued his own case in court today, and said the prosecution was harassing him and keeping him jailed when it had no scrap of evidence to show he caused a loss of Rs 1.76 lakh crore to the nation.

The CBI sought the court's permission to file fresh charges against Raja, and urged a life term for him, and others involved in the scandal. Raja's lawyer, and Raja himself, were upbeat today, accusing Chidambaram of complicity, if indeed selling spectrum cheap were a crime, and even telling the court it should consider summoning Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to testify in the case.

With Raja dragging in the names of Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh, the 2G scandal has finally landed at the door of the Congress.

Pranab Mukherjee and Chidambaram are two of the Congress's seniormost leaders, and the release of a note that suggests Chidambaram's complicity, observers say, could indicate an intra-party battle between two prime ministerial contenders.

But for the moment, the Congress is doing all it can to play down the significance of the letter. Law Minister Salman Khurshid told reporters the note was of little significance. The Congress will also say the official who wrote the note had no authority to do so. While all this may delay and confuse the investigation, questions will continue to be asked of the Congress about how it remained quiet when the biggest scandal ever was being pulled off.
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Friday, September 23, 2011

HCL Tech Jobs in US & EU: HCL Tech to create 10k jobs in US & EU

HCL Technologies said it could create 10,000 professions in the US and the EU in the next 5 years, emphasizing so it does not need to be “seen as a organization which takes away jobs”. The announcement comes at a time when anti-outsourcing campaign against Indian tech companies is expanding momentum in a slowing US and European Union.

Politicians and governments in these types of countries suffer been objecting to offshoring work, and in the US, President Barack Obama had threatened to cancel tax breaks to companies shipping away jobs.

“It is our stated position to create 10,000 careers in the US and the EU. We don’t want to be seen as a company which takes away jobs, instead seen as creating new ones,” Vineet Nayar, vice-chairman and CEO, HCL Technologies, said. “The jobs will be created during a five-year period.” The company presently has 85,000 employees in these regions.

“The story of our glocalisation is based on the principle of reverse speculative in local economies. We follow a three-point approach – investing in local delivery centers, tie-ups with local universities and local paying and lastly, collaboration with customers,” Nayar said.

HCL Technologies announced the setting up of a development centre in Redmond, US and one more one in Dublin, Ireland. While the US centre will have 350 seats, the Irish centre will have 80. On plans are to open centres in Columbia and Cape Town, South Africa.

The company said it will go to campuses in these types of countries to engage for the first bit over this placement season. Among the universities that have been shortlisted includes, University of Washington (Bothell and Tacoma campuses), Seattle University and Seattle Pacific University.

Most Indian tech companies have kept on always hiring more and more in western countries over the past few years, to blunt the criticism of ‘taking away’ jobs. The proportion of the recruit in the US and the EU has seen a marked increase. In HCL’s case, the targeted ratio is 50:50.
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sony Computers:Suspected hacker arrested in Sony computers breach

A suspected member of the clandestine hacking collection LulzSec was arrested in Arizona on Thursday on complaints of taking part in an extensive computer breach of the Sony Pictures Entertainment film studio, the FBI said.

A federal grand jury indictment returned the month and unsealed on Thursday trusted Cody Kretsinger, 23, amongst conspiracy and the unauthorized impairment of a protected computer in connection providing the attack in May and June.

The nine-page indictment said Kretsinger and co-conspirators obtained confidential information from Sony Pictures' computer systems using an "SQL injection" attack against its website, a system commonly spent by hackers to exploit vulnerabilities and steal information.

Kretsinger, who went by the moniker "recursion," helped submit information he and his co-conspirators stole according to Sony on LulzSec's website and announced the intrusion via the hacking group's Twitter account, the indictment said.

The extent of damage caused by the breach of the studio's computer network is presently under investigation, the FBI said.

LulzSec, an underground group too known as Lulz Security, at the phase published the names, birth dates, addresses, emails, phone numbers and passwords of thousands of shoppers who had entered contests promoted by Sony.

"From a single injection we accessed EVERYTHING," the hacking group said in a statement at the time. "Why do you put such faith in a company that allows itself to become open to these easy attacks."

Hackers previously had accessed personal hints on 77 million PlayStation Network and Qriocity accounts, 90 per cent of which were users in North America and Europe, in what was then the biggest such security breach in history.

Other high-profile businesses targeted by cyber attacks included Lockheed Martin and Google.

Sony officials declined immediate comment on Thursday's arrest.

LulzSec is reputed to be affiliated with the distant hackers collective identified Anonymous, which has claimed responsibility for cyber fits on municipal and private institutions close to the world.

Kretsinger, who was to take home an initial court appearance before a U.S. magistrate in Phoenix on Thursday, faces a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison if convicted.

The government is requesting the present he be removed to Los Angeles, where Sony Pictures' computer system is located and where the case against him has been filed.
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Telangana JAC: Over 200 trains cancelled in Telangana

Over 200 trains scheduled for Saturday and Sunday in Telangana were cancelled in view of the two-day rail blockade referred to as by Telangana Joint Action Committee (JAC) to demand separate statehood for the region, authorities said Thursday.

According to a statement from South Central Railway, 55 express and 88 passenger trains have been cancelled.

The railway authorities own also partially cancelled 63 trains, including 33 express trains. They suffer diverted 55 trains and rescheduled four, that pass through the region.

The rail blockade has also led to cancellation of all 222 MMTS (Multi-Modal Transport System) services in twin towns of Hyderabad and Secunderabad and 102 DHMU (Diesel Hydraulic Multiple Unit) trains in other portions of Telangana.

The rail blockade has been called even as over 10,000 buses of state-owned Road Transport Corporation (RTC) remained off the roads in the region for the fourth day Thursday.

The RTC employees are participating in the indefinite general strike called by JAC demanding the central government to immediately craft system for formation of a separate Telangana state.
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Opposition's sack Chidambaram chorus rises

The opposition chorus for sacking of Home Minister P. Chidambaram grew Thursday over his argued role in the 2G spectrum allocation under UPA-I, brought out by a financing ministry note to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Murli Manohar Joshi led the attack, demanding Chidambaram's ouster and calling for a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into his role in the 2G spectrum scam when he was financing minister in 2008.

Joshi was joined by the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa in making the demand. The BJP's Arun Jaitley said the finance ministry note on the role of Chidambaram indicated the UPA government was 'at war amid itself'.

Joshi's call for Chidambaram's sacking came after Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy Wednesday submitted to the Supreme Court documents indicating so Chidambaram, as the then finance minister, was faced in deciding the 2G spectrum price along in on A. Raja, the then communications minister who is now in jail.

The documents filed by Swamy included a communication of Jan 30, 2008, by the department of economic affairs of the mortgages ministry recording the gist of the meeting between Chidambaram and Raja.

'This easily proves that the role of P. Chidambaram as finance minister in the 2G scam... is responsible,' Joshi told reporters here.

'Either he would resign himself or he should be dismissed, I demand it strongly,' he said, inserting who there might also be a CBI probe.

In its note to the Prime Minister's Office, the financing ministry says Chidambaram are able to experience prevented spectrum from making given away at throwaway values if he had insistied on its auction -- implying overly presumptive losses worth thousands of crores could have thus been avoided.

The note, that was apparently shown to Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and accessed by way by an software under the Right to Information Act, was prepared by a deputy secretary in the finance ministry and sent to the Prime Minister's Office March 25.

The CPI-M, in a statement, called for a CBI probe and alleged that the finance ministry note to the PMO in March 2011 'has shown authoritatively that Chidambaram had cleared the allotment of licenses for 2G spectrum at the 2001 entry fee even though the finance secretary and his own ministry had pointed out the need for revision of the fee'.

Jayalalithaa, reacting to the developments, told reporters in Chennai that Chidambaram when and if be sacked for his involvement in the 2G spectrum scam.

'The CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) should act against Chidambaram like it did against Raja,' Jayalalithaa said.

Jaitley, addressing a function, said: 'The UPA federal is increasingly at war with(in). On the one hand there is lack of trust with people, on the additional there is lack of confidence between ministers. A civil war fancy well being has emerged.'

He said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi got 'mute spectators'. 'The legitimacy of the government has carried on eroded,' he added.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Social Media Monitoring:BPOs turn to social media monitoring

Indian BPO firms are turning out more intelligent with social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Companies want to know how, when and why they are mentioned on these websites by strange consumers and BPOs are there to help them now. Last week had two important announcements in the $14 billion Indian BPO industry signifying this trend.

Genpact, the country’s largest BPO acquired EmPower Research, an integrated media and business inspection company with capabilities in social media research, media monitoring and measurement. Though the amount of the deal is undisclosed, but analysts feel it could be $35-40 million. On the other hand, 24/7 Customer, a Mumbai based BPO firm mapped its plans to recruit over 5,000 social and interactive media (SIM) advisors in India.

Gaurav Sethi, senior vice-president, mergers and acquisitions at Genpact says, “There are a lot of unbiased chats happening on social media websites. Companies feel the need to track social media conversations to understand customer preferences and perceptions towards their products and services. This course is less expensive and faster as well. We will help them derive critical insights through unstructured texts on social networking websites. In the last 12 months or so, we have been seeing a difference in the way companies like to approach their customers.”

NV “Tiger” Tyagarajan, president and CEO, Genpact remarks: “We are seeing a significant increase in demand for our smart decision services, and EmPower Research adds tremendous capabilities in extracting insights from social media, a hastily emerging source of data about customer behaviour. This aligns very well with our vision of supporting our clients in smarter decision-making and in delivering improved business outcomes.”

The sectoral growth drivers for this demand are the banking, loan services and insurance (BFSI), telecom, retail and shopper packaged goods (CPG) verticals. BPOs feel there is definitely a need for such services and this data mining will help their customers in better margins and revenues.

Though BPOs have been concentrating on economy analytics for quite some time now, social media monitoring is pretty new on the cards. Pankaj Kulshreshtha, senior vice-president, analytics and research at Genpact says, “We have been doing business analytics and investigation from the very day of our inception for GE and now for other customers. But, media monitoring is new for us. We will be adding another 360 people with EmPower acquisition, to our existing analytics team of 5,000 employees.”

Animesh Jain, chief delivery officer at 24×7 Customer says, “We have hired within the duration of 1,000 employees for social and interactive media careers in the beyond nine months.

Careers in SIM make candidates a unique opportunity to be part of reshaping the future of customer service as they learn to support emerging digital trends for Fortune 500 companies, using cutting-edge, predictive technology.”

Genpact acquired EmPower Research, which provides a comprehensive range of services including social and traditional media monitoring and measurement, event hurt research, brand tracking, and data management. The services of EmPower Research are used by a couple of of the largest pharmaceutical companies, PR agencies, technology firms, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies in the world.

Jain from 24×7 customer feels that it is above average time that BPOs provide their customers a lot more than just voice services. “A lot of challenges can be surpassed through social interaction on the Web. There is huge opportunity in currently area for companies like us,” he concludes.
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social media IT projects:Growth in businesses investing in social media IT projects

A growing total number of companies are looking to take advantage of the good things that social media platforms can provide, an expert has claimed, that could see a hike in IT outsourcing.

Tim Gibbon, director at Elemental, has highlighted the fact who the business-to-consumer boom has led the way in harnessing these technologies but added that business-to-business communications are beginning to take advantage of these.

He said that people’s early scepticism about these kinds of technologies has passed and widespread adoption has begun, taking it even more improtant for companies to invest in the current sort of IT project.

Mr Gibbon said overly the '  of news on social networks within mainstream to know channels has guided more businesses to these kinds of channels.

He added: “This certainly demonstrates that businesses, truly larger organisations are open to the choices that social media can offer, but with the fixation on social media environments they could be making errors that have plagued digital channels in the past.”

Earlier right now month, Work Wise UK chief executive Phil Flaxton contended that the rise of internet businesses may also have contributed to a rise in IT outsourcing as companies maximise the efficiency of their resources.
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Friday, September 16, 2011

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Time Telecom, Time Telecom Australia, Telecommunication Company in Australia

Time Telecom is fast proving itself as a serious and sensible alternative for small to medium enterprises and mid-sized corporations:

A number of telecommunications companies that conducted business there in Australia. There are telecommunications companies offering telephone services, as providers of Internet, broadband, wireless broadband and wireless Internet, phone plans, plans for Home Phone, Business Phone, and more.

But choosing a right business people is difficult. Because of the different options they have in the global market. But at the Time Telecom you can choose the right supplier. That certainly has many options you can choose and go with satisfaction. As an emerging player in the telecommunications industry in Australia, Telecom Time is fast proving to be a serious alternative and reasonable for small and medium enterprises and medium-sized companies.

Working with advanced telecommunications, Time Telecom has access to some of the best products and prices of fixed line services. Time Telecom is able to select the right components and the package to offer a solution tailored to your individual needs. We offer various services such as broadband, wireless broadband, wireless Internet, and Phone company and prices.

We have several phone plans, and for companies that plans to separate business, home and residential, we plan to phone home. Time Telecom company offers the best prices and services to customers. When it comes to telecommunications companies generally considered as a constant in business. Plays an important role in communicating with others.

So choose a business phone for the growth of your business. Best time to Telecom Australia Internet connection, a broadband connection wireless broadband for small and medium enterprises and corporate Internet access for providers of Internet, broadband phone, our special offers.

No charge or entry fee when switching to Telecom hours. There are no contracts nor minimum payment for the service. You can keep the same numbers, including numbers 1300 and 1800, and the transition is seamless, the use of our process of transferring the network.

Latest News Gali Janardhan Reddy: CBI to quiz elder Reddy brother over illegal mining

CBI to quiz elder Reddy brother over illegal mining:

Enlarging its enquiry to illegal mining by mining baron G. Janardhana Reddy, the Central Bureau of Investigation will Sep 16 interrogate his elder doggy G. Karunakara, agency resources believed late Wednesday.

'Karunakara Reddy has carried on summoned to appear before CBI in Hyderabad on Sep 16,' the sources said.

Karunakara's interrogation would appear 11 days after the arrest of Janardhana, former Bharatiya Janata Party minister in Karnataka, for illegal mining in Andhra Pradesh by his Obulapuram Mining Company.

Karunakara, who was also minister in the B.S. Yeddyurappa government, was a director of OMC but has claimed he quit the post in 2004.

Janardhana was arrested by CBI on Sep 5 from Bellary in north Karnataka bordering Andhra Pradesh. He is now short of CBI custody in Hyderabad. Also arrested with him was OMC managing director B.V. Srinivas Reddy.

The CBI may also question Reddys' associate B. Sriramulu, who was health minister in the Yeddyurappa cabinet.

Sriramulu was as well OMC director and says he quit the post in 2008.

The former Lokayukta (ombudsman) N. Santosh Hegde had indicted the two Reddy brothers and Sriramulu in his report on illegal mining scam.

The Congress has continued demanding immediate arrest of Karunaraka and Sriramulu on the bottom that properties could tamper with evidence.
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Gali Janardhan Reddy Biography:G Janardhan Reddy Mining billionaire king of Mining

Biography of G Janardhan Reddy Mining billionaire king of Mining:

Name - Gali Janardhana Reddy
Date of Birth : 11th January, 1967
Gender : Male
Marital Status : Married
Spouse’s Name - Smt. Lakshmi Aruna
Family : 1 Daughter, 1 son
Father’s Name : Chenga Reddy
Brother: G. Karunakara Reddy, G. Somashekara Reddy

Qualification : SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate) or Class X.

Residence Address : Ashok Nagar, Havambavi, Bellary.

08392-266295 ,94483 50228 (Mbl)

Office Address : No G-2, Parijatha Apartments,
Race Course Road, Bangalore - 01 080-22381331

Media has reported so they are worth Rs.8000 Crore.

G. Janardhana Reddy is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

He is Mine owner and a politician.
He is the owner of Obulapuram Mining Company and CMD of Bramhani Industries Limited.
He was the Minister of Tourism and Infrastructure in the authorities of Karnataka and a Member of the Legislative Council (Vidhan Parishad) based on information from the Bharatiya Janata Party.

He is also the brother of Karnataka Revenue Minister G. Karunakara Reddy and of Bellary MLA G. Somashekara Reddy.

Janardhana Reddy is at the center of the illegal iron-ore mining controversy in the Karnataka government.

He was arrested on Sep'5th 2011 by CBI on charges of Mining irregularities and charges beneath prevention of corruption act.

His father was the police constable and he grew up in Bellary with his brothers.

He was exceptionally close to the former chief minister Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy and his son Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy.
Jaganmohan Reddy is reported to have a business interest in Brahmani Steels.

He donated a diamond-crusted crown in pure gold, estimated to cost Rs. 45 crore, to Lord Balaji at Tirupati.

He started as chit fund agent.
Year 1990 – he started Ennoble India Savings and Investments India and even a revelation daily Ennama Kannada Nadu.

Year 1998 – In 1998, Janardhana Reddy's finance company, Ennoble India Savings, collapsed, leaving unpaid debts of over Rs. 200 crores.

Year 1999 – Congress party did not post the election ticket to loyal Sriramulu,after that Readdy brothers went to BJP.

Same time they came into get in touch with with senior BJP leader Sushma Swaraj as she contested Lok Sabha elections against Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

Sushma Swaraj lost the elections in that elections Readdy brothers helped her lot.

After that Readdy brothers worked very hard for the BJP and thus they began to get the fruits of their hardwork.

In Andhra Pradesh Readdy brothers were with the BJP but properties got close friends of YSR who belong to Congress Party.

Readdy became close friends of YSR son Jaganmohan and they partnered and started
Brahmani Steels in YSR's home town Kadapa.

Year 2001 – Janardhana Reddy set up the Obulapuram Mining Company with an initial
capital of Rs. 10 lakh.

Year 2002 – He became the director

Year 2004 – Because of political fuel and background OMC started to control or take within the duration of the other mining companies and reported a turnover of R 35 crores.

March 2009 – OMC reported turnover of Rs.3000 Crore.

Readdy now controlled AP and they got fine close relations with YSR who was the CM of Karnataka a congress party leader.

Readdy brothers became so powerful in mid 2009 that properties In a compromise with Yeddyurappa, the Reddys additionally forced the removal of a Karnataka minister Shobha Karandlaje and chief secretary (IAS officer) V.P. Baligar.

May 2009 – According to Tehelka : In May 2009, the family spent an estimated Rs 20 crore on a wedding.

June 2009 – They donated a diamond-crusted crown in pure gold, estimated to cost Rs. 45 crore, to Lord Balaji at Tirupati.

September 2009 – YSR died in Helicopter crash.

Supreme Court appointed committee and a central empowered committee of the Supreme Court reported violations and mining from reserved areas etc.

The committee claimed that a mining lease to OMC long from 2004 till 2017 by the YSR government was illegal. The committee suggested that mining be suspended till pillars were erected and boundary posts laid on the neighborhood border.

Congress Government - K Rosaiah in Andhra Pradesh suspended mining by OMC and sought a CBI probe.

The Reddy brothers went to court and got a stay, but that remain was vacated in December, 2010.

former Karnataka Lokayukta Santosh Hegde's report on illegal mining has accused OMC of illegal mining in Karnataka too.

Now CBI has arrested them and CBI court ordered 14 days judicial custody to Readdy brothers.

Updated on Sunday, September 11, 2011

In 2007 Mr. Reddy was given 10,760 acres of government land by the YSR government
For setting up of a Rs. 20,000-crore captive steel plant. Named Brahmani Steels, the plant at Jammalamadugu in Andhra Pradesh's Kadapa district.

In fact plant was never started.

Mr. Reddy was allowed to export all the iron ore that he was exclusively permitted to in the name of the project.

It as well gave another 4000 acres of side yards to Mr. Reddy for developing an airport with the promise of generating 10,000 direct occupations and other one lakh indirect jobs via the two projects.

Mr. Reddy raised Rs. 350 crore by using the yards that he had procured for just
Rs. 18 crore from the YSR government.

He moreover reportedly exported 54 lakh tonnes of iron ore that was meant to be used by the steel plant.

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Questions to ask a Driving Lawyer

If you find yourself facing charges of hasty driving you should seek legal representation according to an experienced attorney. Finding a lawyer however, is somewhat you should take select time over rather than hiring the mainly reckless driving lawyer you find. You should never be concerned virtually posted possible attorneys concerns about their experience, qualificatons and practice before deciding on who to hire.

Just as hiring an lawyer is important, it is moreover important to find one who right matches your needs and who has the experience necessary to succesfully deal with your case. The following ten questions if all be put to any likely hasty driving lawyer when you attend an initial consultation with them.

1. How many years have you kept on practising? Don't accept a mere number as an answer, ask them to go any bigger by explaining how they have done in those years. You should be coming across as for any long gaps between cases as it could indicate they are not familiar with current driving laws in your state.

2. What experience do you have with reckless driving cases? In any legal case experience counts and you trouble to hire someone who has experience with your particular type of case.

3. Will properties be one handling your case? Sometimes the lawyer you meet in on initially may not really be the one who will handle your case. If this turns out to be the case ask to meet with the attorney who will be handling your case or ask to appreciated more about them.

4. What is their rating for legal ability and ethics? Ask if properties experience the Martindale-Hubbell AV rating as this is the highest screen a lawyer can accomplish.

5. Are properties a former prosecutor? An attorney who was formerly a prosecutor could have a better understanding of the local courts and also in handling cases like yours.

6. Have they ever taken a case to jury trial and if so how many? Some lawyers undergo no experience in taking reckless driving cases to trial and as such may influence your chances of getting the charges reduced or even dismissed.

7. Have properties ever been subject to disciplinary action by the state bar? With so a large number of attorney's to choose from you should immediately discount those who have been disciplined by the state bar.

8. How much will your legal costs be? It is difficult for any reckless driving attorney to give you a company idea of the market value of handling your state of affairs but properties should tell you such a fees and give an estimation of their costs.

9. What about your case? You is planning to spend sometime discussing your case with them so they can give you a few advice about any potential difficulties and possible strategy.
10. What about the impending outcome of your case? No attorney will be able to give you a firm answer or even guarantee as to the outcome of your case, if they did it would be believed as dishonest and unethical.

Anyone who has been arrested for reckless driving in Virginia needs to find a reputable and felt attorney to serve them as swiftly as possible. Aim to find and hire a attorney during five days of being charged as trail dates are often over 2 months of presently date. Waiting any longer to use an attorney could be detrimental to your defense case.
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Can I Find Out Who Owns a Car Using a License Plate Number?

If you want to know who owns a particular car, afterward you can do so by conducting a license plate number reverse lookup. There are quite a lot of reasons why you might want to perform this kind of search. One reason is if you encounter one suspicious driving a certain car, or if you got faced in a hit and run case.

By recording their license plate number, you may be able to conduct a search for the inhabitant who owns the car. This can be quite beneficial as you will be able to recognize about the car that seems suspicious. With a lot of criminal reports going on, you too would want to be cautious.

So, if you see a car driving around your neighborhood and you are suspicious just about that car, you need to get the license plate of the car. This way, you will be able to confirm who owns the car and also prediction them to the proper agencies in case the person driving is someone wanted by the police.

These are the things that you have to remember when it comes to finding out who owns a car. By just using a license plate number, you will be able to appreciated who the owner of the car is and also can identify if the person is a safe driver by accessing their driving records.

Now as for the process of finding out the information related to an owner of a vehicle from a license plate number, there are some restrictions privacy wise. An online database of license plate numbers performs not exist to the public. If you want to lookup a tag number, you have a few options.

You can go to the police. This scenario operates if you are antsy virtually safety or there has been a crime committed. You can give the police the plate number and they will use it in a police report and probable investigation. They may or may not pass on you with the details, but at least you will recognize that the incident is being looked into.

You can also try to get the help of a private eye. Private eyes have the ability to trace license plates back to the owners. There are certain scenarios at which this is allowable.

If you see a suspicious vehicle parked on your street, take down the number and trace it. By working at so, you can be absolute that you will be able to keep the neighborhood safe.

For More on Driving Records and DMV Searches , Visit today!

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Best LPO Provider:The New York Law Journal Names Pangea3 as Best LPO Provider in Prestigious Peer Survey

Pangea3, a Thomson Reuters business, the most experienced provider of high-quality outsourced legal solutions to the world's most respected companies and law firms, was voted "Best Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) Provider" in the 2011 New York Law Journal Reader Rankings.

The winners of the 2011 New York Law Journal Reader Rankings were unveiled in a special supplement included in today's New York Law Journal, an ALM publication, the largest-selling legal daily in the U.S.
Based on the candid opinions of more than 4,200 lawyers and legal professionals, the 2011 NYLJ Reader Rankings include more than 50 categories across technology, litigation support, consulting and outsourcing, recruiting and staffing, research, accounting, financial services, mediation and education. The LPO category is new this year.

"It's a tremendous honor to be recognized by our peers in the legal community and the New York Law Journal, one of the nation's preeminent legal publications," says David Perla, co-CEO and co-founder of Pangea3. "The addition of the LPO category reaffirms that there's a growing demand in the marketplace for these highly specialized services. When we started Pangea3 seven years ago, it wasn't widely understood. Today, however, as the legal environment becomes more globalized, the use of an LPO is becoming standard practice. The question now is, "Which one do you choose?"

"Close to twice as many legal professionals responded to this year's NYLJ survey versus last year, and more than 350 companies, products and services serving the legal industry received votes," says Farrell McManus, J.D., Associate Publisher, New York Law Journal.

"Voters had the option of selecting firms listed on the ballot, or writing in their favorite firm not listed," McManus says. "Once the voting was closed, the ballots were scrubbed and any votes cast by anyone other than lawyers and legal professionals were disqualified."


Manpower:India hiring outlook falls steeply

Prospects for job seekers are gloomier in most major economies than they were 3 months ago, as weak U.S. and European economies begin to impact employers' confidence in other parts of the world, according to a quarterly hiring survey by ManpowerGroup.

Manpower Chief Executive Jeff Joerres describes the global jobs climate as tenuous, comparing it to a ball atop a hill: given a slight nudge, it could roll either forward or back.

"A bunch of little bit things on the side&wshyp;line can move the ball," Joerres said.

The global staffing services organization said the fourth-quarter paying outlook is lower in 21 of 39 countries and territories, including the United States. Prospects are stronger in 13 economies and unchanged in five others versus the third-quarter.

When compared with the fourth quarter of last year, the job outlook is stronger in most countries and territories, the United States among them. The U.S. index, however, declined sequentially for the mainly cycle in nine quarters, suggesting the unemployment rate is likely to go higher.

The U.S. net employment outlook -- which measures the difference between employers who say they guess to add jobs and people planning to cut them -- was at a slump one point from 3 months ago. Of the 13 U.S. industry sectors Manpower tracks, only one -- education and vitality services -- showed stouter paying plans.

"Companies remain on the sidelines when it comes to hiring," Joerres said. "Until there's larger amount of visibility (about) demand improvement, we're going to see firms utterly resistant to adding workers for the fear that they'll hold to reduce that same cost."

U.S. President Barack Obama 's plan to stimulate jobs step up can help sentiment but will maybe not boost bringing in in the near term, Joerres said. Lower payroll costs will not induce a company to hire but could help those employers that got going to add workers anyway: instead of taking on nine workers, a manager might offer jobs to 10.

Obama has proposed a $447 billion jobs plan, involving tax cuts and public works spending, that he hopes should help rescue a faltering U.S. economy.

"Much of how was proposed makes sense," Joerres said. "Other details are to try to look like we're working at things and probably don't have a lot of efficacy."

Manpower's U.S. projection dates back to 1962 and is based on interviews provided 18,000 employers. It is considered a leading indicator of labor market trends.

The survey results imitate a disappointing U.S. professions report that showed zero new occupations were created in August and the unemployment price level apprehended steady at 9.1 percent.


Manpower's overseas survey, which polled more than 65,000 employers, found evidence dwindle U.S. value increase was affecting job creation elsewhere. India's bringing in outlook fell steeply based on information from the third quarter, partly because its information technology industry relies on U.S. sales.

Employers in China are also expecting less robust paying in the next three months.

"Even the emerging economies, with their growing middle classes, still won't avoid the influence of the U.S. slowdown," Joerres said. "China has a great middle class demographic but they still rely a lot on export goods to the U.S."

Rising labour costs have moreover made Chinese companies, remarkably small businesses, more reluctant to add workers, the poll found. Europe's austerity programs are also hurting demand for goods produced in emerging markets, Manpower said.

The weakest paying outlooks are in Mediterranean countries hit by an ongoing debt crisis, including Greece, Italy and Spain. These countries' problems are affecting perception in northern Europe, including the Netherlands. Central European economies this type of as Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic showed mostly diminished readings.

In Asia-Pacific, spending on reconstruction ensuing a destructive March earthquake lifted Japanese employers' optimism to its highest reading in three years. Sentiment in Hong Kong , Taiwan and Singapore was tiny amount of revised and dipped in Australia.

In the Americas, employers in Canada and Mexico are less optimistic than three months ago, but the outlook brightened in Colombia and Brazil.
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Satellite Township Near Chennai, Satellite Township Chennai

Near Chennai Satellite Township: first announcement:

Chennai - Bangalore Highway, the tirumalicai near the housing board owns the 311 acres, all amenities, and 12 thousand apartments, and "Satellite township 'setting. The plan, 2.160 million and the cost can be fulfilled''said Chief Minister Jayalalithaa said.

In assembly, after yesterday's question, under Rule 110, the Chief Minister Jayalalitha issued a statement: New York City has been expanding rapidly. In Chennai, Residential Houses and apartments have risen in price dramatically. Poor, simple, middle class people have difficulty buying a house. Situation in view, you will get all the party people in their homes, a variety of housing projects, government is implementing.

* Chennai - Bangalore road, near the tirumalicai, housing board, is 311.05 acres of land. The land, 12.87 acres of land required for setting up a proper road, is obtained from land owners. After the land was acquired, on behalf of the Housing Board, at a cost of 2.160 million, an area of ​​311.05 acres, cemparampakkam, kuttampakkam, parvatarajapuram, naracinka stuff, including vellavetu and villages, "tirumalicai satellite town 'setting.

* The township, water supply, waste water disposal facilities, roads, rain water drainage, street lighting, community hall, school, hospital, bus station, park, sports field is set to be filled with all basic amenities. In the city, 12 thousand apartments were constructed, economically weaker sections, low and middle income groups, which can be easily purchased at the offered price.

* Near Ashok Pillar, Chennai, 3.73-acre tract owned housing on the board, the board set up for the wood manufacturing industry, could use it later, has been 15 years without any use. In this empty space, at a cost of Rs 100 crore, comprising 554 residential apartments to be built pannat.

* South Asian Sports Federation of Koyambedu village, 5.6-acre vacant land, to the Board of Housing. Innilam, stickers Koyambedu bus terminus, the Inner Ring Road is the face. In this case, on behalf of the Board of Estimate, 116 crore, 4.66 lakh square feet in area, a commercial complex built pannat. Furthermore, estimates 33 million, 1.44 million square feet in area, built over 120.

* Nantanat in Chennai, is land owned by housing board. This, at a cost of Rs 100 crore, with the green scheme of things, 2 million square feet in area, an office complex with 17 floors will be built. To leave the building through rent income will be available with the cottage built by the Board of change in residential areas, maintenance is carried out. Thus, the Chief Minister Jayalalitha announced.

3 percent increase in funding for alternative tiranalikal: Chief Minister said while talking: this year's Golden Jubilee year with the Board of Housing. Consequently, the Board of Housing programs Land, house, apartment and for the allocation, a given percentage change tiranalikal a reservation, provide a three percent raise, the government has decided. Thus, the chief said. Chief Minister's announcement, the Assembly invited all party leaders spoke. Prince member of Congress, PMK, a member kalaiyaracan included, welcomed the Chief Minister's announcement, it said.
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Indian outsourcers seek revenues from KPO

For advertising executive Govind Nair, working in India’s outsourcing industry for a California telecoms firm causes burning the candle at both ends for his customers.

“They try to be considerate. They know there’s a 12-and-a-half-hour time change between India and San Francisco but we carry on to end up getting up early and going to bed late,” Nair, 30, says.

Such hours are coming across as increasingly routine for many young Indian institutions as they liaise with counterparts in the United States and funny things Western countries on high-end “smart work” projects.

India, known as the world’s largest returning office amid its cheaper, educated English-speaking workforce, is expanding its “knowledge processing outsourcing”, submiting market research, statistical analysis, legal, health and a host of other services.

The sector — familiarly known as KPO — “is the next wave of overseas sourcing for India”, Som Mittal, head of the National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) told an industry conference the preceding week.

Performing “value-added tasks” the as writing equity reports and legal work can malicious 40 to 50 percent higher billing rates than for lower-value jobs in call centres fielding inquiries approximately bank accounts, market officials say.

KPO revenues have been growing at 26 per cent annually according to research structure Crisil, outpacing the overall expansion of the flagship outsourcing industry that has helped make India an emerging sell powerhouse.

The country now has 70 percent, or $2 billion, of the $2.9 billion distant KPO industry, Crisil says. North America provides 65 percent of the sector’s revenues, Britain 20 per cent and continental Europe 10 percent.

Nasscom believes the newest arena troubles in Europe and the United States may accelerate KPO sector growth as Western firms seek to harness the technical and financial expertise of India’s supply of university graduates, lawyers, accountants and MBAs.

“India has a tremendous advantage in its technical, analytic and managerial skills,” Matthew Vallance, chief executive of one of India’s highest back office companies, Firstsource Solutions, told AFP.

The $2 billion is still a fraction of India’s overall outsourcing revenues, expected to total $68 to $70 billion the current year. But Crisil forecasts in a new report that revenues based on what i read in outsourcing knowledge-intensive skills will nearly triple to $5.5 billion by the end of 2015.

“India is moving up the value chain,” declared Crisil number one executive Roopa Kudva, noting Indian lawyers now researching circumstances law and put together arguments to be presented in court in the United States, Britain and elsewhere.

Bankers prepare papers for acquisitions, additonally nurses monitor the arrangement of housebound patients in the West.

Doing value-added leg work has become increasingly important for India as it seeks to conserve its overall foreign outsourcing dominance, very after ceding its crown as the world’s most massive necessity centre hub to the Philippines.

Last December, the Philippines, that in addition has a trained, English-speaking workforce with a stable service culture, edged past India to become the largest call centre operator in the world, logging $5.5 billion in annual revenues compared through India’s $5.3 billion.

“India is continue to ahead (in total offshoring), although other offshoring sites want the Philippines and Indonesia are emerging,” said Tervinderjit Singh, a research director at global consultancy Gartner.

“But these countries are still not mature enough in high-level proficient work which India can provide,” he said.
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Cloud Computing:Strong growth in cloud computing in Norway

Use of cloud computing in Norway has more than doubled over the last year. More than 35% of public area bodies and private sector companies now use ‘Software as a service’ (SaaS), as compared to just 14% now time last year. These findings come from what i read in the ‘IT in Practice’ survey carried out by Rambøll in collaboration with EDB ErgoGroup.

“The persist 12 months have seen growth that has outstripped many people’s expectation by a surprisingly wide margin. Even so, there are nonetheless a good amount of barriers and challenges that have so far prevented the majority of users from taking advantage of cloud computing”, comments Terje Mjøs, CEO of EDB ErgoGroup. He goes on to identify control through the user’s own information and integration as the main issues when private district companies and public sector organisations earliest consider making use of cloud computing.

“The way the governments go about regulating the cloud arena, including issues such as information security, is planning to play an fundamental role in setting the parameters by which we operate as a supplier”, explains Terje Mjøs, who mentions that recent developments in Denmark, where the Council for Greater IT Security has advised the public sector against making the most of cloud computing, experience also sparked a debate in Norway.

Software has the minimum threshold for cloud computing:
Software as a service (SaaS) is the most depleted aspect of cloud computing, while platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) are merely used to a lesser extent. 14% of respondents said that properties were making the most of PaaS, while 13% were using IaaS. “The threshold for paying off software as a service is significantly downhill when right now can be used on a stand-alone basis or be restricted to individual areas of service. It takes a very high total sum of technological maturity combined with a broad and well thought for the duration of outsourcing strategy before an organisation is ready to use cloud computing for considerable parts of its platforms and infrastructure”, explains Terje Mjøs.

Highest usage levels in the private sector:
The highest levels of usage for cloud computing are observed in the private sector, but usage in the public sector is as well growing strongly. 33% of the public economical organisations in the survey reported using software as a service, up based on what i read in just 11% a year ago. Private sector usage showed an increase from 17% last year to 38% this year. 14% of public business respondents and 19% of private-sector respondents said that they intended to start using software as a service over the course of the next three years.

“In condition for growth to continue at the pace we own witnessed over the last year, it is necessary that the IT industry succeeds in creating greater confidence in the technology, and is able to demonstrate lucrative tendencies of cloud-based deliveries”, says Terje Mjøs, who adds: “An sizeable factor for triumph in the Norwegian market will be for suppliers to operate the cloud locally so that customers’ data remains in Norway. At the same time, a well-documented history of expertise in secure and reliable information storage will be key to lucrative customers’ trust”.

Storms in the cloud and the role of the IT consultant as the weather forecaster
Maintaining control over data and security to prevent data making compromised by third parties serve an valuable issue for suppliers of cloud computing. 91% of public sector respondents and 83% of private-sector respondents identified this as the various important factor in deciding whether to use cloud computing. “Suppliers of cloud computing must be able to reassure their customers that the supplier has the expertise needed to use software and virtualisation to establish watertight walls between different businesses in the cloud, and too the supplier can commence user management and entrance control which is 100% reliable.

Users want to be reassured that cloud computing is secure and reliable. Storms in the cloud will keep users indoors, where they are today”, explains Terje Mjøs, who adds: “Many customers will need extensive service to position themselves in a cloud computing world, and this means such a IT consultants will increasingly become a sort of IT weather forecaster. This is something overly we call ‘Cloud Consulting’, and we see this area seem to be ever more sizeable as time goes on”.

More about cloud computing:
Cloud computing has emerged as a new tendency for delivery of IT services over recent years. “Cloud computing refers to hosting everything from information processing and information storage with to software on servers in external server parks tied to the internet. Server parks used for cloud computing are implemented to be dynamically scalable to respond to turning capacity demand, and users are by and large trusted on the basis of actual use” (translation from Wikipedia Norway).

The concept of cloud computing includes:

Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) – applications who are hosted on cloud infrastructure and accessed by users from a thin client (for model an internet browser)
Cloud Platform as a Service (Paas) – a platform for the development, hosting and operation of applications that is implemented on a cloud infrastructure
Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – scalable infrastructure (computing power, data storage, and networks) while on requirement for the installation and deployment of the customer’s own applications.
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Chill Winds of competition:India’s outsourcing miracle feels the chill winds of competition

The industry’s two largest players, Tata Consultancy Services and Info-sys, suffer commencing trimming quarterly bonuses, according to research by HSBC.

Yogesh Aggarwal, an outsourcing professional at the bank, said the move was linked to a slowdown in revenues for the industry in India, which is struggling when of rising costs and a tendency with some intercontinental companies to move employ centres going back onshore.

“Hiring looks as if it's to hold slowed down and many of these companies are now making cautious,” Amneet Singh, an outsourcing expert at the Delhi-based consultancy Everest Group, said.

The slowdown in recruitment comes as many Indian technology firms are shifting this focus to speaking call centres outside India.

Aparup Sengupta, chief executive of Aegis, a Mumbai-based outsourcing company that employs 57,000 people worldwide, said that the inclination was being driven partly by inflating costs and partly by a feeling with many Western companies that the customers were better served by call centre staff a large amount of familiar with their own language and culture.

“Indians can speak good English but it’s much not easy for them to understand someone from, say, Scotland or Yorkshire. There can be misunderstandings, which can really damage their brand,” he said.

Aegis now employs only one third of its staff in India and is expanding in Latin America, Europe and Australia.

It just hired 400 workers for a new call centre in Costa Rica.

Wipro, another big Indian outsourcer, has opened call centres in Romania and China.

Several British-based companies, such as the UK operation of the Santander banking group, have moved such a necessity centres from India to Britain for similar reasons.

While India’s outsourcing industry is still growing, it is being undermined in one or two spots by fierce competition from supplementary countries, most prominently the Philippines, a former US colony that retains many American cultural values.

A recent survey by IBM at last found there were now more call centre staff there than in India.

The Contact Centre Association of the Philippines claims that 350,000 people are employed in the country, compared amongst India’s 330,000.

Last year, the business in the Philippines raked in regarding £6.5 billion ($9.8bn), with that figure projected to rise to £16.5bn by 2016.

India is presently the world leader in the wider market for outsourcing, which includes software development careers as decently as call centre work, but its lead is narrowing.

China’s IT outsourcing economy is inflating by 30 per cent a year against India’s 14 per cent, according to research from XMG Global, a Canadian ICT exploring firm.
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Supply Chain Outsourcing: Eight best practices for supply chain outsourcing

Surviving as a 21st-century supply chain requires operating as a demand-driven value network, according to Gartner, Inc. Orchestrating these cost networks means supply chain executives must can identify and adopt best practices in selecting, onboarding and managing supply line outsourcing partners. Therefore, Gartner has identified eight finest practices in supply chain outsourcing.

“Supply chain executives are starting to apply more comprehensive analysis to outsourcing decisions, such as factoring in agility, responsiveness and cost,” said Michael Dominy, exploring director at Gartner. “Companies must focus on how they can do finest and appropriately outsource activities that class chain partners can do better. This often means using one or more logistics, manufacturing or economy process outsourcing (BPO) partners, instead of performing these supply chain activities themselves.”

“Successful end up with chain executives must be able to manage outsourcing partners. That’s how we hear from our supply string clients,” Mr. Dominy said. “Based on this feedback and additionally Gartner research, we hold identified eight key best practices who companies should leverage when outsourcing logistics, manufacturing or come up with chain management sector process outsourcing (SCM BPO). These best practices can make it easier for companies get out of one or two of the key pitfalls associated with supply chain outsourcing.”

The eight perfect practices in supply chain outsourcing include:

Align the outsourcing strategy amongst the corporate and inventory chain strategy
Companies overly compete by submiting personalized, high-touch customer service need outsourcing partners that hold flexible and agile service delivery models.

Conversely, companies or availability sequence segments within companies that compete on worth need lean, operationally efficient and low-cost partners. Because most companies operate a good number of supply chains, it’s essential to understand each one before going for an outsourcing partner.

Understand your current capabilities in managing supply chain outsourcing partners
Companies should use Gartner’s Demand-Driven Maturity Model to determine how stakeholders view and engage with outsourcing providers.

Knowing the current rate of maturity will help companies understand how type of outsourcing they require as they become a good amount of demand-driven. It furthermore gives insight on organizational and interorganizational models and governance.

Understand your middle competencies, the market participants and the points of overlap
The major players in the supply chain outsourcing market are expanding their services to each other’s turf. Knowing how services are center and which ones are not for each service provider is an substantial factor to think about when deciding the activities to award to an outsourcing provider.

Make outsourcing decisions founded on strategic and tangible factors, not just cost
Numerous companies that hold outsourced a supply succession function such as manufacturing purely based on direct prices suffer experienced hassles later.

Some businesses found that overall price level didn’t improve as much as anticipated because customer service suffered and quality problems increased after outsourcing. In addition to a robust cost-service analysis capability the addresses make/retain versus buy/outsource, businesses must incorporate quality, responsiveness, outside of performance and risk as decision criteria.

Understand how corruption and intellectual residence (IP) probability vary by country in key outsourcing regions, such as Asia. Such information can be factored to outsourcing decisions, and can be useful when defining policies, procedures and governance for working at business in countries where corruption and IP theft are a greater concern.

Establish and keep up a regular flow of data, information and ideas
Data these as inventory levels, buyer orders and master data should be visible and shared weekly; information about significant changes should be communicated more promptly. Information such as promotion plans, supplier fluxes or other decisions that will dwindle the outsourcing partner should also be updated and communicated weekly. Ideas for improving overall stock string performance and multitier visibility could be exchanged and discussed at slow but sure intervals by operational and management personnel.

Define and track service levels and key performance indicators (KPIs)
The service-level agreements (SLAs) and KPIs defined when an outsourcing partner is some must be linked to key business goals and objectives. Gartner’s hierarchy of availability chain, manufacturing and product metrics will help to identify what to measure. Companies too align SLAs in on key business goals tend to have a more positive relationship in their outsourcing partners and achieve better results.

Leverage the outsourcing partner’s processes, technologies and capabilities if warranted
Often, an outsourcing provider can perform an activity or process better than its clients, which proves that embracing the outsourcing provider’s approach ought to improve overall offer succession performance. Having the outsourcing provider use its own technology can additionally substantiate beneficial, because it should be faster and easier for the provider to perform the functions and crunches required.
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HP’s New Strategy:What HP’s New Strategy Means for Customers

he specifics of Hewlett-Packard’s constructued shift away for hardware stay unclear, and opinions about the company’s more enduring focus on enterprise application and services have run the gamut based on data from “corporate suicide” to “it’s about time.”

What does this iteration of HP’s strategic future tell CIOs close to its IT services business, and more importantly, what does it indicate for HP’s outsourcing customers?

HP is without a doubt attempting to model itself in the wake of outsourcing powerhouse IBM, says Adam Strichman, founder of outsourcing consultancy Sanda Partners. He notes that Big Blue continues to heap the hardware it no longer owns into its outsourcing deals.

“IBM heavily markets its services offerings around having ‘IBM centric’ hardware platforms (including Lenovo Thinkpads), retaining all the marketing benefits of hardware without so much owning it,” says Strichman.

At the same time, if HP technically rids itself of its computer business, it could end up with families who may be wary of an outsourcer this pushes its own hardware the impression that it is now vendor-agnositc, adds Strichman.

“This is HP’s ‘necessary correction’ in the industry, buying out of markets where it’s getting a hiding and focusing on the enterprise clients who want alternatives to IBM,” says Phil Fersht, founder of outsourcing analyst firm HfS Research.

Increased investment in softwaresuch as HP’s just now announced plans to purchase Autonomy for $10.2 billionmay or may not benefit HP’s outsourcing clients. “It really depends on the type of software upon which they focus,” says David Rutchik, partner provided outsourcing consultancy Pace Harmon. “If they continue to build their enterprise capabilities in IT service management and related areas, then such a focus should be very positive for enterprise IT outsourcing customers. If they start competing more and more directly in areas this kind of as CRM and ERP, they may damage their strategic relationships with the SAPs of the world.”

HP’s CEO Leo Apotheker has said that the company is taking “bold, transformative steps…to drive creation of long-term shareholder value through a focus on fewer fronts, thereby improving its ability to execute, invest in innovation and drive a higher-margin business mix.”

But real transformation in the outsourcing industry requires additionally than crap shifting money from hardware to software. “Saying who HP is going to focus on software and services does not necessarily mean that the coming years of those areas becomes especially enhanced,” says Strichman. “It is a way to point the conversation away on the reality that the hardware business is going to move faster toward an undifferentiated commodity. It is all on marketing spin.”

Apotheker, who recently removed HP veteran Ann Livermore from her role as work of enterprise services and replaced her with John Visentin, in the past of IBM, “has a massive task ahead to restructure the business,” says Fersht. “They’ll need to take a close give the impression at beefing up the consulting, aide integration and offshore operations next.”

While Big Blue is clearly the target, HP faces formidable competition on offshore rivals with lessen cost structures. “It’s one event to go following IBM, but another to fend off the aggression of the rampant Indian IT services firms, such as Cognizant, Infosys, HCL, TCS, Wipro and the newly-merged iGate/Patni,” suggests Fersht.

HP owns a majority stake in Indian IT services provider MphasiS and might consider rolling it fully into its outsourcing business, argues Rutchik.

“A top notch acquisition or two to bolster its enterprise services presence, a well-executed management and boom reorganization, a cohesive and obvious marketing plan, and we may yet just see this organization start to fulfill some of its potential,” says Fersht.

HP’s outsourcing customers, however, shouldn’t wait virtually to see if HP delivers. “They should insist on getting a multitude of visibility into future plans and a commitment which HP will execute upon them,” says Rutchik. He points out the earlier this year Apotheker indicated total commitment to its hardware business, and the organization invested heavily in a tablet it has since scrapped.

“All of these kinds of are signs so the company is grasping to determine its future identity and ultimate focus,” adds Rutchik. “IT outsourcing customers, who are typically in multi-year agreements with a great deal of dependency on their provider for continuing success, difficulty much greater comfort that this is not just another do our utmost to get HP’s growth and share costs on an upward trajectory.”

Fersht agrees. “The time has turn up for terrific outsourcing customers to get closer to the strategies and plans of their providers,” he says. “[For] an skyrocketing majority of clients today, needs are attaining more complex, and providers are being surveyed to take on more challenging tasks. Clients need to understand how is under the provider’s hood and need to bring in positive they have the contractual terms that enable them to renegotiate their agreements in dim of acquisitions that could directly impact their existing relationships.”
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cash for vote scam: Amar Singh arrested

 Amar Singh arrested, Cash for vote scam:
Rajya Sabha MP and former Samajwadi Party MP Amar Singh was Tuesday arrested and put in judicial custody until 19 September for his alleged involvement in the money scandal that rocked the vote by Parliament in 2008.

Amar Singh entered the Tis Hazari court around 24:35, surprising the media and court staff, including the judge Sangita Dhingra Sehgal.

The leader signaled his support, arguing before the judge could not appear in the morning, he is suffering from an infection in a transplanted kidney that was a million and a half years.

"My body has built up resistance to the kidney as a foreign element," said Amar Singh.

"I was at home, but watching the television show that I'm not appear in court, I rushed to the court personally I have faith in the judiciary and the Constitution of India. Therefore, I have moved my provisional bail, "he added.

She also presented her medical certificate together with medical history. The court asked her doctor to appear in court, but the doctor was not present in the courtroom.

Opposing the bail application, the prosecutor Rajiv Mohan said the leader would interfere with evidence or flee May. "Once the accused surrender before the court, which must be taken into custody," he said.

However, defense counsel argued that the court should allow the status quo is maintained for his arrest because he never tempered testing.

The judge adjourned the matter until 15:30, as will the order.

Council Amar Singh said in the morning had moved an application to exempt him from appearing in court since he was sick.

'Amar Singh is not right and is confined to bed. The doctor has advised not to move. That's why we have moved an application will not be able to appear in court today (Tuesday), "his lawyer told reporters outside the court premises.

The application indicated that Amar Singh had undergone a kidney transplant several years ago and had to go to hospital regularly. He also suffered from high blood pressure.

In response, the special judge Sehgal asked his attorney to file the medical report of his health, citing the specific date in which transplanted a kidney and how many times he had visited the doctor.

"To present the medical report that includes all the specific dates of 24:30 today (Tuesday)," said Sehgal.

Singh came to court after that.

Amar Singh and three others were brought before a court on Tuesday after the Delhi Police submitted a list of charges in the scam of corruption.

Judge summons issued August 25 Amar Singh, former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Fagan Singh Kulaste deputies Bhagora and Mahavira, and Sudheendra Kulkarni, a former associate of BJP leader LK Advani.

"The indictment is based on weak circumstantial evidence," said Amar Singh's lawyer.

Bhagora Kulaste and appeared in court and moved an application for bail.

The former aide Amar Singh Sanjeev Saxena and Suhail Hindustani intermediary are both custody and brought before the court.

Moreover, defense counsel Kulkarni presented to the court that his client could not appear because he was in the U.S..

"My client (Kulkarni) came to the U.S. before the Delhi Police filed an indictment in the case. Therefore, I need two weeks of time on behalf of my client to call you in court, "his lawyer said.

On July 22, 2008, three members of the BJP waved a sheaf of legal tender notes in the Lok Sabha before a vote of confidence, claiming they were given money to vote for the Manmohan Singh government.

The indictment alleges that during "sufficient evidence "emerged in the research record on the morning of July 22, 2008, Amar Singh hatched a criminal conspiracy with his secretary Sanjeev Saxena deliver cash of Rs.1 crore as bonus illegal."

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