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Digital signature certificate:Securing SQL Server 2012 Integration Services Packages

 Securing SQL Server with Digital signature certificate:

As we have demonstrated in one of our recent articles dedicated to SQL Server 2012 Integration Services published on this forum, there are several different ways of restricting access to SSIS packages and confidential information they contain. However, preventing unauthorized users from running or viewing the content of your code is not the only security measure that you should take into consideration. With proliferation of Internet-based technologies and globalization of the software marketplace, it is also important to provide assurances to those who are intended customers that packages they obtained come from a legitimate source and have not been altered without consent and oversight of their original designers. This objective can be accomplished by applying concepts from the field of cryptography to procedures dealing with SSIS package creation and maintenance. In our presentation we will briefly explain these concepts and describe how they can be implemented in SQL Server 2012 Integration Services.

In the most basic terms, the solution that provides sufficient assurances in such scenarios relies on digital signatures. Just like their traditional, hand-written counterparts, their primary purpose is to uniquely identify one entity (such as a company developing SSIS packages) to another (such as a customer who decided to acquire these packages to automate its internal business processes). Their underlying technology is digital cryptography, which, in this particular case involves the use of a pair of asymmetric keys. One key (designated as private) remains in the exclusive possession of its owner (the software company in our example), while the other (referred to as public) is readily available to anyone who requests it (such as a prospective customer).

Signing involves calculating a unique hash (using a specially crafted algorithm) based on some content that will be available to both parties (private and public), encrypting it with a private key, and attaching the result to the original content. Anyone with access to the public key can retrieve the hash and compare it to a result of its own calculations based on the same algorithm. Any discrepancies indicate that the original data has been modified. In addition, since private and public keys are inherently linked, the authenticity of the content creator (and signer) can be also easily confirmed.

Effectiveness of the protection provided by asymmetric keys depends on the credibility of their issuer. More specifically, those utilizing public keys need to trust that the corresponding private keys are in the possession of their rightful owner. Obviously, this raises a question about the basis of such trust, which is where digital certificates come into play. Certificates are digitally signed statements issued by entities known as Certificate Authorities (or simply CAs) following a request from a prospective signer (and a private key owner). Commercial CAs are well-known and established companies, whose reputability is contingent on their diligence in verifying the credentials of their clients as well as evaluating authenticity and accuracy of their requests.

Once these actions are successfully completed, a CA packages a public key in the form of a certificate, which provides information identifying both the owner (i.e. the original requestor) and the issuer (i.e. the CA), its purpose (such as encryption, secure Web communication, digital signing, smart card authentication, etc.), as well as its expiration date. The certificate content is digitally signed with a private key that belongs to the CA. At this point, the certificate can be made available to anyone who wants to be able to verify the identity of the private key owner (and, in the case of code signing, also the authenticity of the digitally signed content). This process works as intended providing that those relying on the certificate trust the issuing CA (which is typically accomplished by adding its certificate in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store on their computers).

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Telugu christmas sms messages, Merry christmas sms messages in telugu

Christmas wishes sms in Telugu:

Okkati X'mas tree
Okka lakh candles
Okka crore baloons
Okka million nakshatarallu
Okka billion wishes
Okkaru hrudhayam nochu
Prathana chesayandi
Sending meeku naa
Advaced Xmas and new year

Okka silent ratrilu
Okka nakshatram above
A blessed gift namakam
And premathu blessed
Christmas to meeku

Nennu naa dreaming of
Christmas jothalu prathi
Christmas card nennu
Write may meeru dinam
Be merry and prakashamga
And anotha meeru christmases
Be white happy christmas

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Christmas SMS for Girlfriend, Girlfriend SMS Wishes 2018, Best Christmas Girlfriend Messages

Best Christmas SMs for girlfriend:

May the gud times & treasures
of the prsnt become the golden
memories of tomorrow.
Wsh u lots of lv, joy & happiness
wish you Merry christmas!

May the joy nd peace of Christmas
b wth u all through the Year.
Wishing u a season of
blessings 4rm heaven above.
Happy Christmas

I wish U Lovely X-mas
I wish U Favorable
I wish U Enjoyable
U shall not Lack in this X-mas
thy Lord shall provide to U!Merry X-Mas.

Can I have your picture,
so Santa Claus knows exactly
what to give me.
Happy Christmas.

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Christmas SMS Wishes Messages 2018, Merry Christmas Greetings 2018

 Advance Merry Christmas Wishes:

December is A Wonderful Month,
To Pray, To Love, To Care
To Smile, To Celebrate
Advance Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

1 X’mas Tree, 1 Lakh Candles, 1 Crore Baloons,
1 Million Stars, 1 Billion Wishes, 1 Hearty Prayer!
Sending you my Advanced
Merry Xmas 2017 & Happy New Year 2018 Wishes!

Christmas may be many things
or it may be a few. For you, the joy
is each new toy; for me; it’s watching U
Advance Merry Christmas!

A silent night, a star above,
a blessed gift of hope and love.
A blessed Christmas to you
Advance Merry Christmas!

Joy resounds in the hearts of those
who believe in the miracle of Christmas!
Wishing you all the peace, joy, and
love of the season! Merry Christmas in Advance!

May joy and happiness snow on you
May the bells jingle for you
May Santa be extra good to you!
Merry Christmas in Advance!

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Christmas Tamil SMS Messages 2018, Advance Merry Christmas Tamil SMS Wishes

2018 Christmas Tamil SMS Messages, Advance Merry Christmas Tamil SMS Wishes:

Iraivannin Arull
Enrum Namakku Kidaikkum
Enru Nambuvoam
Oru Indianaaga
Jesus-in Pirappai Kondaduvoam…
Anaivarukkum Christmas NalVazhthukkal…
Happy Christmas

Ippadi Peasaama
Irundha Eppadi…???
Innum Konjam
Naall dhaan Irukku!!!
Advance Wishes
“Merry Christmas”

Naan unkal padathai mudiyam,
aadhanal santa clause sariyaka enna ennai kudika thairiyum.
Chritmas Nalvazhuthukal.

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PAN Card Status Tracking eMudhra, PAN card tracking emudra

eMudhra PAN card status tracking, PAN card tracking eMudra:

Track your new PAN card status with Coupon Number,

Click here to get your pan card status

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EMudhra Latest News, eMudhra PAN card Service India Bangalore

EMudhra digital signature recently started PAN card processing as well, says its CEO:

Can you believe that an Indian certifying organization is the certifying authority for digital signatures used in online banking transactions in Mauritius, duly approved by their government?

It is true. The company is eMudhra, a Bangalore-based group and the first one such from India to issue digital signature certificates to a foreign country. Also, it is one among the seven certifying organizations, besides Encore, IDRBT, MTNL, NIC, TCS and Sify, and just one of the three private ones in the country.

Set up in 2008, it was conceived to be an innovative organization, says eMudhra Consumer Services executive director and chief executive officer Kalaivani Chittaranjan. In its brief journey so far, it has issued around 5 lakh digital signature certificates in India. It is authorized by the Controller of Certifying Authorities and the Ministry of Information Technology to issue Digital Signature Certificates in India.

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Obama pen manufacturer, Direct fill ballpen manufacturer-SpeedPens

pen manufacturer and exporters company located in kolkata india, Mutha Brothers is engaged in manufacturing & export of pen & related products. We offer a wide range of writing instruments available in various sizes, designs and colours. Our pens are known for their durability and also for their sense of simple aesthetics. In addition we also manufacture a range of pen refills in various inks.

To meet the needs of the highly demanding and discerning buyers in the domestic market, the organization has been introducing several new products in the market, Which has allowed the Indian buyer easy access to international standards in writing instruments and several other high-performance pens that combine affordability and top-end performance. Presently we are manufacturing our ball pens under registered brands namely Ritz, Speed, Plano, Aristo & Klik.

We have been targeting at the Indian school-going population which has created a niche for itself among the younger age groups as well. Our products are targeted primarily at the mass market, schools and offices. Economically priced to allow better value for the retailers, the products are unique in their price-to-performance ratio. Reliability in supplies, competitvenss and high quality of both products and packaging are the watchwords of the organization.

we can customise the pens as per customers requirement like making the pen is a specific colour for any brand or company or we can develop pens as per customer requirement.Our aim is to be a dominant manufacturer of high quality writing instruments. We aim to be a world-class manufacturer and keep the needs of the customer always in mind.

Our manufacturing facility works under the principles of Just-in-time production otherwise known as Lean Manufacturing.Mutha Brothers is committed to produce quality instruments of writing instruments for total customer satisfaction. Company policy is to develop and deliver innovative products that meet the needs of customers from time to time. The company is aware that should be achieved through continuous up-gradation of technology, teamwork, employee motivation and participatory management.

SpeedPens is a pen manufacturer and exporter from india. SpeedPens leading india's Stick pen manufacturer, Direct fill ballpen manufacturer, Ballpoint pen manufacturer, Printed pen exporter and Pen exporter. Visit our website for more details

Author Bio: In the mid-60s, MUTHA BROTHERS was Founded by Late Sri Takhatrajji Mutha, and his sons are the present Chairmans of the Group . Over the last two decades of its existence, MUTHA BROTHERS has established itself as one of the market leaders in the Writing Instrument Industry of India being a premier manufacturer and exporter of quality writing instruments, the organization has manufacturing facilities at KOLKATA.

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PAN Card India, Apply for New or a Duplicate PAN card Online - has identified the difficulty that people have in acquiring their PAN cards, be it a new /lost /damaged PAN card. We have created an online service which is a complete guide to all PAN related queries. There is also a clear FAQ section which answers every possible issue.

Apply online for a new or a duplicate PAN card:

1. Apply for a new PAN card: Individuals who have never applied for a PAN card before and currently don't have a PAN card can apply. This online form is applicable to individuals who are citizens of India and are residing in India.

2. Changes or Correction in PAN details: This online form is applicable to individuals who are citizens of India and are residing in India, and when data associated with a PAN card (like Name of Applicant / Father's Name / Date of Birth / Address) requires change or correction, an application for change can be made. A new PAN card with the same PAN number is issued and corrected data is updated in the Income Tax Department’s database.

3. Re-issue of Lost or Damaged in PAN Card: A person can apply for a re-issue of PAN card if it’s damaged or lost. This online form is applicable to individuals who are citizens of India and are residing in India.

Apply for PAN card online at

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Aadhar card centers noida, uid aadhar card enrollment centers noida

Aadhar card centers noida Address, uid aadhar card enrollment center Address:

1.Well India Securities Ltd. A-78, Scd- 2,Noida.
2.Prowiz Mansystems Pvt Ltd. E-136, sec- 41,Noida.

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Aadhar Card Centers Bangalore Address, uid aadhar card enrollment centers Bangalore

UIDAI Contact Centre.
The users of this system are expected to be residents, registrars and enrolment agencies.
Any resident seeking enrolment is given a printed acknowledgement form with an Enrolment Number, that enables the resident to make queries about her/his enrolment status through any communication channel of the contact centre.

Voice – 1800-180-1947
Fax – 080-2353 1947
Letters – PO Box 1947, GPO Bangalore – 560001
Email -

Source: UIDAI

UID Aadhar card enrollment centers Bangalore Address:

Day Centers Address (8AM to 8PM):

Yavanika - Yavanika,
State Youth Centre,
Nrupathunga Road, Next to RBI,

Kanteerva Indoor Stadium - Kanteerva Indoor Stadium
Sports Complex, Cubbon Road,
Karsturba Road, Bengaluru.
Koramangala Indoor Stadium - Koramangala Indoor Stadium,
80 Feet Road, Koramangala,

Hombegowda (Kho Kho) Stadium  - Hombegowda (Kho Kho) Stadium
Wilson Garden, Hombegowda Nagar,
Near Hombegowda Boy’s High School,

Hockey Stadium - Hockey Stadium
Akkithimmanahally, Shanthi Nagar,

Kabaddi Stadium - Kempegowda Kabbadi Stadium
Near Vidyapeeta Circle, Hanumanthanagar,

BangaloreOne Center – Basaveshwarnagar - BangaloreOne – Basaveshwaranagar
Gayathri Housing Society,
Old Sub Registrar Office,
West of Chord Road,
Bhima Jyothi LIC Colony,
Basaveshwaranagar, Bengaluru.

Dr Rajkumar Samudaya Bhavan - Dr Rajkumar Samududaya Bhavan
Shastri Nagar, Yadiyur Ward,


Night Centers Address (10PM to 6AM):

BangaloreOne Center – Airport Road - BangaloreOne – Airport Road,
Sub Divisional Office, BESCOM, Airport Road,

BangaloreOne Center – JP Nagar - BangaloreOne – JP Nagar
14th Cross, 1st Phase, BESCOM Building,
JP Nagar, Bengaluru.

BangaloreOne Center – Malleshwaram - BangaloreOne – Malleshwaram
BWSSB Building, 18th Cross,
Malleshwaram, Bengaluru.

BangaloreOne Center – Koramangala - BangaloreOne – Koramangala
National Games Village,
Near Passport Office, Koramangala,

BangaloreOne Center – Vijayanagara - BangaloreOne – Vijayanagara
BDA Shopping Complex, MIRCR,
Vijayanagar, Bengaluru.

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List of Organic Waste Converter India, OWC Chennai, Organic Waste Converter Bangalore

 List of Organic Waste Converter India: - EXCEL's Waste Management Technology. M/s. Excel Industries Limited, Mumbai, the pioneers in Agro Chemicals and Industry Chemicals, have developed a ... - Organic waste converters utilise significant amounts of saw dust to be mixed as an additive with waste to convert the organic waste into ... - Vennar Organic Branches are in Chennai, Bangalore. We will arrange to take up the operation and will interact with the residents for source segregation and the ...

Organic Recycling Systems, Organic waste converter, OWC

Organic Recycling Systems commences power generation at its Sholapur plant:

State witnessed its mega project of converting garbage into power receive commissioned at Solapur recently.

Solar Bio Energy System Ltd, a subsidiary of Organic Recycling Systems Pvt. Ltd (ORS) which is a pioneer organization in the actual field of organic waste processing as well as treatment of tonnes of municipal solid waste to generate electricity, completed construction as well as commissioning of its initial Thermophillic Biomethanation plant in Solapur (Maharashtra).

The cost of the actual Solapur project is Rs 60 crores. It is a modular plant which can be expanded as as well as during the actual want arises. the actual plant is set higher to generate around 4 MW of electricity of which saleable power is 3 to 3.2 MW power as well as 80 tonnes organic compost. the actual same is generated from 400 tonnes per day municipal solid waste of the actual city.

ORS's Sholapur Bio Energy System Ltd is a one of its kind plant based on Thermophilic Biomethanation processin India. Solar Bio Energy System Ltd's. Sholapur project's construction is finish as well as the actual plantoperations areunder stabilization.

The organization has other project coming higher in Bangalore. Organic Waste India Pvt. Ltd. (OWIPL) is the actual SPV formed to execute the actual Municipal Solid Waste processing facility for Bruhath Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) for setting higher the actual project as well as then operating it for a period of 35 years. organization has signed all lease as well as agreements along BBMP. the actual project will process 1000 TPD of mixed MSW to generate 8.20 MW of power. the actual SPV will raise the actual seed capital of Rs. 150 crores required for the actual plant. the actual municipal corporation has allotted 25 acres at Mandur, Banglore for the actual plant. Construction work is slated to launch shortly, as the actual location is but to be cleared of the actual existing garbage dump. the actual project will be ready by the actual conclusion of 2013-early 2014.

ORS was incorporated in year 2008, as an initiative among Intellivate Capital (a proprietary equity fund) & group of Technocrats to promote Green field Projects in environment & waste management sector in the actual country.

ORS has received a support of Waste Works, Ireland to develop technology to suit Indian conditions. the actual process involves an exhaustive pre-treatment of mixed waste for maximum organic recovery, which is then subjected to controlled biological degradation to generate methane gas. "This methane is then used to generate electricity & the actual digested residue is subjected to maturation for recovering compost," saidSuhas Bhand, the actual Chief of ORS.
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Organic waste converter, OWC India, Organic waste converter India

Organic waste converter at Sakthan market soon:

An organic waste converter, meant for treatment of waste at the actual Sakthan Thampuran vegetable market, is expected to be functional in five months.

Addressing a function held here on Tuesday to lay the actual foundation for the actual treatment plant, Mayor I.P. Paul said the actual plant would solve the actual garbage menace at the actual vegetable market.

Cooperation Minister C.N. Balakrishnan inaugurated the actual function. Therambil Ramakrishnan, MLA, was the actual chief guest.

The Sakthan Thampuran Market, situated in the actual heart of the actual city, generates a greater share of the actual waste in the actual corporation limit.

“The waste converter, to be set higher at a cost of Rs. 95 lakh on 45 cents of land at the actual Sakthan Thampuran Market, can process 4 tonnes of waste a day. It will be used to process the actual vegetable waste generated at the actual market. the actual biogas plant at the actual fish as well as meat market is as well as functioning successfully. along these two systems, the actual Sakthan Thampuran market will soon become self-sufficient in waste treatment,” the actual Mayor said.

Amid wide-spread allegations that the actual existing bio-gas plants were not functioning, the actual Corporation Council gave sanction for setting higher four more bio-gas plants at Sakthan Nagar, Panamkuttichira, Vilvattam as well as Ollukkara.

There are nine biogas plants under the actual corporation limits at West Fort, Ayyanthole, Aranattukara, Anappara, Olari, Mannuty, Ollur, Ayyanthole as well as Cheerachi.

Mayor I.P. Paul said that the actual corporation would see into the actual allegation. “Setting higher of biogas plants is portion of our effort towards total decentralisation of garbage treatment in the actual city. the actual corporation had already distributed 2,000 pipe compost units to households. We are planning a campaign to sensitise people on decentralised treatment of garbage,” the actual Mayor said.

He said the actual arrangement for removing the actual city garbage by the actual Salem-based organization would continue till the actual corporation could streamline its decentralised projects.

“The agreement along the actual organization is for 90 days. After the actual beginning problems, they are removing the actual garbage regularly,” he said.
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Debate Drew, Presidential Debate, Presidential Debate Drew

Presidential Debate Drew More Than 70 Million Viewers:

The initial of three presidential debates among President Obama as well as Mitt Romney reached more than 70 million viewers on Wednesday night.

Nielsen, a television measurement company, said 67.2 million viewers watched on television at residence — the actual highest number for a initial debate since 1980. That year, 80.6 million watched the actual only debate among President Jimmy Carter as well as the actual Republican presidential candidate, Ronald Reagan.

A some second- as well as third-round presidential debates since then have attracted more than 67 million viewers, including the actual second debate of the actual 1992 cycle. Nonetheless, Wednesday’s totals were surprisingly high by most any standard.

About 52.4 million viewers tuned into the actual initial debate in 2008, according to Nielsen, though that debate was held on a Friday night, typically a lower-rated night of the actual week. approximately 62.5 million viewers tuned into the actual initial debate in 2004, which similarly featured an incumbent president as well as a challenger.

Nielsen’s total for Wednesday’s debate did not count people who watched exterior the actual residence (in offices, bars or airports) or who watched in other countries. Nor did not count any of the actual millions of people who had access to the actual debate on computers, tablets or phones., for instance, said it recorded 1.2 million live streams of its debate coverage around the actual world. YouTube, the actual Web video giant, said its partners had “millions of live-streamed views of the actual debates,” yet declined to release exact numbers.

Of the actual 11 traditional channels that televised the actual debate as well as subscribed to Nielsen ratings, ABC was the actual most-watched, along most 11.3 million viewers when the actual commercial-free debate, Nielsen said. NBC as well as CBS were close behind, along 11.1 million for NBC as well as 10.6 million for CBS.

Fox News Channel was as huge as any broadcaster, along approximately 10.4 million viewers when the actual debate (up from 8.2 million in 2008 as well as 9.6 million in 2004). the actual Fox broadcast network attracted approximately 6.9 million; CNN, 6 million; as well as MSNBC, 4.7 million. (Fox News, MSNBC as well as CNN all skew toward older viewers, yet interestingly, CNN had a surge of 18- to 34-year-old viewers for the actual debate — nearly 1.5 million, versus 882,000 for Fox News as well as 772,000 for MSNBC.)

More than 2.6 million Spanish-language viewers watched on Univision, as well as other 248,000 watched on Telemundo, according to Nielsen. (Telemundo showed the actual debate on a tape delay.) the actual lowest-rated of all the actual channels along the actual face-off was Current TV, Al Gore’s fledgling liberal cable channel, which had approximately 100,000 viewers.

Another measurement company, Rentrak, found that the actual total audience for the actual debate was remarkably stable from 9 to 10:30 p.m. the actual company, which tracks viewership demeanor in one million homes, found a delicate uptick at 10 p.m.

TiVo, which tracks the actual rewinding demeanor of digital video recorder owners, found that the actual most-rewound moment of the actual debate came at 9:27, during Mr. Romney mentioned his plan to cut funding from PBS (and gave huge Bird a shout-out). approximately 250,000 viewers watched the actual debate on PBS.
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Mutual Fund:Syndicate Bank tie-up, ICICI Prudential, MF distribution

ICICI Prudential MF, Syndicate Bank tie-up for MF distribution:

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund has entered into a strategic partnership along Syndicate Bank, one of India`s almost trusted as well as progressive PSU banks for distribution of its mutual fund schemes to further strengthen its distribution reach. Syndicate Bank will now be distributing ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund products to its customers across India through its large network of 2709 Branches.

Speaking on the actual alliance, Anjaneya Prasad, executive director, of Syndicate Bank, (Q,N,C,F)* said, ``The bank`s continuous endeavor is to provide one stop banking as well as investment solutions to its customers. This tie-up along AMCs like ICICI Prudential AMC is one such initiative to provide customers a wider range of investment options, other than the actual regular banking products.

Commenting on the actual partnership, Nimesh Shah, managing director & CEO, ICICI Prudential AMC said, ``We trust that retail investors will be the actual drivers of MF industry going forward. A lot can be done to reach out to the actual vast population of retail investors in the actual semi-urban as well as rural India. In order to improve penetration, we are keen to partner along institutions that have the actual reach as well as customer loyalty. the actual alliance along Syndicate Bank will strengthen our distribution as well as assist us provide our products to investors across geographies as well as sections. It is a valuable partnership for us, as well as a step towards inclusive growth.

Shares of the actual bank gained Rs 4, or 3.7%, to trade at Rs 112.20. the actual total volume of shares traded was 197,324 at the actual BSE (1.36 p.m., Monday).
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NBE DNB CET from Nov 17 to 20, 2012, NBE Diplomate National Board (DNB) CET from Nov 17 to 20

NBE Diplomate National Board (DNB) CET from Nov 17 to 20:

DNB CET is the actual eligibility-cum-ranking examination for entry to different Post-Graduate courses in modern medicine under the actual National Board of Examinations (NBE). NBE shall be conducting DNB CET as a Computer Based Test (CBT) from 17th to 20th November 2012 at test centres across the actual country.

Candidates who are in possession of MBBS degree/Provisional MBBS Pass Certificate from an Institute recognized as per the actual provisions of the actual Indian Medical Council Act as well as possess permanent or provisional registration certificate of MBBS qualification issued by the actual Medical Council of India / State Medical Council as well as have completed one year of obligatory internship or likely to finish on or before 31st January 2013 may apply DNB CET through online application system at

For further details as instructions, scheme of examination, syllabus, list of seats available, Counseling etc. please include to information bulletin for DNB CET Jan 2013 at website Composite examination fee as well as information bulletin voucher (required for online application system) can be obtained from picked branches of Axis Bank on payment of Rs 4250.
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ATM theft Axis Bank:‘Veiled’ CCTV helps crooks

The CCTV camera installed inside the actual ATM booth of Axis Bank in Sector 12 A had been manually covered by miscreants for around eight hours before making the actual strike on Sunday. the actual camera was covered by a youth wearing helmet at around 11pm on Saturday.

The CCTV footage of the actual final eight days is being scrutinized by the actual police personnel of police station in Sector 14. In his statement to police, the actual security protect of a nearby of Punjab National Bank ATM machine, said, "In the actual wee hours of Sunday, a "Garwahli" youth was spotted doing physical exercises, including push-ups, exterior the actual pulled down shutter of ATM booth, the actual youth was never spotted before this in the actual market."

Sector-14 police station SHO Adarshdeep Singh said, "Prima facie the actual youth was exercising exterior the actual kiosk to hold a tab on the actual movements while his associates were on the actual job inside the actual booth. few fundamental queries are still pending, including a query regarding the actual time of cash uploaded in the actual ATM machine, yet we failed to get this information from Axis Bank." Meanwhile, sources revealed that the actual CCTV footage of ATM was handed over to the actual district police on Monday.

Meanwhile, district police have started scrutinizing all recent reported robberies in higher as well as Punjab, in which gas cutters were used in committing the actual crime. Three various teams were appointed for collecting the actual record of criminals, involved in ATM robberies in Punjab as well as Gurgaon.

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Virgin Indian Remy Hair Extensions, Virgin Indian Straight Hair, Indian Wavy to Straight Clip on Hair

Virgin Indian Straight Hair, Virgin Indian Remy Hair Extensions:

Virgin Indian Remy hair is one of the actual large amounts of popular kinds of extensions accessible on the actual turn over these days. They are popular investing in me - based on data from industry people to Hollywood stars - people that expect astronomical quality packages for the actual money properties spend on them. Each commodity also is offered is worth selected as well as will result in gorgeous becoming as well as feeling hair for years to come. Indian hair matches numerous types of African American hair as well as Caucasian hair.

Usually it is color lifted to stabilize the actual color as well as feel of the actual originators hair. In fact, a lot of organizations that advertise Brazilian, Italian or European hair very receive the actual hair from organizations in India from Indian women due to the actual fact that it is of this kind of prohibitive quality! If you are in search of hair extensions, clip hair or a hair weave, correct now is the actual hair you need to launch coming across as at! Since the actual brand of hair is 100% natural, there is no damage to the actual cuticles. This allows for such a inherent look. the actual "virgin" hair results in soft, beautiful, for a long while lasting hair along a ton of body! almost of the actual hair you get can be in hand-tied wefts.

They may come in pieces of 24 inches long as well as serves to traditionally enter in uni to 5 pieces per pack, obviously depending on the actual through all quantity of the actual hair. If you regulations on purchasing a broad braid, normally you will see for virtually six ounces of 14 inch hair.

Of course picked people could use moderated as well as few persons may use more, it completely depends on you as well as the actual see you want. It's always best, however, to vogue definite you use two packs so you can create sure it is enough for your hair weave. On the actual other hand, if you are using 18 inch hair lengths, you can purchase one pack which are capable to be an adequate amount of for four to one tracks.

If you initiative on buying fusion or micro linking done, it's always smartest to slang to your stylist to look how still properties think you will need! This brand of hair is a bit a fine amount on the actual expensive side, yet once you feel it as well as look it higher close as well as personal, you might start to can appreciate why - upward all, if the actual Europeans, Brazilians as well as Italians can attempt to pass such hair off as making such a own in its place of Indian hair, one has to think that it must be relatively darn amazing!

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Diwali gifts ideas for corporate employees, Innovative Diwali gifts India

While business sentiment may be cautious in the actual brief duration during it comes to festive gifting, India Inc is getting generous along its budget, expanding its gift spends by most 30- 40 per cent this year.

"This year, India Inc is very upbeat as distant as gifting is concerned. Although the actual trend varies from one sector to another, on an average corporates have hiked their gifting allot by 30- 40 per cent," said a senior marketing person from myantra. com , a corporate gifting site.

"And this is not just for their corporate clients yet holds true for their own employees too," he added.

With Diwali circular the actual corner, corporate gift organizations are busy delivering big orders from different companies.

"The gifting industry in India is estimated at Rs 12,000 crore as well as it is growing at 20- 25 per cent annually," Girish Khare, chief marketing officer, RewardPort India, India's leading rewards & loyalty management firm, said " final year was not so good. yet this year in terms of volumes alone, our festive gifts business has gone higher by 15- 17 per cent compared to final year. So you can say it is a fine growth," said Khare.

The organization counts Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Ranbaxy, LG, Godrej, Idea Cellular, Mobile Store, Club Mahindra as well as Axix Bank between its greater clients.

According to Khare, this year corporates are not just looking at larger gift items yet at innovative ideas along a personal touch, keeping the actual profile of the actual recipient in mind.

So chocolate boxes, wine bottles as well as candles are replaced by free holiday packages, movie tickets, dinner coupons, spa vouchers as well as other gift coupons, which distribute the actual receiver the actual freedom to purchase gifts of their choice.

"People are now looking at more value- added gifts, for example, freedom passes for a year to observe a movie at any of the actual 1,500 multiplexes across 100 cities, or a holiday package or free spa passes," Khare said.

According to Suvir Khullar, managing director ( MD), Gifting Ideas Pvt Ltd, " Clients are bored along chocolates, sweets, diyas as well as thalis , which are almost likely to be passed on. Clients are asking for innovation in the actual product, irrespective of the actual price range." organizations say that as corporates increasingly become knowing of worth of brands, they are looking to distribute gifts that stand out as well as have better brand recall along the actual clients.

"The gift should be of utility. It could as well as be discussed at residence or the actual office of the actual recipient as well as have a " wow" factor attached.

Only then will they stand out in the actual clutter as well as will there be a brand recall," Khullar said. He counts companies, such as American Express, Barclays, Infosys, Citi Group, Essar, Google, HDFC Bank, Nokia as well as Volkswagen between his clients.

Like every year, financial sector as well as pharma organizations direct during it comes to gifting.

"Financial companies as well as pharma organizations are very generous during it comes to gifting budgets. Also, multinational quick moving consumer goods ( FMCG) organizations are very generous along their budgets. yet this year we have seen few slowdown from the actual auto companies," Khare added.

Tags: Diwali gifts ideas, Diwali gifts ideas for employees, diwali gifts ideas for family, Diwali gifts ideas for friends,

Order Online Diwali gifts India, Deepavali Gifts, Branded Diwali gift products

After a year of dimness due to the actual economic slowdown that resulted in business uncertainty, Diwali seems to have lifted the actual spirits of the actual branded products distribution industry to few extent.

“Last Diwali, the actual trend was more towards lesser-priced customised gifting as well as less towards branded products. the actual game changer this year is that corporates are going in for branded products,” says Phani Raj, managing director of corporate gifts as well as brand merchandising company, eYantra Industries.

For instance, an Indian hospital chain has placed orders along eYantra for 32,000 Cadbury festive packs, while a mobile organization based out of Gurgaon released an order for 530 LCD televisions. Also, a Bangalore-based software giant released a large order for TVs, DVD players, rice cookers as well as mobiles numbering 1,700.

The distinct shift to branded products for this Diwali is because organizations delayed taking selection on gifting. Organising customised products in a brief span of time is hard as well as hence corporates are moving towards readily-available branded products, reasons Raj.

The overall corporate gifting market in India (both organised as well as unorganised) was Rs 6,000 crore final year, of which Diwali constituted Rs 2,000 crore.

eYantra, along revenues of Rs 50 crore final year, currently has 650 clients that refers Microsoft, Dr Reddy’s, Wipro, Infosys, Accenture, Bharthi Cements, ACC Cements, Zuari Cements, Dell, TCS, Oracle, Max New York Life as well as MRF Tyres.

“With orders coming in for branded products like LCDs, microwave ovens as well as induction cookers, as well as approximately 70 per cent of our clientele expected to distribute us orders, we hope to grow by 27 per cent this Diwali,” Raj adds.

Malvan Cunha, chief executive of Elegant Novelties, which distributes branded products of organizations like P&G, Cavincare, Modi Revlon as well as Belmonte, says organizations are increasingly looking for branded products that are useful as well as relevant to the actual recipient.

Elegant got orders for close to 8,000 Cadbury festive packs as well as 1,000 pieces of Prestige cookers, between others, for this Diwali. “Courtesy the actual shift to branded products from the actual earlier unbranded gifts like sweet boxes as well as dry fruits, we anticipate a 10 per cent growth this Diwali, over final year,” Cunha adds.

However, brand-domain experts like Harish Bijoor, chief executive of Harish Bijoor Consults Inc, a private-label consulting company that specialises in brand as well as business strategy, trust that obscenely-budgeted gifts will look a downtrend this Diwali.

Terming the actual corporate gifting market in India as a “cottage industry”, Bijoor says inflation in terms of prices has hit the actual sector hard. “The trend of eatables such as dry fruits as well as nuts as well as chocolates as well as sweets will reign high. There, however, is a bigger yen of customers to get branded gifts, particularly during it is a gift of high-value. Further, websites of every kind proposal branded items at fine prices today. This is the actual new dimension to gifting today. Group discount sites are but other added dimension of this year's gifting market,” he adds.

Drawing a queue among the actual confident as well as negative aspects of corporate gifting, Bijoor says gifts got from vendors are being compared against one other as well as this causes a kind of “positive goodwill” for one year towards the actual one who has gifted major value.
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Tags: Order Online Diwali gifts India, Branded Diwali gift products, Send Deepavali Gifts online India, Send Diwali Gifts to India from Online.

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Best Websites List to send flowers and gifts to India 2018

List of Best Websites to send flowers and gifts to India:


Why no NFC?:iPhone 5

Apple didn't refers near field communication technology in the actual iPhone 5, a decision that one NFC backer said the actual organization might come to regret.

But a few mobile payment experts said Apple probably made a fine choice for now, given the actual slow rollout of NFC, especially in the actual U.S.

Only 2% of merchants globally are equipped along NFC reader terminals; that's not nearly sufficient to merit Apple's attention, said Rick Oglesby, an analyst at Aite Group. "Apple would want something really global to create it work," he said.

Apple's critics included a U.K.-based communications marketing organization called Proxama. "NFC is going to progress at a pace without Apple," said Miles Quitmann, managing director of Proxama, in a statement. "This could be Apple's loss."

Quitmann said multiple credit card organizations as well as smartphone vendors have committed to NFC, spending millions of dollars on developing the actual technology. Proxama is working along Device Fidelity on an NFC battery sleeve that will permit an iPhone 5 to interact along NFC marketing tags embedded in posters as well as commodity packaging.

Instead of adding NFC to the actual iPhone, Apple decided to promote its Passbook mobile payment software, which runs on the actual new iPhone's iOS 6 mobile operating system.

Passbook relies on transmitting payment data via bar codes on the actual iPhone 5's 4-in. display, according to a video of Apple's iPhone begin (this information comes at around the actual 45-minute mark of the actual video).

"Passbook is the actual greatest way to gathering all your passes in one place," said Scott Forstall, Apple's senior vice president of iOS software. He showed how an airline boarding pass, a Starbucks card, a football ticket as well as other forms of money-backed "passes" can be presented in bar code format to create a transaction.

Starbucks has been successfully using a similar bar-code scanning concept along its Starbucks card for more than a year, since it already had the actual optical bar-code scanners installed at pay stations in its stores. Starbucks officials said they wanted to receive a mobile payments system higher as well as running without having to wait for NFC chips to be widely deployed in smartphones.

NFC payment systems require special software or special payment terminals for communicating along NFC chips in smartphones, as well as few merchants have balked at adopting those technologies.

Explaining why the actual iPhone 5 does not refers NFC, Apple senior vice president Phil Schiller told AllThingsD that "Passbook does the actual kinds of things customers want today."

Google Wallet, a mobile payment system that was launched a year ago, relies on NFC as well as can be used in a few Android phones. few Android phones, such as the actual Galaxy S III, only use the actual NFC chip to create fast data transfers among phones.

Isis, a consortium made higher of wireless carriers AT&T, Verizon Wireless as well as T-Mobile USA, is planning to begin a mobile payment system based on NFC in Salt Lake City as well as Austin later this year. Isis defends NFC as the actual almost scalable as well as safe of mobile payment approaches.

In addition to Oglesby, other analysts said Apple made the actual correct choice not to refers NFC in the actual iPhone 5, along one noting that the actual hardware would have taken higher internal space during Apple was trying to create its thinnest as well as lightest iPhone to date.

"In a move to increase functionality in the actual device, definitely LTE was the actual initial priority as well as more significant than NFC correct now," said Jack Gold, an analyst at J.Gold Associates. "NFC does take higher space as well as resources in the actual phone, so they would have had to maybe create the actual device somewhat thicker or have had less space for battery. Even though NFC is only a chip, it as well as requires an antenna that could interfere along others in a highly compact device."

Gold said there's no compelling reason for Apple to provide NFC at this time. "NFC has taken off very slowly as well as will likely take at minimum a couple more years to catch on," he added.

Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Gartner, added that "consumers are not jumping higher as well as down to receive NFC correct now." Noting that multiple Americans still write checks -- a payment method that predates credit cards -- she said, "You wonder how ready consumers are for mobile payments."

"There's no genuine pressure correct now for delivering NFC," Milanesi added. "The ecosystem is distant from ready from a payment perspective. This doesn't mean Apple is not interested in NFC. They will do it during they can take advantage of it as well as deliver a differentiated solution to users."
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Rules SC:Judges will head RTI panels now

The Central Information Commission (CIC) as well as State Information Commissions will now be headed by judges, courtesy a Supreme Court controversial judgment on Thursday that ended the actual tradition of retired bureaucrats gracing the actual statutory bodies constituted under the actual correct to Information 2005.

Going by the actual rule that the actual functions of the actual CIC as well as the actual State Information Commissions was necessarily judicial in nature, the actual apex court held, “Chief Information Commissioner at the actual Centre or State level shall only be a person who is or has been a Chief Justice of the actual High Court or a referee of the actual Supreme Court,” said a bench of Justices AK Patnaik as well as Swatanter Kumar. Such appointment shall be in consultation along the actual Chief Justice of India, it added.

The court further ruled that the actual Commissions at Centre as well as States would keep sittings in benches comprising of two members each, one being a judicial member as well as the actual other an expert member, drawn between persons of public eminence having wide knowledge as well as experience in law, science as well as technology, social service, management, journalism, mass media, or administration as well as governance. By stating so, the actual court held that the actual Centre may preferably consider appointing judges as well as lawyers as Information Commissioners as well.

While the actual slew of directions would require the actual Centre to suitably amend the actual RTI Act, particularly Sections 12(5), 12(6), 15(5) as well as 15(6) of the actual 2005 Act, the actual court directed the actual Centre to undertake this exercise at the actual earliest to bring it in consonance along the actual Constitutional mandate. It upheld the actual validity of the actual upward Sections of the actual Act with along the actual recommended changes.

The order of the actual court came on a PIL filed by one Namit Sharma, who pointed out that the actual role of CIC as well as State commissions under RTI being largely judicial work, interest of justice demanded having judicial members to head such bodies. Currently, none of the actual eight CIC members have a judicial background.

It found the actual duties of these statutory bodies to be largely adjudicatory in nature. It said, “They are required to distribute watch to the actual parties, proposal them the actual opportunity of hearing as well as pass reasoned orders.” In doing so, the actual court held, the actual authorities want to strike a stabilize among freedom under Article 19(1)(a) — correct to know, as well as Article 21 relating to correct to privacy.

Regarding appointment of expert members, the actual bench suggested drawing higher a panel of persons empanelled by DoPT or the actual concerned State Ministry, three months prior to the actual creation of vacancy.
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ACP-led team to verify entire case against Aseem

The Mumbai Police have ordered a probe by the actual Assistant Commissioner of Police to investigate the actual charges against cartoonist Aseem Trivedi, Mumbai Additional Commissioner of Police (West Region) Vishwas Nangre-Patil told the actual Hindu here on Thursday.

“The investigation has been transferred to ACP G.T. Padwal. Three officers have been assigned for his aid. the actual team will verify the actual whole case once again,” Mr. Nangre-Patil said.

He said the actual main purpose of the actual team was to verify the actual cartoonist’s intention behind drawing the actual cartoons.

“The team will verify all the actual details of the actual case. Especially the actual intention behind drawing the actual cartoons will be taken very seriously,” he said.

Dalit leaders had alleged that Mr. Trivedi, who has been booked under sedition charges, insulted as well as injure their feelings by allegedly mocking Buddhist symbols (the Ashoka pillar was depicted in a cartoon by Mr. Trivedi).

ACP G.T. Padwal told the actual Hindu that the actual team, after thorough investigation, would submit a report to the actual court.

“It is FALSE to call it an SIT [Special Investigation Team]. It is not an SIT. I have been assigned the actual assignment of seeing if there are any lacunae in the actual investigation made by the actual Bandra-Kurla police so far. Since I do not have much staff under me, I have been assigned a some officers,” he said.

Senior police officials said the actual department would think of reviewing as well as revoking the actual sedition charges slapped on the actual cartoonist only after the actual probe was completed.

“Since it is a serious offence, its review as well as verification will take few time. We will come to the actual end of revoking the actual charges after that,” Mr. Nangre-Patil said. He said the actual report would be separate from the actual charge sheet, which would be filed in the actual case.

“I will verify if proper Sections have been applied in the actual case. We will hold informing our seniors from time to time approximately the actual findings in the actual case, yet we will submit the actual report before the actual court,” Mr. Padwal said.

Mr. Trivedi, who was released on bail on Wednesday, has been booked for sedition as well as under Sections of the actual Information Technology Act as well as the actual Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act. His website also has been banned by the actual Mumbai Police.
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Top and best New Delhi web designing companies List

 List of web designing companies in Delhi:


List of SEO Companies in Hyderabad, Top and Best SEO Companies Hyderabad

Top and Best SEO Companies Hyderabad:


List of SEO Companies in Chennai, Top and Best SEO Companies Chennai

 Top and Best SEO Companies Chennai:

List of web designing companies in bangalore, Top and Best web designing companies Bangalore

Top and Best web designing companies Bangalore:


List of website development companies in india, Best web development companies in india List

 Top and Best web development companies in India List:


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shirdi sai baba telugu movie release date, cast and crew shirdi sai baba telugu movie

Shirdi Sai Baba Movie Releasing on Date : September 6, 2012

Shirdi Sai Baba Cast

Actor - Akkineni Nagarjuna

Shirdi Sai Baba Crew

    K.Raghavendra Rao - Director
    M.M. Keeravani - Music Director
    Maheshwara Reddy - Producer

Nagarjuna to take a break after Shirdi Sai Baba:

Actor Akkineni Nagarjuna, who is playing Shirdi Sai Baba in his upcoming film, had a tough time while shooting for the actual role. the actual actor has donned grey hair as well as austere getup to see like Baba. He says that he has worked complex to receive into the actual skin of the actual character. He wants to take a pause after completing its filming.

Talking to the actual media, Nagarjuna said that the actual film team was to have photo shoot, yet instead of it, they pick up one of his still from the actual film Ramadasu as well as made few mandatory makeup to his look. “I had put in lot of effort to receive into the actual skin of the actual role of Shiradi Sai Baba. Now, I would like to take a pause before starting work on my next film,” Times of India quotes the actual actor as saying.

However, this devotional flick is being directed by K Raghavendra Rao as well as produced by Maheshwara Reddy. MM Keeravani has composed music for the actual film. the actual makers of the actual film have kept the actual details of its supporting cast under wrap. They have planned to finish its filming by the actual conclusion of May.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Food corporation of india, FCI Recruitment:The final date to apply online for FCI Assistant Grade-III Recruitment 2013 is September 19, 2012

The Food Corporation of India (FCI) Assistant Grade-III Recruitment 2013 process is in full swing after the actual SSC issued a notification for a big requirement of 6545 Assistant Grade III positions for its five zones.

This FCI Recruitment Notification has come out through advertisement FNo1/19/2012 P&PII in greater national dailies as well as in Employment News dated August 25, 2012. As per the actual notification, online submission of form is on as well as the final date to apply online for FCI Assistant Grade-III Recruitment 2013 is September 19, 2012.

You can click to download the FCI Recruitment 2013 notification. To apply, click here.

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Teachers get pay rise, Teachers, education support staff get pay rise

Schools across the island celebrated Teachers' Day in advance on Friday, and for many educators, it's an extra special occasion this year.

Some 26,000 teachers and 500 Allied Educators (AEDs) will get a pay raise starting September 1.

The Education Ministry said the adjustments will ensure the salaries keep pace with the market and match their roles and responsibilities.

The last pay revision for teachers was more than four years ago.

For Allied Educators, this is their first pay review since the scheme was created in 2009.

Teachers will get an 8 per cent increment - which means a rise of up to S$550 for teachers, and S$830 for senior teachers.

Allied Educators' salaries will go up by 5 to 15 per cent, which is an increase of up to S$700.

Kelda Chan, an allied counsellor at Anderson Secondary School welcomed the move.

"I feel that is how MOE actually sees and recognises our work and our effort in school, and I'm just thankful that they feel (our work) is just as important as that of a teacher."

Mrs Constance Loke, Principal of Haig Girls' School, said: "I'm glad to hear about the salary revision. But at the end of the day, we do what we do because we love the children and we have a passion for making a difference in their lives."

Education Minister Heng Swee Keat said on his Facebook page that he is pleased that the ministry is making the salary adjustments.

Ng Wei Da, a teacher at Anderson Secondary, is one of many who hope to get more support from the ministry, in terms of managing their workload and professional development.

"Recently, the PM mentioned about work-life harmony during the National Day Rally, and I think a lot of teachers are also facing this problem."

Ms Chan said: "I would really like to contribute more to the school, but I think it'd be great if we're able to be equipped with a higher level training or education for us, post-graduate studies to be exact."

The chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Education, Mr Lim Biow Chuan, said the ministry's move is timely.

"Currently what we have is a tight labour market, and the experience is that every time we have a tight labour workforce, the teachers do feel a certain amount of attraction to want to try and see whether they will perform better in the private sector. I don't think it's wise for us to wait for that to happen," he said.

Mr Lim said it's important to ensure teachers are paid competitively to better retain them.
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Tamanna wallpapers, Photos, Pics of Cameraman ganga tho rambabu Pawan Kalyan Movie

Cameraman ganga tho rambabu Pawan Kalyan Movie, wallpapers, Photos, Pics:

Pawan Kalyan:cameraman ganga tho rambabu movie heroine, cast and crew, dialogues

 Pawan Kalyan cameraman ganga tho rambabu movie:

Director: Puri Jagannadh
Producer: D.V.V.Danaiah
Music Director: Mani Sharma
Lyricst: Bhaskara Bhatla
Hero: Pawan Kalyan
Heroine : Tamanna Bhatia

Crew of the film:-
Music Director : Devi Sri Prasad,
Cinematigraphy: Shyam K Naidu,
Editing: S.R.Sekhar,
Production designer: Chinna,
Fights: Vijay,
Co-Director: Vijayaram Prasad,
Producer: DVV Danayya,
Story Screenplay,Dialouges Director : Puri Jagannadh.
Telugu star Pawan Kalyan's work in progress Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu will have its music begin in mid-September.

The film, co-starring actress Tamannaah who is as well as appearing in the actual remake of Himmatwala along Ajay Devgn, will be released on October 11, a week later than it was meant to.

Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu is between the actual almost anticipated films of the actual year. Pawan Kalyan already has a blockbuster to his name this year along Gabbar Singh, a remake of Salman Khan's Dabnagg.

Gabbar Singh shattered Telugu box office records as well as all eyes are on Pawan Kalyan, younger brother of superstar Chiranjeevi, to look if he can score a second strike.

The initial see of Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu may be released on Pawan Kalyan's birthday, which is on September 2. 

Best advance happy teachers day sms messages Wishes, Teachers day quotes

Happy teachers day sms messages, Advance teachers day quotes:

Dear Teacher,
Thanks for making us what we are today.
Happy teachers Day

The way you teach
The knowledge you share…
The care you take…
The love you shower..
Makes you…
The world's best teacher…
'Happy Teacher's Day!'

May not say it always.
But, I mean it whenever I say it.
Thank You Teacher
For all the things you have done for me.
Happy Teachers Day!

You are the best Teacher in this world.
Wherever I may go in my life,
I will always remember that
I had an excellent guide
in the form of a teacher, You.

I found
everything, in one person.
And that person is you
'Happy Teachers Day.

The true teacher defends his pupils against his own personal influence. He inspires self-distrust. He guides their eyes from himself to the spirit that quickens him. He will have no disciple.

You Guided Me When I Was Lost
You Sported Me
When I Was Weak
You Have Enlightened me all through.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Best sas training Classes institutes in bangalore, List of sas training websites bangalore

Best List of SAS Training Centers in Bangalore:

1.) UReach Solutions:
UREACH is a leading Indian owned Business Intelligence - Data Warehousing, Data Mining & Modelling – Research, Development & Consulting Company of 'UReach Business Solutions (P) Ltd'.

# 4/3, 2nd Floor, Opp.
FORUM Mall, 1st Cross,
Bhuvanappa Layout
Hosur Road,
Bangalore – 29 INDIA

Ph:    +91 80 6530 9999
Mob: +91 998 666 9999

Website :

2.) Analytics Training Institute:

Analytics Training Institute is a global organization that empowers individuals and corporates in analytical tools such as SAS, Excel and various analytical techniques such as regression, cluster and factor analysis etc.

Address: Bangalore
406, 1st Floor, 8th B Main,
31st Cross, 4th Block, Jayanagar
Bangalore - 560 011

Telephone:+91 90080 30257
Landline: +91 80 4154 0941

3.) GITS Academy:
GITS Academy is singularly known for its focus as a pure play training academy. The approach is simple. At GITS Academy, customer satisfaction is not just important, it is critical. This is achieved by doing what needs to be done and keeping it simple. Understand market requirements, anticipate future trends, acquire state of the art tools, hire the best trainers, create the right learning environment and define a clear path for the trainee. A student is expected to learn.

Sampige Rd
PH: 080 2346 7842

4.) SAS SAP Training Bangalore:
The use of Business Intelligence software in almost all facet of business decision making is increasing rapidly. In this context, any Lax in BI software use has serious social, economic and sometime strategic impact. At STL, our vision is to strive for Smarter BI software. We firmly believe that this can be achieved not by practicing ad hoc BI software implementation techniques but only by an application of a formal body of knowledge - science and technology of Business Intelligence.

# 46, First floor, C.C. Willa,
Off Intermediate Ring Road,
Next to Ejipura Signal.

PH:- +91 - 95910 38534 

5.) Way2E-Learn:
way 2 e-learn  one of the most renowned SAS Training/SAS Online Training Institute across the globe,way2e-learn institute  are experts in clinical sas training.

Richmond Rd

Ph: 09700880610

Saturday, August 25, 2012

coaching centers of CSIR NET in Physical Science in Kolkata, Names and addresses

CSIR NET coaching centers:

RICE group,sealdah,70009
MIES,sonatpur ststion road,kol-700150
target academy,sealdah

UGC NET coaching centers for electronics science in Kolkata:-

Sachdeva New P. T. College
11 - C Dover Lane
Kolkata - 700 029
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2463 5794, 2463 5795

EruditeBF 206, Sector I, Salt Lake
Kolkata - 700 064
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2337 8859

Triumphant Institute of Management Education. (T.I.M.E.)
11/1 Watkins Lane, Flat No. 106*
Block 'A', Sohandeep Apartment
Howrah-711 101
Tel:+(91)-(33) 3296 8232

csir net coaching classes centers Hyderabad, CSIR NET JRF Life sciences Institute Hyderabad

Best CSIR NET JRF Life sciences Coaching Centers Bangalore.

Mastermind -  Coaching for CSIR NET JRF Life sciences, MBA, CAT, GMAT and other management exams in India.

Address :
HRD Builiding,
Narayanguda Flyover,
Hyderabad - 500029

Phone: 2755-2426, 2755-5206

Erudite Coaching Centre - Coaching for CSIR/JRF/LS/SLET/Ph.D/GATE Entrances
(Post M.Sc/Research Fellowships/Lecturership/Post B.Tech Programmes)

Mr. J.V. Chandra Mohan, Director
Ph : 09440258809

Hyderabad Main Branch (Dilsukh Nagar)

Ph : 040-24160964, 040-66636092, 040-66680893

Address :
# 16-11-740/1,
Opp.Tirumala Music Centre,
Nikil Hospital Lane,
Dilsukh Nagar Main Road,
Hyderabad – 500 060.

Visit website for more info

If you know any coaching centers in Hyderabad, kindly share in the comment section to help others.

Tags: csir net coaching centers in Hyderabad Chemistry, CSIR NET JRF Life sciences Coaching Hyderabad, csir net life science coaching in Hyderabad, csir net coaching classes in Hyderabad.

CSIR, JRF NET Exam Information, SYLLABUS, Academic Eligibility, Examination Centres

CSIR-UGC : The actual Council of Scientific as well as Industrial Research (CSIR) conducts a national-level joint CSIR-UGC Test (NET) for Junior Research Fellowships (JRF) as well as for the actual eligibility of Lectureship in Science subjects. Notification of the actual exam date as well as other details appears in the actual Employment News approximately 4 months before the actual examination.

This test is usually held twice in a year (June as well as December). State Level Eligibility Tests (SLET) are as well as conducted by the actual respective states along most the actual same syllabus.

Academic Eligibility : A least aggregate of 55% (50% for SC/ST candidates) in the actual Master's Degree in the actual Life Sciences (code 2).

A candidate who has appeared for the actual qualifying exam as in the actual initial point upward yet is but to get the actual results can apply for the actual test as well as will be admitted provisionally. His / her eligibility will be subject to submission of mark sheet satisfying the actual initial condition mentioned above.

For more info kindly visit here

GES 2017 Hyderabad, 8th GES Registration, GES Agenda, GES venue, GES Location, Road to Ges 2017

Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 Hyderabad: The summit will be addressed by The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, M...