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saif ali khan arrested:wasabi restaurant, assault, saif ali khan

Actor Saif Ali Khan, who was arrested on assault charges and then released on bail, filed a counter complaint, claiming that he was the one to be attacked first and that he acted in self defence. The police will now record statements of witnesses as part of the investigation. This includes four staff members of Taj and alleged victim Iqbal Sharma's family members who were present when the brawl took place. The police is now trying to find any CCTV footage to find out who really started the brawl.

There was high drama in Mumbai as Saif was arrested and then released on bail for allegedly assaulting an NRI at the Taj Hotel. Saif said that he acted in self defence and that he was provoked and attacked first.

Giving his side of the story in the ugly scuffle at a 5-star hotel that made headlines, Saif Ali Khan, outside his residence in Bandra on Wednesday night, said, "I was hit first, I acted in self defence."

"I was hit first. And as shocking as it may seem, the elderly gentlemen hit me. I'm not sure what provoked him. I am looking forward to CCTV footage (inside the restaurant)," he said, adding that the footage would prove that he was innocent.

"I certainly got it in the eye...his (complainant Sharma's) nose does not look like broken to me," Saif said. To a query, Saif also said that he was not drunk at the time. The actor also complained that the media coverage of the incident was one-sided. "There is a certain slant in the press," he said.

He would have never raised hand at an elderly gentleman, the actor said, but also conceded that the situation "could have been handled differently."

"I could have reacted differently. I could have been a little more Gandhian in my approach. But I'm afraid I reacted in a way any gentleman would have reacted. But I'm not proud of what happened. It could have been handled differently. I should have set a better example. I'm sorry that I reacted this way.

"People assume that just because you are a film star, you are a spoilt brat...I feel like I have been aggressed upon (sic)," he said. Saif also said, answering a query, that he had not run, but gone to police station in the morning "after finishing my work". "I have full faith in the police, judiciary," the actor, visibly agitated, said.

Late on Tuesday night Iqbal Meer Sharma, a guest at the Mumbai's Taj Mahal Hotel who was dining at their Wasabi restaurant, filed a complaint at the Colaba station against Saif Ali Khan for allegedly assaulting him and his father-in-law. According to reports Saif Ali Khan who was dining at the restaurant with Kareena Kapoor and a few friends got into a scuffle when Iqbal asked the actor and his friends to refrain from making too much noise.

The scuffle allegedly left Iqbal Sharma with a fractured nose and an offence was registered on Tuesday night, under section 325 of the IPC for voluntarily causing grievous hurt.

After being arrested in the case, Saif was immediately given bail for a surety of Rs 15,000. This incident came even as Saif along with Kareena Kapoor began promotions for his forthcoming home production 'Agent Vinod' which will release on March 23, which also brings certain conspiracy theories into play.

Iqbal Meer Sharma's neighbour alleged that he and Saif were old buddies and all this was just a publicity stunt for the film 'Agent Vinod'.
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sony mobiles official website india, sony mobiles website india

 Sony today launched and moved the old content from over to the new domain:

We knew it would happen finally now that Ericsson is out of the picture. Sony Ericsson Mobile is history and the new name of Sony's mobile division is Sony Mobile Communications. The older Sony Ericsson rings has moved in to the new site as well so owners of Sony Ericsson will still find support, applications and information about their older handsets on the new site.

The sub-sites such as the Product Weblog, Developer Weblog and Greenheart Weblog still makes use of the elderly layout and colour schemes, but the Sony Ericsson name is removed as well as the green/red/blue liquid identity logo. Changes like this make us think how much will the Sony re-branding cost? Sony will must throw out everything having the elderly logo printed on it.

But a green brand logo is not everything. The challenge for Sony now is to persuade its smartphone customers that all the positive values from Sony Ericsson still is of importance and that new inspiration from Sony Corp will be transferred to the Sony Mobile division. Visit website here
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Legal Bills:Watchdog Rebukes Fannie, Freddie Over Legal Bills

U.S. government regulators haven't done enough to limit the over $100 million in legal fees that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are paying on behalf of executives who departed in accounting scandals, a federal watchdog said.

The two mortgage-finance corporations are spending tens of countless bucks fighting securities lawsuits and alternative litigation on behalf of former executives, bills that have congregated even when the businesses were seized by federal regulators in September 2008. Lawmakers are vital of the companies' regulator, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, for permitting those payments.

Many of the legal bills stem from a class-action case filed against Fannie Mae in 2004 in federal court in Washington, D.C. It alleges that 3 former executives of Fannie Mae manipulated the company's earnings to inflate their bonuses, whereas misleading their regulator and also the public. So far, the case has concerned sixty seven million pages of documents and a hundred and twenty depositions, in keeping with the report printed by the inspector general for FHFA.

The FHFA's inspector general found that the regulator has never undertaken an freelance review of how Fannie and Freddie confirm whether or not legal services are affordable or valid. in a very report released Wednesday, the inspector general counseled developing customary legal billing practices for each corporations. It conjointly counseled putting in place a lot of narrowly written agreements to pay legal bills and creating a lot of use of administrators and officers liability insurance to pay such bills.

The housing regulator "must continue its efforts to each management and scrutinize these legal expenses currently and within the future," Steve Linick, the inspector general, said in a very statement.

For its half, the FHFA has said it's no selection however to try and do pay the bills underneath legal contracts with the previous executives. Such agreements to pay legal bills for administrators and officers build it doable for each corporations to recruit new executives, the agency's acting director, Edward DeMarco, has said.

The report acknowledged that the agency has "limited tools" to limit Fannie's and Freddie's litigation expenses. It noted that many potential moves to limit such expenses, like rejecting the contracts outright or capping legal expenses, may be subject to a legal challenge. Furthermore, requiring Fannie and Freddie to shop for a lot of insurance for such lawsuits would not possible cowl previous legal claims.

The FHFA's general counsel, Alfred Pollard, agreed with the report's recommendations, writing in a very letter to the inspector general that the housing regulator can intensify scrutiny of legal prices and document its oversight plans. The FHFA is charged with limiting losses at the corporations, that have price taxpayers $151 billion and counting.

Fannie Mae has spent over $99 million since 2004 to defend 3 former executives: Franklin Raines, the company's former chief govt, former controller Leanne Spencer and former chief monetary officer Timothy Howard, the report found. Of that legal spending by Fannie Mae, $37 million has return since the federal takeover. Meanwhile, Freddie Mac has spent over $10 million since the federal takeover defending officers and administrators from investigations and lawsuits, the report found.

Fannie and Freddie are paying legal bills for class-action cases arguing the businesses misrepresented their monetary condition before their federal takeover.

And the taxpayer-supported corporations are answerable for paying the legal prices of six former executives sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission in December. Those executives, together with former Fannie Mae CEO Daniel Mudd and former Freddie Mac Chief govt Richard Syron, face the SEC's civil lawsuits, that accuse them of enjoying down the risks of the firms' investments in subprime mortgages. The executives have said they're going to contest the costs.

Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R., Texas) said in a very statement that lawmakers are "going to try and do everything we will to spare the yankee taxpayer any further exposure with Fannie and Freddie."

The report, he said, highlights that "more must be done to form fully sure FHFA and [Fannie and Freddie] are held accountable and a thought created to confirm prices are controlled."
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Legal News:UK legal claims served via Facebook

The Judicial Office for England & Wales said Justice Nigel Teare had agreed to the use of the popular social networking site to serve a claim in a commercial dispute.

Legal authorities say a judge at England's High Court has allowed lawyers to log on to Facebook to serve legal claims.

Lawyers had been seeking a former worker embroiled in the dispute & successfully applied for permission to notify him by Facebook in a hearing last Friday.

The office had few other details of the case, but said it is thought to be the first time lawyers had sought to make use of Facebook in this manner.

Ordinarily British legal claims are served in hard copy, although unconventional means are occasionally employed if the people involved are hard to pin down.
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9XM Online Shopping Portal India:9XM Launches Online Shopping Portal Mezza9X

 Mezza9X Online Shopping Portal  in India:

9X Media, India's only dedicated Music entertainment network operating 9XM, 9X Tashan & 9X Jhakaas, has launched an online store called Mezza9X. This store offers a wide choice of tremendous chilled products & branded merchandise from 9X Group of Channels.

Speaking on the launch of Mezza9X, Ms. Vibha Gosher VP-Digital 9X Media Group said We all are excited to accomplish this significant milestone. 9X Media Group channels have turned in to robust digital brands & enjoy a immense following across the country. Our idea is to take the love for the animated characters to the next level, offering a unique experience to the end-customer in the type of chilled merchandise, giving the fans a chance to own these chilled products.

The use of Net & personal devices has given a major push to the ecommerce sector as the products are available to the consumers on their fingertips. The youth are interested in localized quirky merchandise irrespective of where they are. On, these local brands can make themselves available to consumers across the country surpassing geographical barriers.

Adding further Ms. Gosher said Netizens across the world use the digital platform for their every day consumption of music, social networking & shopping. Mezza9X is an apt offering for the fans of the Channels & the world wide web shopaholics. The launch of this portal will strengthen the digital portfolio of 9X Media, establishing further connect with the viewers.

Fans can now take their favourite characters home. log on to & buy original 9X merchandise & other quirky products, which will be delivered directly to your homes. Mezza9X will meet the apparel, stationery & gifting needs of the shoppers. Customers can purchase 9X merchandise such as Bade Chote T Shirts, Photograph Frames, Bakwaas Bandh Kar Stamps, Bheegi Billi Puzzels, Magnets, Note Books, Watches, Bags & far more!

In the recent past, 9X Media has launched an online Bollywood Music Store called & also 9XM Radio the on-the-move radio for Bollywood Songs, Celebrity interviews, Bade Chote Bakwaas, etc, which has received a great response from 9XM fans.

So log onto & browse through the various chilled products in Table, Bar, Automobile, Couch, Table & Wall categories.
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Estate Planning:The Importance of Estate Planning

The Importance of Estate Planning and Determining:

Estate planning is preparing for the distribution of your estate if something were to happen. You will be the to choose what will be given out and to who it is given to, so that there's no issues after you have passed. Estate planning is also nice for taxes and other fees that come when anyone passes away.

Estate planning ought to be important to everyone. Give it some thought, you work hard everyday for your funds and manage it today, would you like a plan for the future when you are not here? I do not think you need your life's work to go to waste when you die. Estate planning is a nice thing, to leave your estate to your relatives and make it so that there's no legal issues together with your property.

In the event you are interested in estate planning, speak with an attorney to get all of the fine details of your will. Also you will need to choose an attorney who has experience in estate planning so that everything is legal and done right.

In the event you do choose to hire a lawyer to help together with your estate planning, it will be positive that your property and funds will go those those that you need it to. You will need to meet with an estate planning lawyer in the event you have a valuable estate that is worth lots of funds. In the event you own a business and you need only positive people to get their hands on it, then it is important to get on together with your estate planning.

If anyone dies and did not do their estate planning the state may do it for them and it may not be what they wanted.

Estate planning will make it so that you can control your assets even when you are not living. You can come up with a plan and a legal will that will distribute everything you own to who you need to get it. You can give your investments, property and business to your relatives and friends that you love.

Estate planning is nice because you can choose anyone to be in charge of your property, funds, business and so on. You can give your estate to your partner, your children, or a mate. It must be anyone that you trust to be in charge of your life's work. When doing your estate planning, you can choose to sell your business or appoint anyone that you trust to run it.

There's so lots of benefits to estate planning. If there's people that are close to you and you need to take care of them, estate planning will make that feasible. You won't must worry about your relatives members in the event you were to die. Make positive, however, that you do your estate planning correctly and hire an attorney to do all the legal paperwork for you. After you have your estate planning all done, you won't must worry about who or what you are leaving behind.

My sister sometimes talked about this strike. He was already working in the mills. Immigrant families left Canada in search of work and in hopes of a better life.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

junglee, amazon Shop Online and Compare Prices for Books, Mobiles... is coming to India, with the Thursday launch of, a watered-down version of its global shopping portal. Shop Online and Compare Prices for Books, Mobiles etc:
Online shopping in India made easy with Compare prices, check store ratings and read product reviews for books, electronics, mobiles, clothing ...
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012 Recognizes American Heart Month With Its Top 10 Heart Lawsuit Topics for 2011

Diabetes Drug, Antidepressants prime the List of these Alleging Heart aspect Effects:

In recognition of yankee Heart Month,, the premier publication for on-line Legal Media, these days released its prime ten list of prescription drug lawsuit topics during which heart attack or heart aspect effects were the alleged primary injuries.

Based on page views of its readership, Actos, Paxil and Zoloft accounted for the bulk of 2011 traffic associated with heart aspect effects, with Actos receiving the foremost at twenty five %. the kind a pair of diabetes drug was released as an alternate to Avandia, that came in because the fourth most well-liked heart lawsuit topic.

Paxil, a preferred antidepressant, has been linked to heart birth defects in infants and garnered eighteen % of traffic last year. Similar problems involve Zoloft, that accounted for ten % of the page views associated with aspect effects among readers involved over the potential for heart birth defects.

The medicine|prescribed drugs|pharmaceuticals} within the list fall into four distinct classes: Actos and Avandia are prescribed for the treatment of sort a pair of diabetes; Vytorin helps to regulate cholesterol; Trasylol is employed throughout surgery to mitigate blood loss; the remaining drugs address depression and anxiety.

Reader interest in Prozac, Lexapro, Effexor, Celexa, Zoloft and Paxil shows continued concern surrounding pregnant ladies using selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) medication and potential heart birth defects.

The prime ten Drug Lawsuit Topics for Heart aspect Effects in 2011

1. Actos (Pioglitazone HCl) a pair of. Paxil (Paroxetine)* three. Zoloft (Sertraline)* four. Avandia (Rosiglitazone) five. Celexa (Citalopram)*

6. Effexor (Venlafaxine)* seven. Lexapro (Escitalopram)* eight. Prozac (Fluoxetine) nine. Trasylol (Aprotinin) ten. Vytorin (Ezetimibe/Simvastatin) *SNRI (serotonin-norephinephrine reuptake inhibitor) or SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) medication related to heart birth defects when taken throughout pregnancy

"Heart health is usually a vital topic, significantly with our aging population and high obesity rates," said Stephen King, CEO of on-line Legal Media. "However, using prescribed drugs to obstruct heart disease and treat depression typically results in tragic results. acknowledges the necessity for complete, up-to-date data concerning lawsuits associated with heart aspect effects from prescription drug use, and readers will flip to us for the most recent legal news on this subject." provides comprehensive legal news and important data for those laid low with once-in-a-lifetime things involving medical device lawsuits, personal injury, defective product, California overtime and labor problems or a number of others. Readers seeking legal facilitate will request it by finishing a kind that is distributed to attorneys specializing in these cases. Trial attorneys utilize the location to stay abreast of hot legal problems and settlements yet as connect with potential purchasers. Web: .

About on-line Legal Media

Online Legal Media owns and operates websites providing data for the final public and therefore the legal community., founded in 2001, is a web legal news publication with over a pair of.1 million guests annually and many thousands of requests for attorney facilitate from its readership. is a portal for trial attorneys to network and to plug their corporations to different attorneys and legal professionals. offers up-to-date resources and news for those full of asbestos exposure and mesothelioma. on-line Legal Media is predicated in Santa Cruz, California.

Follow on-line Legal Media on Twitter @OnlineLegalNews and on Facebook at .

All emblems are the property of their respective house owners.
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Seal illegal Nursing Homes:Noida seals offices and banks in residential areas

The Noida Authority on Wednesday began implementing the Supreme Court directive against industrial institutions being run from residential areas, sealing eleven premises, as well as eight banks.

The institutions were sealed in Sector nineteen space.

"The sealed institutions were those that were served final notices by us to relocate or finish off, however they were still operating. All institutions of economic nature being run in residential sectors or perhaps in industrial areas, additionally as those flouting alternative land-use norms, would be targeted," the authority's chief government officer S.K. Dwivedi said.

The sealed bank branches embody Vijaya Bank, State Bank of India NRI Branch, Indian Bank, Punjab & Sind Bank, Bank of Maharashtra and Andhra Bank.

On Thursday, the authority plans to seal illegal nursing homes, departmental stores and alternative retailers.

Sources within the authority said the drive would continue for around a month.

The Supreme Court Dec five, 2011 had directed the Noida Authority to induce the residential areas of town rid of all industrial institutions, and facilitate them relocate to designated areas.
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Emaar Land scam:CBI files chargesheet in Emaar Land scam

CBI filed chargesheet against seven persons as well as Andhra Pradesh home secretary and senior IAS officer B P Acharya and 5 firms within the case with reference to alleged irregularities in land transfer and sale of villas and flats in a rich township in Hyderabad.

The chargesheet was filed before the special CBI court in Hyderabad below IPC sections with reference to criminal conspiracy, cheating, criminal breach of trust among others and relevant sections of Prevention of Corruption Act.

Besides Acharya, CBI has named government officer, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam(TTD) L V Subrahmanyam, who was the then vice-chairman and MD, APIIC, the then Secretary (Industries) K V Rao (now retired), non-public persons Koneru Rajendra Prasad, Srikant Joshi, Madhu Koneru and T Ranga Rao.

The companies booked by CBI included Dubai-based Emaar Properties PJSC, Hyderabad-based Emmar Hills Township Pvt Ltd, Emaar MGF Land Ltd, trendy Homes Real Estates Pvt Ltd and Boulder Hills Leisure Pvt Ltd, CBI sources said.

"The public servants had abused their respective official positions and facilitated the non-public realty firms to sell the Villas, Plots at exorbitant rates to the patrons, remitting solely the documented sale thought to a Hyderabad-based realty Company, and allegedly swindling away with the unaccounted additional sale thought received in money," CBI spokesperson Dharini Mishra said in New Delhi.

Replying to a question , joint director CBI V V Lakshmi Narayana said in Hyderabad that they had already sought permission for sanction of prosecution against the 2 IAS officers -- Acharya and Subrahmanyam and another retired IAS official K V Rao named within the chargesheet.
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GES 2017 Hyderabad, 8th GES Registration, GES Agenda, GES venue, GES Location, Road to Ges 2017

Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 Hyderabad: The summit will be addressed by The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, M...